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corporal punishment in schools

I saw on the news today that congress is legislating to end corporal punishment in schools. I didn't even know schools still paddled. Evidently it is still legal in 21 states (including mine). DS starts school in a couple weeks. He is going to a charter school and I am pretty sure they don't. I will be asking to make sure, though. Even if I chose to spank(I don't), I would not want anyone else laying a hand on my child. How do I know how heavy handed the person paddling is, ya know? I actually remember being spanked in kindergarten. I was taken into the hallway, had to touch my toes, and was paddled. I don't even remember what for, but I do remember it being humiliating. Just wondering if anyone's child is paddled at school. What are the infractions that warrant paddling? Can you sign a waiver?

state laws regarding corporal punishment:


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Re: corporal punishment in schools

All I know is that.. I won't be spanking my child and I would never allow someone else, especially a teacher, to paddle my child. Oh that thought makes my blood boil! I am studying to become a teacher and I would NEVER in a thousand years think that it is ok to paddle another parent's child! Thats why we have parent-teacher conferences, detention, suspension, etc.. We don't need to be laying our hands (or paddles) on a child. Ugh..
I honestly plan on homeschooling anyway but the town I live in now.. no school has paddling.. but if they did.. I would homeschool my kids just because of that..
thanks so much for posting this!
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

Gah, I'm pretty sure its still happening in TX and last I know, it was still happening in TN. I grew up in NY and it never even crossed my mind that a teacher could paddle me for "bad" behavior!!
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

I've taught prek and K and would never think to spank another persons child.

Of the 21 states (I think that was what you said OP) I do wonder how many actually still PRACTICE spanking or paddling in schools. I've been in many (mostly for observations) and have never seen anything close to a spanking!

I did have a mother tell me in a conference once that she wished I could just spank her son, bc that is what they did at home.

My If you are doing your job as a teacher, you should have no need to spank students...and if a child does do something so serious to warrant punishment heftier than a time-out or walking at recess, they should probably be removed from the situation so that the adult can have a moment to think before reacting.
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

It is still legal in NC and I know some schools/school systems practice it still but my understanding is you have to sign a release at the beginning of the school year if that is something you would allow and they still have to get verbal permission if the time comes when they actually have to spank before they can lay a hand on your child.

I know I would flip out on any person who laid a hand on one of my kids no matter what they had done.
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

Sure hope it goes through and children are treated like fellow human beings!
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

It's illegal in Iowa thank goodness! I wouldn't send my kids to ps if it was legal for a stranger to hit my kids.

There is a private school connected to this one church and they will call the parents to come in and hit their kids. A lady I know told me about a time her husband had to go in and hit their SEVENTEEN year old son because he did something THEY (the parents) approved of that the school said was against the rules (it was outside of school) and the school found out about it. They had to call the parents in because it's illegal for schools to hit kids, even private schools.
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

when i was in collage in 2006 the school i worked at in TN spanked kids for somethings and it was done by the principle. but parents did sign some thing at the start of the year that had choices like they would called first or not but i cant remember is not spanking was a option or not. i did not agree with this and by other things i saw at that school i said i would never send my child there. i never lived there with a child so it never ended up being a problem. but that fact that they aloud it make me sick.
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

The thought of this makes me sick. And I taught "problem" children in a Public High school>(btw I only use the word problem because explaining my classroom when you don't know the lingo is difficult) Even when they were threatening me and breaking into my car etc, I never considered paddling them. I actually had one mom, when I taught younger kids tell me to call her if her son misbehaved and she would come down and spank him... I would never call her because I don't think spanking is effective at that (any) age.
And if you think
I am going to let a stranger spank my children you are out of you mind.
But there is another reason we start homeschooling this year....
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Re: corporal punishment in schools

Its legal here, but my district has a policy against it.
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