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The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering Brands

Author: Sarah (Yellowitchgrl)
Updated by: Heather (BabySnickerdoodles)

We really need all the names of businesses out there, both big industries/businesses AND WAHM's. Please check the list for your favorite brand to make sure it's there.

As well, please update if a shop is out of business so I can put *OOB* after it.

WAHM's: If you've been in business, have your own website devoted to your business (can be esty or hyenacart) and you've been selling for at least 3 months with good reviews, please fill out this form as well in a reply!

We need to know this:

1) *Brand Name
2) Catergory(ies)

OOB: Out of Business
OS: One-Size diaper
AIO: Diaper is all in one piece
AI2: Diaper has a detatchable part to it somehow, usually an insert of some sort
OBV:Organic Bamboo Velour
OCV: Organic Cotton Velour
OBF: Organic Bamboo Flannel
GMD: Green Mountain Diapers
PUL: Polyurethane Laminate...a coating on fabric, that makes a dipe water proof, like a modern "plastic" of the "pants"


Here we go.....


Pocket Diapers

*A Lovely Start Pockets
*ALVA Baby Pockets
*Annie Marie Padorie AMP Pocket Diaper
*Ariana's Clothesline Fleece Pocket Diaper
*Baby Bug Diaper
*Baby Kangas One Size Pouch Diaper
*BabyKicks 3g Pocket
*Baby Sweet Bottoms Pocket Diaper
*BayBee™ Pocket
*Bella Bottoms® Pocket AIO
*Better Bums Pocket Diaper
*Blessed Bee one-size pocket diapers
*Blessed Bottom Pocket Diapers
*Blueberry™ One Size Minky Pocket Diaper/Side Snap Minky Pocket Diaper
*Bugga Bugga Boutique One-Size Pocket Diaper
*bumGenius!™ One-Size Pocket Diaper (2.0, 3.0, 4.0)
*Bum-Ware Pocket Diaper
*Bumwear Cloth Diaper
*Captain Fluffy Pants PUL Pocket
*Caras Maternal Connections Rump Wrap
*Celtic Cloths Pocket Diaper
*Chunky Monkey Diapers Pocket
*Cloth Diaper Wholesale One Size Pocket
*Coolababy One Size Cloth Diaper
*Diaper Change Diaper
*Diaper Change Minkee
*Diaper Works Two-Size Pocket Diaper
*Dimple Cheeks PUL Pocket Diaper
*Dri-Line Dri-Stuff Pocket Diaper
*DryBees Fleece Night Time Pocket Diaper/Pocket AIO Diaper
*EcoBumz™ Pocket Diaper
*Ella's Pocket Diapers
*Evolution Diapers OS ION Pocket
*Fattycakes Envelope Pocket
*Fly Baby Designs Pocket Diaper
*Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper
*Fuzzi Fannies Creations Cloth Pocket Diaper
*Gaia's Treasures BBB Classic & Elite Sized Pocket Diaper/OS Pocket Diaper
*Green Acre Designs Cloth-Ease Pocket Diaper
*Green Acre Designs GAD One Size Semi-Fitted Pocket
*Happy Heiny's® One Size Pocket Diaper/Pocket Style AIO
*Happy Hempy's Pocket Fitted Diaper
*Haute Pockets™
*Hip Hip Baby! Wonderoos™
*Homemade Fluff and Stuff Pocket Diaper
*Hugga Buns™ Pocket Style All In One
*Imagine diapers
*Jango Diaper
*Joli Bebes Pocket Diaper
*Julieandtroy Pocket Diapers
*Just Ducky Baby™ One-Size Plush Pocket™
*Kawaii Diaper
*KCK One™ Diaper
*Kiddie Winkles
*Knickernappies Pocket Diaper
*Komfy Kidz One Size Pocket
*Lillies Diapers Pocket
*Lullaby Dream Pocket Fitted
*Mommy's Touch™ Easy Clean Diaper/One Size Pocket Diaper
*Mums Bums™ Pocket Diaper
*My Precious Baby By April Pocket Diaper
*Nubunz Pocket
*Nutty Bums™ One-Size Pocket Cloth Diapers
*Olive Branch Baby Marathon Pocket Diaper
*Painted Patootie™ Pocket
*Pampered Cheeks One-Size Pocket Diaper
*Pocket Change™ Diaper
*Potbellied Pig Designs Pocket Diaper
*Preston's Pants Pocket
*Rainshine Designs Pocket Diaper
*Rocky Mountain Diapers
*Rump-a-rooz® Pocket Cloth Diaper
*SDF Pocket Diaper
*Simply Sanity Creations Pocket Diapers
*Smartipants Sleeve/Pocket Diaper
*SNAP-EZ Pocket Diapers
*SoftBums Omni OS Pocket AI2
*Starbunz Pocket Style AIO
*Swaddlebees econappi™/Organic Cotton Velour Pocket Fitted/Pocket Diaper
*Sweetdollbaby Pocket
*Tail Feathers Pocket Diaper
*The Fancy Pansy Pocket Diaper
*Thirsties® Pocket All-In-One
*Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper
*T-K Cuddlers Cubby Cuddlers
*Tweedlebugs Pocket Diaper
*Twig and Vine Pocket Diaper
*Wahmies™ One Size Diaper
*Wonder Works Wonderoos One Size Pocket Diaper
*Yo-Yoo Pocket Diaper
*Zany Zebra Pocket Diaper
*ZooNiqueBaby Pocket Diaper

