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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

Originally Posted by sojomisa View Post
I wouldn't take it back. She should have inspected it before leaving your house with it. Who knows if you'll get it all back and/or what she's done to it. I would tell her that you don't take returns, and she's welcome to resell it since she decided after the sale it doesn't fit her needs.

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
Yep. I never meet people at my house though, that would make me so nervous.
Me neither, you never know what type of person they really are.
Originally Posted by daddyn4wisechix View Post

ITA! I'd take it back ONLY if she freaked out & I feared her doing something. That said, it is A LOT of nerve to ask to return something from CL.

Maybe charge a $10 "restocking fee" if you do return because you'd then have to sort through it, verify the pieces, take new pix if anything were different, etc. Even on ebay she'd have to pay return shipping & be out original shipping fees (if not included in transaction as "free"), so $10 shouldn't cause her to wig out...

PLUS you'd have to sort through it all WITH HER because you wouldn't want to just give her the money back w/out checking it over thoroughly, yet you'd have a stranger standing in your home while you sorted through it all... eeeeeks, that would totally creep me out... not to mention if she only has 1 kid she will probably be all weirded out by a house of 8 kids (because you know, things happen & who knows WHAT she'd think... or say...if your house weren't as perfect as she thought it should be?! People are so nosy these days)... I would honestly not return it if at all possible... & if I ended up feeling I had to, I'd stand outside & not have her in my house... and I'd only do it when DH or another adult would be home to make sure the crew inside was safe (not killing themselves! LOL) & was on hand obviously watching through a window, etc. to help if anything went awry. Just my ...

All of that... especially the bolded...

She probably went home & her DH probably told her it was NOT age appropriate or that she got chewed up toys for $65,
not knowing the true value (you know how guys are... LOL)... or she realized it herself that they are not 2YO appropriate?!

But at either rate, it is too late... but I get it, I'd be worried too... she was at & IN your house... eeeeks!! I honestly like to leave stuff on my porch for people, especially if DH won't be home or if I KNOW they are a male... & tell them to leave the money in the door so I can avoid face to face contact and/or having a stranger in my home... THAT makes me nervous...

If I open the door or someone must come in our house (which I only do if DH is home), I make my kids go elsewhere out of sight... w/a phone...the dog... & a bat ...which I have hidden usually & my ODD knows where so it isn't that I am freaking everyone out... though last week I had a woman come for something & my MDD handed me a bat in front of the window as the woman was coming to my door ...

After she left I explained to my child that while it is there for extra protection in an EMERGENCY, we probably won't need it, but DO NOT EVER hand it to me when someone is coming up or they will think I am trying to harm THEM!! I am surprised she didn't yell something out about being ready to call 9-11 too... LOL.
lmao@ the bat, I wouldn't even have gone to your door had I walked up and aw


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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

I think that I wouldn't reply to her. If she comes to your place call police an`d say that she is harassing you. She should have said something like, "can I come and make sure before I buy if it is ok for my son." or something like that. I think she is just feeling remorse really from the sounds of it although if you knew it was for a little kid she was buying it for then maybe you should have said, " it isn't for little kids".... my 2 year old plays with it though at my moms ( the bigger things).
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

I'd report her email as spam

Besides no matter what it's going to be he said she said type of issue. Nothing that anyone can do. I'm sure you were honest with the condition. What is she going to do? Take you to court over $75 in toys? I doubt it. If she every comes by I would honestly tell her you're sorry and if she keeps pressing the issue I would threaten to call the police for harassment.
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I would tell her to relist it. I've purchased things off of CL and other local Facebook groups that haven't worked for me. I've never asked for a refund/return, I relisted it for what I paid.
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

Its CL--no returns. Ignore her emaills and make no further comments to her.

No way would I let her return stuff.
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

I read the first few replies to your post and I agree w/the consensus that you are under zero obligation to take the toys back. I buy/sell on CL. I consider most buy/sell to be Caveat emptor -- unless they say that you can return it w/in a certain time period (which I HAVE seen on CL ) I look stuff over thoroughly; if I don't go in person (ie send DH b/c it's too heavy for me) I ask questions and take into account that the product is USED. If it's something that I would not be happy if it was broken/missing (but not disclosed) --but you did disclose the issue and it sounds like you sold at a low price point,

My advice is to tell her that you are sorry she's disappointed, that you tried to disclose the things you knew about the toys that another buyer would want to know, that the sale is final, and recommend that she just re-list it on CL. Let her know you had a lot of interested buyers.
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

I wouldnt take it back, she should have inspected it when she came to buy it. Let her know you had a lot of interest and that she wont have any troubles reselling it for what she paid (or more) if shes not happy with it anymore
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Any thing happen mama?
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

I'd say she should have inspected it upon pick-up and that she's stuck with it. Let her know there was lots of interest & you're sure she can get her money back if she relists it on craigslist.
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Re: Craigslist sale went wrong..what should I do?

Thanks everyone. Sorry for taking so long to update, had a busy week. So my dh and I decided to just refund her money. Well, my dh wanted to more then I. She couldn't meet ( I told her that she would have to meet my dh by his work) until Thursday, we set this up on Sunday. The next day she said she would try posting it on craigslist and if she sells it before Thursday, then she won't return it. Then she wanted me to send her my pics that I posted on craigslist, I didn't. She then was claiming things didn't fit together. They did. I told her so. She then admitted she was having a hard time figuring it out. I tried explaining it to her. She would say that the top of the plane doesn't fit, I said it did, was she sure she was putting it on right? She claimed the police car was missing a wheel. It wasn't. I asked her if she misplaced it. Anyway, the emails were getting so annoying. It was like she assumed if she couldn't figure out how to put it together, it must be broken. Well, I don't hear from her Wednesday or Thursday-the day she was suppose to return it. It wasn't on craigslist. So... I'm hoping we are all clear of this girl.
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