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Am I a worrywart?

I feel like I'm crying wolf all the time.

We had preterm scares at 27 weeks - contractions that they stopped with medication. They sent me home and my OB said no big deal (we switched from her, and I like my new OB) Then things were good - no contractions for a while.

Then I got a migrane and DH called the nurse to ask if there was soemthing I could take stronger than just tyonel. Nope, and she makes me come in for fear of pre-e. which I don't have. so they sent me home with the same headache I came in with and a new heartburn from an anti-neaseau medicine they gave me because I was throwing up.

Now, I sit here, 33 weeks, been having contractions on again and off again for the last two nights and have had difficulty timing them. My intuition says somethings weird, but every time we go to the hospital in the past, they send me home.

The LO has decreased his movements in the last 4 hours, but what if he's just asleep, etc? I feel crazy pressure on my cooch (maybe he dropped? i duno anymore) and a vague need to push - but what if I'm just imagining that need?

And moreso, I rescheduled my doctor appt from yesterday to Friday cause I was crazy exhausted/tired and didn't want to drive in that shape. So - I could have all the reassurance in the world right now if I had an appt yesterday morning where the doc said "everything is fine."

DH overreacts and will take me to the hospital in a second so I've been quiet - and he's picked up on it.

Am I being retarded? I feel like such a worrywart, and I'm sure the baby's fine...hell, am I imagining the contractions? What if it's just stomach cramps?


sorry for the dumb vent mamas. I'm going to feel so dumb in 7 weeks when I look back on these posts after I have him on schedule...

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Re: Am I a worrywart?


You have every right to be worried. I had a preterm "scare" at 27 weeks. The doc my midwife sent me to pooh-poohed me and sent me home. My midwife still said to cut back my hours at work and limit lifting etc. Fast forward to a day shy of 32 weeks. Contracting again. Nothing painful or uncomfortable so I wasn't sure if it was anything. I CALLED. My midwife had me come in to get put on the monitors. I WAS contracting. A LOT. She set me up in a bed there to get me better hydrated and give me some meds. After a bit, sent me home. Well, the next day, despite being on the meds (Brethine) I started losing my mucus plug. I called my midwife and she sent me straight to Women's Hospital to meet a different doc. By the time I got there, they could barely stop my labor. And it still didn't hurt or anything. I got to 3cm by the time they stopped it. 3 weeks of hospital bedrest and drugs later, dd1 was born.

My point is this. CALL!!! I can't tell you how many times I called my midwife because of the contractions that I wasn't sure I was having. If you are feeling pressure down low, all those contractions you're having could be dilating you. I would rather be seen as a hysterical first time mom (I know you're not ) than risk the life and health of my baby. Your doctor is the professional...the reason you're seeing him is for his specialized knowledge, right? Let him earn his fee. There's no need to be guessing what's going on with you if your doctor may be able to give you some answers.
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Re: Am I a worrywart?

ITA with PP. Call you doc/mw if you feel something isn't right. Better to be safe than sorry. You may feel like a knucklehead if there's nothing wrong, but what if there is something wrong and you don't address it? Go ahead and call, mama!
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Re: Am I a worrywart?

I agree, I would call. That is what they are there for! It's only natrual to worry about your baby. My OB and nurse always told me to not be afraid to call...EVER. I only had to call 2 times, but they were so nice about it. Don't worry what they think about you calling or coming in, no matter how often it is. It's your body, your baby, and you have a right to worry...
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Re: Am I a worrywart?

Yes, call. Any good doctor would agree 'better safe than sorry'.
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Re: Am I a worrywart?

I would call and go in. You have a "gut feeling" for a reason. Even if everything turns out fine (which we hope and pray it does) you have the reasurance that you need. Your health and the baby's health is whats important. Keep us posted.
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