All In Ones/Twos

*All Together Deluxe Diaper
*AngelDry AIO
*Annie Marie Padorie AMP AIO
*AppleCheeks™ Envelope Cover
*Ariana's Clothesline AIO
*Assy's Cloth Diapers AIO
*Babyducks AIO
*Bare Bum Quick Dry AIO
*BayBee™ Quick Dry AIO (formerly AI2)
*Beaker Buns AIO Cloth
*Bebe Wamu Trapper
*Becca Bottoms Ultra Trim AIO
*Blessed Bottoms AIO
*Blue Penguin Hemp AIO
*Blueberry™ Stuffable AIO
*Bottom Bumpers AIO
*Bugga Bugga Boutique OS & Sized AIO/AI2/Organic AIO/Organic AI2
*bumGenius!™ Deluxe AIO's
*Bumkins AIO
*Bumstoppers AI2
*Bum-Ware Easy AIO
*Cedar Side Mountain Concepts AIO
*Chunky Monkey Diapers AIO
*Cottonwood Baby Hemp/Cotton Fleece Doubler
*Couture Fluff (Formerly MaMaTuTu) AI2
*CrazyCloth Kaddy Bums AIO
*Cuddlebug Cloth AI2
*Daisy Doodles Bikini Bottoms™ AIO
*Daribums AI2
*Diaper Pro Yucky Duck AIO
*Doodle Bunz™ AIO
*Dream-Eze AIO
*EcoBumz™ AIO Diaper
*Fashionably Green Baby AI2
*Fly Baby Designs Flip N' Fly AIO
*Fussybutt AIO
*Gaia's Treasures AIO/AI2 (Sized & OS)
*Grasshopper Diapers
*Green Acre Designs GAD Stuffable AIO
*Grovia AIO/AI2
*Happy Endings Anytime AIO
*Harmony Life Naturals AIO
*Heavenly Angel Bottoms AI2
*Imse Vimse AIO
*JamTots BerryPlush AIO
*Jolly Bums AIO
*Just Ducky Baby™ Deluxe AIO
*K-Ro's Klothies AIO
*Kushies Ultra
*Little Boppers AI2
*Little Bottoms AIO
*Little Fancy Pants AI2
*Little Lambs AIO
*Little Rain Dancers AIO
*Loveybums™ LIO
*Lucy's Hope Chest AIO
*Luke's Drawers Candy Wrappers AIO
*Luke's Drawers Goodnight Kiss AIO
*Meg A Roo's Designs AI2
*Micro Doodlez™ AIO
*Mommy's Touch™ One-Size AIO
*Monkey Doodlez™ AIO
*Mother-Ease AIO
*MudpieBabies AIO
*Mums Bums™ AIO
*Muttaqin Baby AIO
*My Precious Baby By April Day To Night AIO
*Nana's Bottoms AIO
*Panda Pants™ AIO
*Piddles Poddles
*PouPond™ Cloth Diaper
*Precious Baby Bums AIO
*Pretty Printed Diapers AI2
*Primm n' Proper Pocket AIO
*Proraps AIO
*QBaby All-In-One
*Rainforest Babies Snap 'n Wrap™ Diaper
*Rainshine Designs AIO/AI2
*Redneck AIO
*Re-Uz’m Elite AIO
*Re-Uz’m™ Classic AIO
*Rumpsters™ Oh!
*Rumpster™ AIO
*Snuggle Buttz hAIO
*Snuggle Hugs AIO
*SoftBums Echo AI2
*SposoEasy™ AIO
*Starbunz AIO
*Sun Seedlings™ AIO
*Swaddlebees AIO
*Sweatpea AI2
*Teeny Tiny Hiney AIO
*The Eli Monster AIO
*Tots Bots Easy Fit AIO
*TrendyTush Diaper
*Twig & Vine AIO
*Tykie Diapers AIO
*Very Baby Very Basic AIO
*Wonder Works AIO™

Contoured Diapers

*Caras Maternal Connections CMC Contour
*Dri-Line Terry No-Fold Diaper
*Dappi flannel contours (2 sizes)
*Imse Vimse Flannelette Contour Diaper/Terry Contour Diaper
*Kissaluvs Contour Diaper
*Tiny Tush Contour Diaper

One Size Diapers

*Always Fit Diaper
*Baby Greens Diaper Co. Growing Greens
*BabyKicks True One-Size Fitted Hemp Pocket Diaper
*Blueberry™ One Size Deluxe Diaper
*Boo Bear Buns Contoured Diaper
*BubuBebe 3-Step Multi-Size Diaper
*Christensen Creations SOS Diapers
*DryBees One Size Bamboo
*Ecobaby Organic Sherpa Grow With Me Snap Diaper
*Evolution Free Size Diaper
*Gaia's Treasures OS diapers
*Happy Campers Bum Wrappers One Size Cloth Diaper
*Just Ducky Baby™ One-Size All-In-One
*Kiddie Winkles
*Luke's Drawers One Size Wonder Diaper
*Mosaic Moon™ One-Size-Fits-Most MMOS Diaper
*Mother-Ease One Size™ Diaper
*Muttaqin Baby 3 Step Rise 1 Size Diaper
*Piddle Poddles OS
*PooPockets!™ One-Size Diaper
*Rocky Mountain Diapers
*Rump~a~rooz® One Size
*Sammy's One-Size Cloth Diaper
*Simply Sanity Creations OS Diaper
*Snug-to-Fit Diaper (Formerly Snap-to-Fit)
*Sweet Pea Diapers One Size Diaper
*Tiny Tush One-Size Diapers

