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Re: My kids opened their presents

Originally Posted by twinmomstl View Post
I the idea of putting empty boxes wrapped under the tree. I love the look of presents under the tree, hence why I put them there so early in the first place.
I love the look too. I just know mine will do what yours did but worse.


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Re: My kids opened their presents

I would either rewrap the presents and put them away so maybe they believe they arent getting them OR probably what I may do is return the gifts and buy them something different but not bring out the new gifts until Christmas so they wont be sure if they are getting gifts or not. That is a tough one but, I believe you should definitely do something so they know for sure it was wrong and not acceptable.
Or depending on the $ situation you could keep the ones they opened and give them for their birthday and buy different gifts for Christmas. They are young at 4 but, definitely need to understand that was wrong.
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Re: My kids opened their presents

for 4year old the presents that got opened would go back to store and be replaced with something else. older kids who know better would not get presents replaced
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Re: My kids opened their presents

Aw! I would be really disappointed. As for the "punishment" for this offense, I wouldn't take the presents back, nor would I make them donate what they saw (seems exceptionally harsh for a minor offense committed by four-year-olds). I might consider allowing them to look at them for the next month, but that would probably make me sad and would get annoying with them asking a million times per day if they can have the present now... The most likely thing I would do if it were my kids is hide the presents away and rewrap them (for my benefit more than theirs because they NEVER forget).

I hadn't really thought of this matter, but thank you for sharing. I will wait until Christmas Eve to put out the boys' presents this year too, because I love surprises and curious toddlers ruining their surprises early would ruin the holiday for me. I hope you had a few more surprises up your sleeve.
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Re: My kids opened their presents

I peeked at my presents one year..did the same thing and opened a corner. Never told my mom. But honestly, I ruined it for myself. There was no excitement on Christmas morning because I already knew what was in the package and I had to fake being surprised and excited. I NEVER peeked again.

So... that being said, if it were me, and knowing how *I* felt after I peeked... I'd just leave the gifts under the tree. Let them unwrap them the rest of the way on Christmas, and I bet they never do it again.

God bless!
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Re: My kids opened their presents

I would never put presents out so early, especially with little boys. Its natural curiosity. I would have been upset as well though. I would just take them away, hid them and bring all the gifts back out on christmas eve.
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Re: My kids opened their presents

I just wanted to mention that I think telling kids they have to DONATE something, as a punishment, has an intrinsic flaw.

I hope that no one punishes their kids by saying they have to donate their toys. If for whatever reason toys are taken forever, donate them yourself, but I wouldn't tell the kids that's what happened.
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Originally Posted by katzchen
IMHO, it is unrealistic to expect a 4 year old to have the impulse control to leave wrapped presents within their reach alone. I would have a chat with them about spoiling their own surprise on Christmas morning and leave it at that.
Me too.

We put nothing under the tree ahead of time so that it looks really amazing on Christmas morning for the kids. But if I had even one thing under there, my almost 4 year old would have it open as soon as I went to pee.
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Re: My kids opened their presents

That is exactly why I never put ANY presents out before Christmas morning. Plus, it is more dramatic for them to go from no presents to a ton of presents when they wake up.

Honestly, they might have known it was 'wrong' but they are only 4. At 4, they know it is wrong because you say it is wrong, but they don't fully understand they are ruining the surprise. In other words, they aren't 100% to blame. BUT, it is just one of those things that happen. Don't be so upset! It will all be ok, maybe exchange a couple of them? IDK if you were finished. If they were out already I'm assuming those were the ones from you and not Santa. Just tell them their wont be any more surprise presents from you. It might not be as fun for you this year since you know they know what they are getting, but they will still be excited. It is still Christmas and they are still getting new stuff!
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Kids are all different. I have three and none ever opened or peeked (to the best of my knowledge). So it's possible for some young kids. Others, maybe not. Like Terra said, some just love searching and finding out and then enjoying when they actually get it. I wouldn't tell them Santa wasn't coming or that they werent getting anything. I think that would just ruin the whole season for everyone. Especially over this small of an infraction. I would think they're going to be even more excited knowing they're going to get "x" present. It's disappointing for us as parents not to see the first surprised/excited look on their face, but now you know how to plan next year
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