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At what age...?

If you have an older male child, at what age did they start to really care about what brand of clothing they want wear?

My DS is 13, he will be 14 in January. He has never been a popular kid, and he is a few pounds overweight (not fat by any means, just has a tiny bit of a tummy), and he has never really cared about what he wore, as long as it was comfortable. I picked out his clothes (as in bought them for him) up until a couple years ago, and now his taste isn't the greatest but you can tell he picks out his own clothing. I'm not embarrassed at all nor do I care b/c he obviously doesn't, but he does look a bit silly if you know what I mean.

Today, though, while we were shopping at Walmart, as we walked past the display of gift certificates you can purchase he said he would like one from American Eagle. I must have had a weird look on my face, b/c he suddenly said "...because they have really great socks!! You know those socks I have? They are awesome..." as if he was trying to cover up the fact that he wants it.

We do buy his jeans from Walmart b/c he is really rough on them and they don't last even a whole season usually, but otherwise he has a mixture of more expensive and less expensive clothing. Most, I would say, were on the lower end of cost b/c we do a lot of thrift shopping. We're talking about brands like Gap, AE, Old Navy, and maybe some Ralph Lauren if we hit the jackpot. lol We found an awesome Goodwill in a really high end neighborhood, so they always have great clothes!

Do you think that maybe he is starting to care about what he wears? I'm wondering if he has a crush on someone in youth group b/c he's also started making comments about wanting to work out. He has also started doing his laundry more often without having to be told, whereas before he wouldn't care if he wore day old clothes or if his clothing had stains.
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Re: At what age...?

Ds is 8 and cares about what he wears. I let him pick out his clothes within reason. I do have final veto. Like I don't let him buy anything with skulls on it because he goes to a christian school. All of his jeans are gap and old navy as I have found them to hold up much better than cheaper ones. He is hard on jeans. He'll have a hole busted in the knee of walmart jeans within 6 weeks. It's cheaper for me to buy better quality jeans and they will last all school year or until he outgrows them.

I feel for you ds. It's so hard to be a teenager. I remember feeling so self conscious of my walmart jeans in high school.

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Re: At what age...?

My DS is only 7 and cares more about what he wears than my DD, who is 9. He recently got handed down a West 49 sweatshirt and he was over the moon. I had NO idea he even knew what West 49 was... And, if I let him, he would wear that thing EVERY day.

I also feel for your DS. Could he help out to buy a trendy outfit or two with his own money to help him? Sounds like he is starting to care. I agree with PP, too, about the quality. My boys go through the knees on cheaper jeans far more quickly than if we spend the money and get the better jeans.

If you have good thrift stores, maybe you can target some brands he cares about there? I do that with jeans. I go, specifically looking for a certain size and brand jeans because I know I love them.
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Re: At what age...?

At 7 my son asks me to iron his shirts so they look fresh! He also checks his hair regularly. As far as brands he is not yet picky but he does have his own style. And since the boy has style I let him pick his own clothes. Now that I think of it he has been asking me for a pair of Jordans. Footlocker has some on sale for $29.99 so he may get a pair from last season for Christmas.
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My 12 year old step dd and 10 year old step ds don't care what they look or smell like. We buy nice clothes for them. Old navy and other name brands. We found they hold up better than Walmart and target. I find a lot of their clothes at consignment shops that have new/lightly used clothes.

I'm wondering when they'll start caring about themselves.
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I have been wondering about this since Henry started school this year.

He wears good quality clothing and I'm very picky about stains and such when he goes to school, but I buy 85% of our clothing at thrift stores so it isn't the newest trends by far (neon sneakers seem to be the thing right now!).

He likes clothes and wants to have a say in typical little kid ways, like deciding he is going to wear all Camo for three days straight.

I was in 5th grade when I became brand/trend conscious. I'm looking forward to reading more replied from boy moms to see what they usually do and when.
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Re: At what age...?

Look online if he wants anything AE! I get lots of great deals on jeans for myself and DH, I usually pay $17-$23 for jeans with a combo of the right sale and coupon codes. I think they hold up really well too.

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Re: At what age...?

My son is 9, and doesn't care. I mean, he has preferences for clothes, but not for brands. My ODD is 12 and she doesn't really care, either. My brother, however, started to really pay attention and care when he was in 6th or 7th grade, so around 13. Seems a fairly common age to me, as it's when they would be really starting to notice the girls and want to be noticed back.

As for the jeans, my ODD has always been rough on her clothes. I have not found that Old Navy holds up any better than Wal-Mart (worse, actually). However, the few years I've been able to find name brand jeans (Gap, Lucky, Levi's) for a ridiculously low price, those held up great, even though they were used.
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Re: At what age...?

My DS is 3.5 and is already picky about clothes and shoes, esp shoes....hate to think about how it's going to be in 10 years. He doesn't know brand yet, just "styles". Gym pants have no pockets, so he has to wear jeans all the time and all shoes hurt his feet except his firemen rain boots that are becoming too small.... I saw a boy wearing blue basketball shorts and a black tee shirt with a printed on tux at Walmart yesterday, boys have a style all there own some times.
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Re: At what age...?

my 19 yr old doesn't care- super hero t's, sweats and jeans. could care less if I got them out of a dumpster.
the 14 yr old only wants sportswear for comfort, doesn't care terribly about brands.
16 and 18 yr old have more specific tastes, but, it's funny, their dad (who buys all their clothes) buys them all aero and hollister, etc and they are more concerned with comfort and what the clothes look like/say, as opposed to what brand they are.
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