Fitted Diapers

*All Together Diaper Company Fitted Diaper
*A Lovely Start Fitted Diaper
*Annie Marie Padorie AMP Fitted Diaper
*Baby BeeHinds™ OS Bamboo Fitted/OS Hemp Fitted
*BabyKicks Organic Fitted
*Baby Love One-Sized Fitted Diaper
*Bagshot Row Bamboo OS Fitted
*Bambineo Bamboo Fitted Diaper
*Bamboozle Fitted Diaper
*Banana Bottoms Bamboo Fitted
*Batik Bum Fitted Diaper
*BayBee T&T Fitted/Basics Fitted/2-Step One-Size Fitted
*Bella Bottoms® One-Size Fitted Diaper
*Becca Bottoms Ultra Trim Fitted Diaper
*Benjamuffins Daytimer/Nightdreamer
*Bijou Baby Gear Fitted Diaper
*Bizzee Bees Fitted
*Black Bird Lane Fitted
*Blue Dog Fitted Diaper
*Blue Penguin Fitted Pull-On-Snap-Off(POSO) Diaper
*Breezy Babies Organic Bamboo Flexible Fitted
*Breezy Babies Prefold Shell
*bumGenius! 100% Egyptian Cotton Fitted Diaper/Deluxe Bamboo Fitted Diaper
*Bumstoppers Fitted
*Bugga Bugga Boutique OS Fitted/Sized Fitted/Nighttime Fitted
*Cherry Bomb Fitted Diaper
*Cloth Canoe Fitteds
*Cloth Thoughts Fitted Diaper
*Clothdaddy Recycle Diaper
*Clothmopolitan Fitted Diaper
*Clover™ Fitted Diaper
*Couture Fluff (Formerly MaMaTuTu) Fitted Diaper
*Crickett's Hemp Diaper
*CYA Fitted Diaper
*Dappi Cloth Velcro-Fit Cloth Diaper
*Dimple Cheeks Fitted Diaper
*Dream-Eze Fitted Diaper
*Earth, Mom and Baby Bumboo Fitted
*Ecobaby Absorbitall Diaper
*El Bee Baby Fitteds
*Ella's House Bum Hugger
*Fashionably Green Baby Fitted
*Fattycakes Fitted Diaper
*Firefly Diapers "Quick Dry" Fitted Diapers
*First Class Baby™ Diaper
*Fussybutt Fitted Diaper
*Gaia's Treasures OS Fitted/Sized fitted
*GMD Workhorse Fitted
*goodmama™ Organic Bamboo Velour OS Fitted Diaper
*Green Sprout's Velour
*Guerrilla Fluff Fitted
*Happy Heiny's® Happy Hempys/Heiny Huggers™
*Heavenly Blessings NB Fitted/OS Fitted
*Hooahbabies™ OS OBV Fitted
*Imse Vimse Fitted Snap Diaper
*Indisposables™ Cotton Diaper
*JamTots Eezi-fold Quick-Dry Hemp Fitted Diaper
*jojosmom stuffable fitted diapers
*Kindhearted Women Hemp Diaper
*Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper
*Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper/OS Fitted Diaper
*Kukae & Mimi Fitted Diaper
*Kushies Basic Diaper/Kushies Classics
*Lil Nanuks Cloth Diaper
*Little Beetle™ Hemp Lite Fitted Diaper/Original Fitted Diaper/ONE {trim}™/ONE™ Organic Fitted Diaper
*Little Boppers Fitted Diapers/Fitted OS Diapers
*Little Fancy Pants OS Fitted/Newborn Fitted
*Little Lions Fitted Diaper
*Loveybums™ Fitted Diaper
*Lucy's Hope Chest Fitted Diaper
*Luxe Baby Organic Cotton T&T Diaper
*Made With Love Fitteds
*Mama Bird Fitted Diaper Pattern
*MandisMenagerie Fitted Cloth Diaper
*Meg A Roo's OS Fitteds/Sized Fitteds
*Mommy's Touch™ OS Fitted Diaper
*MonkeyBuns Diapers Fitted Cloth Diaper
*Monkeys and Angels OS Fitted Diaper
*Mother-ease Sandy's
*Mums Bums™ Fitted Diaper
*Muttaqin Baby Sized Diaper
*My Beautiful Girl Fitted Diaper
*Nana's Bottoms Fitted
*Nanipoos Diapers
*New York Diaper Co. Fitted Diaper
*Oh, Naturel Fitted Diaper
*Old School Cool Fitted Diaper
*Orange Diaper Co. Fitted Diaper
*Organic Caboose® Fitted Diaper
*P ’tits Dessous Bamboo Fitted Diaper
*Pampered Cheeks Growing Cheekies Diaper/OS Fitted Diaper
*Patchwork Peddler NB Fitted
*Patooshie Pants Bamboo Fitted
*PattyNap Fitted Diapers
*Pea Patch Fitted Diaper
*Phunky Buttz Cloth Diaper/Fitted Cloth Diaper
*Pianissimo Fitted Diaper
*Piddle Poddles Fitted Diaper
*Precious Baby Bums Fitted
*Princess Peapods Pea Patch Sherpa Nights
*Rainshine Designs Fitted Diaper
*Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Cloth Diaper
*Scuttlebutts Fitted Diaper
*Short Rounds Fitted
*Snappi Fitteds
*Snuggle Hugs Flannel Diaper
*Snugglebottoms With Velcro
*Star Baby Designs OS Fitted
*Sticky Peas Fitted
*Stinky Couture™ Fitted
*Sugar Britches Diaper
*Sugar Peas Two Size Diaper
*SugarPlumBaby Hemp Night Time Diaper/Quick Dry Hemp Diapers
*Sun Seedlings™ Quick-Dry Fitted
*Sustainablebabyish/sloomb Hemp Fitted/OBF Fitted/Snapless-Multi Fitted
*Swaddlebees Cotton Terry Fitted Diaper/Organic Cotton Terry Fitted Diaper/OS Organic Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper
*Sweet Cheeks Diaper
*Sweetiebums Bamboo Velour Fitted
*Tender Tush Organics Fitted Cloth Diaper
*Tetro Fitteds
*The Fanciful Fanny Side-Snapping Fitted Diaper
*Thirsties® Cotton Fitted Diapers/Fab Fitted Diapers
*Tinkle Traps Prefold Fitted
*Tiny Birds Organic Fitted Diaper/Organics Bamboo Fitted Diaper
*Tots Bots/Rainbow Bots (Pastel)
*Twig and Vine Fitted Diaper
*Tykie Diapers Fitteds
*Under the Nile Fitted Organic Diaper
*Valor Kids
*Vermont Diaper Company Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper
*Very Baby Simply Nights
*Waddle Wades™ Fitted Diaper
*Wallypop Fitted Diapers
*Wickeez Diaper/Bamboo Diaper
*Winsome What-Nots Frugal Fanny Flannel Diaper
* PeeWell Diaper
*Zabbibaby Fitted
*Zephyr Fitted Cloth Diaper (OOB)

