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Breastfeeding Theories Chat Thread

*I'm not personally concerned for my own breastfeeding success.... I know it'll be okay one way or another. So I'm not looking for tips exactly. I'm more looking for ideas surrounding supply that are either out of the box or -old idea presented in a new way.*

So I have this theory about supply issues. I think *sometimes* a woman's milk supply tanks, or seems to tank or the baby is having a growth spurt and mom just feels empty, so we freak out about our supply and start mentally and vocally saying, "I don't have enough milk, I don't have enough milk." I know this has happened to me. I feel like the more I stress out about my milk supply the lower it gets. (I'm not currently nursing anybody.... I'm trying to set myself up for smooth breastfeeding this go around.)

So I'm pregnant and I am trying to mentally tell myself everyday "My breasts are filling with milk. I'm going to have a great milk supply this time." Once the baby is here I'm going to tell myself that I have a great supply multiple times a day. (I obviously wouldn't ignore things like low output or weight loss, but I usually do pretty great in the beginning anyway.) I got this idea because I was avidly searching the internet about male lactation a few years ago (because I think male lactation is so interesting, lol) and some of the stories talking about a man who merely continuously mentally suggested to himself that he was lactating right after his child was born and after a few days some milk came in. It made me think (okay so maybe its not true) but..... we might have so much mental power over our bodies. Maybe some woman like myself create our own supply problems because we are worried and stressed and actually interfering with our own success.

I also read a whole web site devoted to the use of Reglan for increased breast milk production and how placebos seemed to be just as effective (this was just the one website, I'm not saying Reglan is absolutely a placebo). Which could mean that because women think its going to work it does!

Anyway I have been thinking about a lot of things like this for a while and I would love some conversation and comments on my theory and would love to read ideas that others may have.
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