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Ticked off

My child is in daycare two days a week. My oldest got scalp ringworm from a darn stray cat the in home daycare took in. He is being treated with oral antifungal because it's in his scalp. Six month old got it and I am hoping that the cream is good enough for him because he is not old enough for oral. It could ruin his liver. I now have two ringworm spots. It is two months later and I thought ringworm was gone. I am friends with this in home daycare person but I am ready to say, "Later." I can't breastfeed and take this oral antifungal which I may need especially if it gets in my scalp. I don't want to stop breastfeeding due to a stupid ringworm caused my stupid people who took in a stray stupid cat (excuse me, I am so ticked right now). This is most likely my last child and I am at 6 months of nursing him. The oral antifungal is six weeks long.
My friend stated that the ringworm is gone in the home. I can't be too sure.

I am allergic to cats anyways. WWYD? Would you continue going to this place and risk getting ringworm again which most likely would result in oral antifungal medications that is usually not good for breastfeeding children or would you get the heck out of there? This is hard for me because it's a friend but breatfeeding is so important to me.


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Re: Ticked off

I have had ringworn (got it from my sister's dog, who got it pestering a nest of feral kittens). I just treated it with antifungal cream, and it went away within a couple of weeks. The main thing is to keep treating for awhile after it's gone so that it doesn't come back. You have to be really careful to avoid touching the affected spots and spreading it to other areas of the body, and to other people. I kept the spot covered with a bandage because I worked with the public at the time and didn't want to risk giving it to anyone else. And take care of your immune system. It usually doesn't affect adults unless you're under a lot of stress (what mom isn't?) and your immune system is down. You also have to be really vigilant with washing towels, carpeting, uhpolstery, sheets and clothing. (I'm not sure on this, but I think bleach might even be called for on things that can be bleached),

I'm trying to say that you and your baby could have just as easily gotten it from your older child (or from something that came in contact with his head) as from your friend's house. It requires physical contact to spread. If your friend's housekeeping isn't good enough for you to be sure that the ringworm is gone, you probably don't want your kids there anyhow.
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