Premie Diapers

*Baby Snickerdoodles Premie Wool Covers
*Bugga Bugga Boutiqe Premie Diaper
*MotherGoose Designs Premie Diaper


*Birdseye Flats at Little-Lions
*Babies Textile Flat Diaper
*Birdseye Classic Flatfold Diaper (at Granitesmith)
*Cloth-eez® Flat Diaper (Green Mountain Diapers/GMD)
*DiaperRite Birdseye Flat
*Flour Sack Towels (Walmart/Target)
*Gerber® Flat Fold Birdseye Cloth Diaper
*Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds
*IKEA Burp Cloths
*Imse Vimse Flannelette Square Diaper/Organic Terry Square Diaper
*Little Lions Flats
*Orange Diaper Company Bamboo Terry Squares (Flats)
*Osocozy Flats
*Peanutbutter & Ellie Molly Flat
*Sustainablebabyish Flat Cloth Diaper
*Zabi Baby Bamboo Flats


*BabyKicks Hemparoo Fleece Prefold Diaper
*Blessed Bee Wrap Tab Prefolds in bamboo or cotton (ETPF)
*Blue Penguin Snap on Prefold Hemp Diapers
*Chinese Pre-folds
*Cloth-eez® Prefold Diaper (Green Mountain Diaper)
*Dappi Prefold Diaper
*DiaperRite Prefold
*Disana Tie Nappy
*Doodle's Diapers Chinese Prefolds
*Econobum Prefold
*Gaia's Treasures Prefold
*Gerber® Prefold Birdseye Weave Cloth Diaper/Diapers Service Quality Prefolds
*Imagine SmartFit Prefolds
*Indian Cotton Pre-fold Diapers
*Little Lions Prefold
*Loveybums® Organic Prefolds
*Meg A Roo's Extended Tab Prefolds (Inventor!)
*Mandi's Menagerie Prefolds
*OsoCozy Prefolds
*Panda Tushies Bamboo Prefold
*Patchwork Peddler Bamboo Prefold (choice of
*Snipz And Snailz Bamboo Prefold
*Snuggle Hugs Pass Thru Prefold
*Sustainablebabyish/sloomb Bamboo Terry Flats (Prefold Sizes)
*Sweatpea Prefold
*Tetro Prefolds
*Thirsties® Cotton Prefolds/Duo Hemp Prefold
*TicketyBu Bamboo Prefold
*Tiny Birds Organic Colorgrown Prefold
*Under the Nile Pre-Fold Diaper
*Willowpads™ WillowSprouts Prefold
*Zabi Baby Prefold

Hybrid Diapers

*Best Bottoms
*Charlie Banana Hybrid Diapers
*Evolution Diapers E2 AI2 Hybrid
*Flip Diapers
*Gro Baby OS AI2 Diapers
*Heavenly Blessings Hybrid Diaper
*Little Fancy Pants Hybrid Diaper
*Couture Fluff (Formerly MaMaTuTu) Hybrid Diaper
*Urban Fluff Icandy AI2

