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Re: pumping in my office, what sign should I put on my door?

One of my coworkers put a sign up that said "Polishing my guns!" Kind of a joke and not appropriate for a lot of work settings but we all knew what it meant and it was appropriate for us since only employees (not patients) saw it!

I like the "Do not disturb" with the international breast feeding symbol idea from a pp.

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Re: pumping in my office, what sign should I put on my door?

This has been a big problem for me this past year as I teach Kindergarten and pump in my classroom. I simply locked my classroom door, not thinking about the fact that kids can come through the shared bathroom door which cannot lock. Also there have been times where a student has to leave and must come get their backpack out of the room which is unpredictable. I have not had a sign on my door as I thought it being locked would be good enough (and I work with almost all women and they know I pump), never thought kids would be the problem!
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Re: pumping in my office, what sign should I put on my door?

I would put a sign that more directly states what you are doing: "please do not disturb, pumping in progress". You could make it as silly/serious as you feel appropriate. It seems important for people to know that breastfeeding is important. I am about to go back to work and have to come up with the right phrase - thankfully my coworkers (mostly female) can handle a silly sign.
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Re: pumping in my office, what sign should I put on my door?

Originally Posted by Kimmyann View Post
People have to use the ladies room here and its a multi stall bathroom for several companies so they just can't lock the door. Most people just pump and cover up while doing it in the bathroom. Sadly there is no place to sit in the bathoom near the outlet. None of our offices have locking doors and all the office walls are glass see thru so the only privacy you can get here is the bathroom or your car.

I would put Pumping please don't disturb.
Ours are glass see through too. I just taped large pieces of white paper over them on the inside. From the outside they actually looked like they were made that way. When I was done pumping a year later I took down all the paper and everyone had gotten so used it it they were like "Oh wow! They put new glass windows on your office!" Nope, just took down my pumpin' paper.

I never wrote a note on my door and did get walked in on several times. BY THE SAME GOSH DARN 2 OR 3 PEOPLE. I started to feel like they enjoyed it (totally kidding there, they were forgetful men)
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Re: pumping in my office, what sign should I put on my door?

Love the ideas here. I'm going to go find the international breastfeeding sign now for when I go back to work.
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