Swim Diapers

*Applecheeks Swim Diaper
*Bummis™ Swimmi
*Gabby's Pool Pant Diaper™
*Imse Vimse Bumpy Swim Diaper
*iPlay Swim Diaper
*Kushies Swim Diaper
*Konfidence Baby Warma
*Monkey Doodlez™ Swim Diaper
*Mother-ease® Swim Diapers

Child/Youth Bedwetting

*Baby Snickerdoodles XL/XXL Wool Soaker
*Mothergoose Designs Overnight Pullups/Boxer Brief Trainers
*Sally's Red Meadow Wool Covers

Training Pants

*2by2boutique Training Pants
*Apple Dumpling Gear Wool-in-Two Trainer
*Blueberry™ Training Pants
*Bongo Baby Shop Pull Up Pocket Pants
*Bright Bots Essential Training Pants
*Bummis Training Pants
*BumUnders Trainer
*Cloth Thoughts Fitted Trainer
*Daisy Doodles Bikini Britches Trainer (Basic/Prem)
*Gerber Training Pants
*Happy Heiny's® Pocket Trainers
*Imse Vimse Training Pants
*Kushies® Training Pants
*Little Bean Diapers Training Pants
*Little Beetle™ Learners
*Little Rain Dancers Trainer
*Meg A Roo's Boxer Trainers
*Mother of Eden Overnite Undies/Trickle Free Trainers
*Mother-ease® Bedwetter Pants/Training Pants
*MotherGoose Designs Training Pants
*Nikky All Night Pants
*Potty Scotty Potty Training Pants
*Rainshine Designs Trainer
*Simply Sanity Creations Trainer
*SNAP-EZ AIO Trainer/Cotton Trainer/Eco AIO Training Pants/NAP-EZ™ Stuffable Trainer
*Softbums trimToddler Training Pants
*Starbunz Learners
*The EC Store Snap Pants


PUL (polyurethane laminate) Covers

*Baby BeeHinds™ PUL Nappy Cover
*Baby SoftWraps PUL SoftWrap Cover
*BayBee™ Cover
*Berry Imperfect Designs Cover
*Blue Penguin Elan Diaper Cover/Pull-on Snap-off (POSO) Diaper
Cover/Wrap 'n Snap Cover
*Bugga Bugga Boutique Covers
*Blueberry™ Minky Wrap/Snappy Wrappy/Whimsy Wrap
*BlurBerryBuzz Diaper Cover
*Bumkins Vented Covers
*Bummis Original/Pull-on Whisper Pants/Super Snap/Super Whisper Wrap/Super Brite
*Bumstoppers Covers
*Cot 'N' Wraps Velcro Diaper Cover
*Cute Booties Diaper Cover
*Dappi Cloth Diaper Cover with Velcro/Pants/Nylon Diaper pants/Vinyl Pants
*Diaperaps Waterproof Diaper Cover
*Ecology Kids Diaper Cover
*EcoWraps™ Aplix Wraps
*Econobum Covers
*Fishnoodles Snapper Cover
*GENY Diaper Cover
*Gerber EZ Cover™/Vinyl Pants
*Green Acre Designs GAD Cover PUL
*Green Earth Diaper Covers
*Hiney Lineys Diaper Cover
*Imagine diapers
*Imse Vimse Bumpy Day and Night Covers/Bumpy Soft Cover/Organic Cotton diaper Cover
*JamTots BerryPlush Cover
*Kiddie Winkles
*Knickerdoodies MHM Cover
*Kushies Diaper Wraps
*Litewrap Cover
*Little Boppers Cover
*'little g' pants
*Little Fancy Pants Covers
*Mommy's Touch™ One Size Diaper cover
*Mother-ease Air Flow™ Snap Cover/Rikki Wrap
*MudpieBabies Diaper Cover
*New York Diaper Co. Diaper Cover
*Niji 100% Cotton Cover
*Nikky Breathable - Poly Diaper Covers/100% Poly Wrap/Cotton Diaper *Cover with Waterproof Liner
*Nutty Bums™ One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover
*Organic Caboose® Organic Cotton Diaper Cover
*Precious Baby Bums PUL Cover
*Proraps Classic/Colors
*Red Earth Diaper Cover
*Re-Uz'm™ Pull-On-Snap-Off (POSO) Diaper Cover
*Rumparooz Covers
*Rumpy Cushions Cover
*Sassy Turtle Threads Smooth Turtle Shell
*Sckoon Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Diaper Cover
*SNAP-EZ Diaper Cover (Nylon)
*Stacinator So Simple!
*Sun Seedlings™ PUL Diaper Cover
*Super Whisper Wrap at Natural Health Depot
*Swaddlebees ABC Wrap
*Sweatpea Cover
*The EC Store SimplyCover
*Thirsties® Diaper Cover
*TrendyTush Cover
*Tykie Diapers PUL Cover
*Weehuggers Cover
*Wiggle Worm Bottoms Diaper Cover (OOB)
*Wonder Wrap™

Fleece Covers

*Baby SoftWraps Fleece SoftWrap Cover
*Bella Bottoms Diaper Cover
*Bellies, Babies 'n More Fleece Soaker
*Blessed Bee fleece covers
*Cottontail Babies Fleece Covers/Shorties/bloomers/skirties/longies
*Dancing Bears Bear Bottoms Fleece Soaker (Day Weight)/(Night Weight)
*EmotiBums Fleece Covers/Shorties/Pants
*Little Boppers Fleece Cover
*Little Comet Tails Sprightly Soaker
*Loveybums™ Fleece Cover
*MaMaTuTu Appliqued Fleece Soaker (OOB)
*Organic Caboose® Eco-Fleece Diaper Cover
*Polar Babies® Diaper Cover
*Polar Bummi
*Royal Bottoms Boardies
*Sarah’s Stitches Soakers
*Simply Sanity Creations Fleece Cover
*Smacks Fleece Cover
*Stacinator Standard Fleece Cover/Deluxe Fleece Cover
*Starbunz Breathable Cover
*Sugar Peas Fleece Cover
*Sun Seedlings™ Fleece Cover
*Swaddlebees Fleece Wrap
*Sweet Cheeks Fleece Cover
*The Calico Baby Fleece Cover

Wool Covers

*A Lovely Start Wool Covers
*Aristocrats Wool Soakers/Longies
*Baby BeeHinds™ Wool Wrap
*Baby Snickerdoodles Wool Soaker/Shorties/Longies
*Babyology Wool Diaper Cover Soaker/Wool Longie
*Be-Bops Wool Pants
*Biobottoms Classic Wool
*Bumby Wool Covers
*Bumstoppers Covers/Footies
*Celtic Wolf Cover
*Cloth For Your Angel Interlock Cover
*Crankypants (longies)
*CuddleWool™ CuddleWraps™
*CYA Wool Wrap
*Dakota Fluff Longies
*Disana Double-Knit Pull-On Wool Cover
*Dunk-n-Fluff Wool Set\Bottom
*Fashionably Green Baby Wool Covers
*Firefly Diapers Easy Wool Diaper Cover
*Fussybutt Wool-On Cover
*Grateful Buns Wool Soaker Longies
*Happy Baby Bottoms Wool Longies
*Hooked by Design Longies
*Imse Vimse Bumpy Wool Cover
*Karmic Soakers
*Kiwi Pie Wool Cover
*KnitKnacks For Baby Just Ducky Wool Soaker Shorts
*KomfyKozies Knit Woolies
*Kozydesigns Diaper Soaker/Cover
*LadyBugz Soaker
*LANA Wool Soaker
*Little Beetle™ Organic Merino Wool Jersey Cover
*Little Boppers Wool Cover
*Little Leaf Boutique Longies/Soakers/Footies/Overalls
*Little Stitch Wool Covers/Longies/Shorties/Skirties
*Llamajama Longies
*Loveybums™ Wool Cover
*Luxe Baby Wool Cover
*Mai Mai BB Wool Cover
*Mile High Monkeys Soaker
*Mother Culture Herbs & Batik Bum Mother Wool Cover
*Muttaqin Baby Cover
*Nikky Pure Lambswool Felt Diaper Covers
*Peas Pod Wool Diaper Cover
*Pickle Pants Wool Soaker
*Positively Posh Fleece Longies
*Righteous Recycles ReusableWraps
*Royal Buns Wool Soaker
*RumpWrap Organic Diaper Cover
*Ruskovilla Wool Cover
*Simon's Custom Cloth Wool Cover
*Simply Sanity Creations Wool Cover
*Stacinator Stretch Wool Cover
*Sugar Peas Wool Flannel/Wool Jersey Cover
*SugarBuns Pull-on Wool Diaper Cover
*Sun Seedlings™ Wool Cover
*SustainableBabyish Wool Soaker/Shorties/Longies
*Swaddlebees Merino Wool Cover
*TerraMade Wool Interlock Covers/Recycled Wool Soakers/Shorties/Skirties/Longies
*Tetro Wool Covers
*Tiny Bird Organics Disana Merino Wool Leggings
*Tiny Birds Organic Merino Wool Pants/Shorts
*Tree Frog Knits Pants In Boots
*Wallypop Woolie Wrap/Woolies
*Wild Child Woolies Soaker
*Woollybottoms Wool Soakers/shorties/longies

Diaper extras (doublers, inserts, wipes, wash, etc)


*Bambineo Bamboo Doubler
*Bella Bottoms Hemp Tri-fold Doubler
*Bugga Bugga Boutique Inserts/Doublers
*Dappi Diaper Doubler
*Evolution Diapers Doubler
*Green Mountain Diapers Stay-Dry Hemp Doubler
*Hemp Babies™ Diaper Doubler
*Kissaluvs Super Soaker Doublers
*Little Beetle™ 'Leaf' Hemp Doubler/Organic Velour Doubler
*Meg A Roo's Doubler
*Patchwork Peddler Doubler
*Punkin-Butt Fuzzy Doublers™
*Polar Babies® Fleece Topped Stay-Dry Doubler
*SustainableBabyish Hemp Doubler
*SMJAE Hemp Doubler/Hemp Fleece Doublers
*Tiny Tushies by Tasha Doubler
*Thirsties® Fab Doubler
*Under the Nile Diaper Doubler
*Zabbibaby Doubler

Pocket Diaper Inserts

*ALVA Baby Insert
*AMP Hemp Pocket Insert
*Annie Marie Padorie AMP Organic Bamboo Insert
*BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz
*Baby Sweet Bottoms Insert
*Bella Bottoms Hemp Tri-fold Soaker
*Cotton Babies One-Size MicroFiber Inserts
*Cute In Cloth Pocket Diaper
*Ducky Buns Girl/Boy Hemp Inserts
*Evolution Diapers Inserts
*Fuzzi Bunz Micro Inserts
*Green Acre Designs GAD Hemp Insert
*Greenhorn Inserts
*Happy Heiny's® Stuffins'
*Hemp Babies™ Bigger Weeds Inserts
*JamTots Hemp Insert
*Joey Bunz Insert
*Kawaii Bamboo Insert
*Leo Baby Mighty Nighty Insert/MightIER Night Insert
*Loopy-Do© Prewashed Inserts
*MicroTex Microfiber Detailing Cloth
*Nurtured Family Contours Microterry Insert/Microterry Soaker
*Patchwork Peddler Pocket Insert
*Punk Rock Padding Rad Rag
*Rainforest Babies Microterry Contoured Insert
*SNAP-EZ Pocket Insert
*SuperDo Prewashed Inserts
*Tetro Inserts
*Thirsties® Hemp Insert/Microterry Insert
*Wahmies™ One Size Microfiber Insert
*Willowpads™ Diaper Insert
*Wonder-Fulls™ One Size Insert
*Yo-Yoo Inserts
*Zabbibaby Inserts

Cloth Wipes

*Baby Snickerdoodles Wipes
*Bella Bottoms Hemp Wipes
*BabyKicks Hemparoo® Washies/Wipes
*Bella Bottoms® Bamboo Wipes/Cotton Terry Wipes
*bumGenius!™ Bamboo Baby Wipes
*Bumstoppers Wipes
*Blue Penguin 100% Cotton Flannel Wipes
*bumGenius!™ USA Flannel Baby Wipes
*California Baby Wipes
*Christensen Creations SOS Organic Cotton Wipe
*Cloth Diaper Outlet Wipes
*Doodle Bunz™ Wipes
*Emi Bean's Wipes
*Eli's Wipe-E's
*Evolution Diapers Wipes
*Fussybutt Organic Wipes
*Gaia's Treasures Wipes
*goodmama™ Wipes
*Happy Heiny's® Heiny Wipes™
*Imse Vimse Unbleached Cotton Flannel Wipes
*Jolly Bums Velour Wipes (Formerly Sweet Baby Boutique Wipes)
*JamTots Cloth Wipes
*Joli's Diaper Art Wipes for Babies and Mamas
*Kiddie Winkles
*Kissaluvs Awesome Knit Terry Wipes
*Little Fancy Pants Wipes
*Little-Lions Cloth Wipes
*Monkey Doodlez™ Terry Wipes
*Migrations Creations Oopsies Wipes™
*Osocozy Wipes
*Phunky Buttz Wipes
*Quilter's Nappies Wipes
*Sarah’s Stitches Wipes
*SMJAE Flannel Wipes
*Swaddlebees Cloth Wipes
*sustainablebabyish Cloth Wipes
*SNAP-EZ Wipes
*Small Wonders Wipes
*Two Little Whales Wiggly Wipes
*Thirsties® Fab Wipes
*Tiny Tush Perfect Diaper Wipes
*TurtlesRUs Wipes
*Wahmies™ Multi-Purpose Organic Wipes


*ALVA Baby Liner
*Bummis™ Bio-soft Liner
*Bambino Mio Liners
*Diaperaps Biodegradable Diaper Liners
*Disana Silk Liners
*Grovia Biodegradable Liners
*Hemp Babies™ Raw Silk Liner
*Imse Vimse Flushable Liners/Stay Dry Liner
*jojosmom wipes
*Kushies Flushable/Biodegradable Liners
*Mother-ease® Stay-Dry Liner
*Osocozy Flushable/Biodegradable Liners
*Patchwork Peddler Liner
*Phunky Buttz Liner
*Sarah’s Stitches Fleece Liners
*Tiny Tush Disposable Diaper Liners
*Tweedle Bugs Liners
*Viva Paper Towels

Wet Bags (Dirty Diaper Containment)

*ALVA Baby Wetbag
*Boogah-Doo & Sissy Too Wet bag
*Bummis Tote Bag
*DiaperPalz Wet Bags
*Evolution Diapers Wet Bag
*Fuzzi Bunz Wetbag
*Gdiapers Wetbag
*Gaia's Treasures Wetbag
*goodmama™ Hanging Pail Wet Bag/Wet Bag
*Granola Babies™ Jelly Bean Wet Bag
*Happy Tushies Wonderbag
*Harmony Life Naturals Cloth Diaper Pail Liner
*JamTots Zippered Wet Bag
*Joli's Diaper Art Wet Bag
*Kiddie Winkles
*Lands' End Diaper Bags
*Leslie's Boutique Wet Bag
*Loving Touch Wet Bag
*Luving Mamma Booty Hugger Wipe Bag/Wet & Wipe Bag All In 1/Odor-Less *Hanging Wet Pail
*Maple Sugar Designs Wetbag
*Monkey Foot Designs Wetbag
*My Beautiful Girl Wet Bag
*Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner/Wet Bag™
*Royal Bottoms Wetbag
*Sarah’s Stitches Wetbags
*SMJAE Wet Bag
*Suse's Kinder Hip Pack Diaper Bag
*Swaddlebees Blueberry Diaper Laundry Bag
*The Fancy Pansy Wetbag
*TurtleTails Wetbag
*VinhThi Designs Wetbag
*Wahmies™ Diaper Pail Liners/Fun Prints Wet Bag
*Wet Happened™ Wet Bag
*Yo-Yoo Wetbags

Wipes Solutions

*Blissful Booty Products
*Buddha Bunz Soy Wipe Wash
*bumGenius!™ Bottom Cleaner
*California Baby Diaper Area Wash
*Crow Mountain Crafts Booty Bits
*Emmaya Naturals Wiper Spray
*Ewe Need It Wipe Solution
*Foaming Booty Cubes Wipes Solution
*Granola Babies™ Buns Up Wipe Solution Cubes
*Jack's Magic Beanstalk Rash Magic Wipes Solution
*Kat's Naturals Baby Wipe Solution
*Lil Outlaws Texas Ranger Rump Solution
*LuSa Organics Baby Wipe Juice
*Monkey Butt Soap Bits
*Monkey Doodlez™ Wipe Cubes
*Northern Essence Foaming Baby Wipes Solution
*Original Booty Cubes
*Punkin Booty Bits Chunk Baby Wipe Solution
*Raindrops All Natural Wipe Cubes
*Soaps By Denise Baby Bits
*Tidy Tushy Foaming Wipe Solution/Wipe Solution Dots

Fabric Care-Wool

*Alioop Wool Wash Bars/Cubes
*Crow Mountain Crafts Wool Wash Cubes/bars/spray/lanolin
*Eucalan No-Rinse Woolwash
*Ewe Need It Woolie Wash Bar
*Naturally Luxe Lanolin Spray/WOW Liquid Wool Wash (formerly Monkey Sudz)/WOW Organic Wool Wash Bar
*Northern Essence Wool Wash
*Sheepish Grins Creamy Spray Lanolin
*Sudz 'n Dudz Organic Lanolin Balm/Liquid Wool Wash/Wool Wash *Bar/No-Clump Lanolin Spray
*Willowpads™ Feminine Pad

Diaper Rash Cream/Ointments
***Need to know if it’s diaper friendly ( ) or not ( )***

*Kindhearted Women Claymazing Powder
*Aden+Anais' Mum+Bub soothing ointment
*Arbonne Baby Care Herbal Diaper Rash Cream
*All Things Jill Smooth As a Baby's Bum Balm
*Avalon Organics Baby Soothing Zinc Diaper Balm
*Baby Bee Diaper Ointment
*Boudreaux's Butt Paste
*Bum Bum Balm
*CJ's BUTTer
*California Baby Diaper Rash Cream
*Dr. Smiths (Works great, just not CD safe..)
*Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm
*Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention
*Jack's Magic Beanstalk Rash Magic Diaper Cream/Bum Magic Soothing *Lotion
*Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion
*Kindhearted Women Whipped Shea Butter
*LuSa Organics Booty Balm
*Magic Stick®
*Method diaper cream
*Northern Essence Boo Boo Balm/All Natural Diaper Rash Salve/Better *Butt(er) Cream
*Punkin Booty Bits Better Booty Balm
*Prairieland Herbs Herbal Healing Salve
*Triple Paste
*Weleda Diaper Care Cream/Calendula Baby Cream (depends on wash routine...)


Heather, Loving wife to Jon & Mama to Jason (9), Tyler (8) ,
Micah (6) , Emilie (4) , and Olivia
We are Cattle Ranchers, Messianic believers, selective-vaxers, home birthers, and 2nd generation homeschoolers

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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

I will be working section-by-section to get these alphabeticalized Please be patient...and meanwhile, reply with updates!!!
Heather, Loving wife to Jon & Mama to Jason (9), Tyler (8) ,
Micah (6) , Emilie (4) , and Olivia
We are Cattle Ranchers, Messianic believers, selective-vaxers, home birthers, and 2nd generation homeschoolers
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

Ok, Again, What a great idea! Did you include Weehuggers covers and hybrid systems like gDiapers and Flip?
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

This is a good idea!! Thank you!
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

Didn't see Emotibums as fleece covers..... and also gFlappers as inserts...
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

California Baby cream is CD friendly

Applecheeks has a swim diaper

Osocozy makes flats

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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

Aren't Grobaby/Grovia hybrid? I'm not sure. I have Nubunz and Sweetdollbaby (same company owns both) and they are pockets with a mf insert.
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

Awesome! I'll be updating more tomorrow...need to give some attention to family now
Heather, Loving wife to Jon & Mama to Jason (9), Tyler (8) ,
Micah (6) , Emilie (4) , and Olivia
We are Cattle Ranchers, Messianic believers, selective-vaxers, home birthers, and 2nd generation homeschoolers
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

I didn't see FuzziBunz wet bags (but I could have just missed them)

I also didn't see GMD workhorse fitteds.
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Re: The Complete Idiots Guide to Cloth Diapering

I saw BG 2.0s, buttheyre up to 4.0s now. Also under fitteds, how about el bee baby, megaroos, and cloth canoe
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