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Breast milk storage

I'm new to this board and thought it may be a great resource for me! I plan on BF our baby (due 7/21) however I do plan on pumping so that my husband can help with feedings once we've established a BF routine. Can you please share how you pump, store and then feed your baby using stored milk? I'm considering using the milk storage bags and placing in the freezer and then using one of those drop in bottles. I'd like to have a decent amount stored in the freezer. I need to understand how this works and what my options are. Thanks!


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Re: Breast milk storage

If you aren't having to pump to store a supply for going back to work, I wouldn't mess with pumping at all the first couple of weeks. You will feel like you are nursing around the clock anyways. After the first few weeks, you could pump once in the mornings. I would usually pump about an hour after DS ate in the morning so that I would be fuller and could get the milk out more easily with a pump.

I don't think you can store breastmilk in the drop in bottle liners. I don't think those liners are thick enough and might break open. I've always bought little baggies specifically for milk storage. One hint... when you put the milk in the bag, get all the air out and zip lock it closed, then lay it FLAT in your freezer. It will thaw much quicker like that because it will be thin. You can also store tons of them like that because they are small all flat (if this makes sense).

I would always stick the bag in a cup of hot water to thaw and then pour it in a bottle. 4-6 weeks is a good time to introduce bottles. I would also recommend a medela pump. has tons of great info on breastfeeding! Good luck!
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Re: Breast milk storage

I agree with PP's advice. If things are going well and you don't have to, I would not worry about pumping or introducing a bottle in the first 4-6 weeks.

When you do, I suggest Lansinoh milk storage bags. They are very sturdy and save room if you lay them flat to freeze.

If you are planning to only pump occasionally a Medela Harmony manual pump is great. If you are planning to pump daily, I would definitely recommend a good electric pump like the Medela Pump in Style or Ameda Purely Yours.

Don't be discouraged if you don't get a lot of milk at first. Pumping is not usually as efficient at removing milk as a baby nursing is. Also, pumping is something your body and mind have to become accustomed to. It takes time for some mamas to get in the groove of pumping.

Best of luck with your LO.
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Re: Breast milk storage

Completely agree with the previous posts! Goodluck and congrats!!
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Re: Breast milk storage

I like glass jars...particularly the baby food jars.

ETA: Welcome aboard!
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Re: Breast milk storage

you can use the drop in liners to freeze in Playtex has a kit for $9 +/- that you can get at includes an adaptar for the pump so that you can actually pump right into a disposable bottle

BUT I use the LAnsinoh milk storage bags...we freeze in them and they are thawed in warm water and the whole bag is placed in the disposable bottle and then the top put on....the box for the milk storage bags does not say that recommend to use them as a bottle liner but they are the only ones that I've tried so far that will hold up to DD gets 2-3 bottles a day at dc using this method.....HTH
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Re: Breast milk storage

I agree the Lansinoh milk storage bags are the best. And I also freeze them flat and then stack them up vertically so I can flip through to find the oz. I want to defrost (although you do need to maintain some amount of FIFO - first in, first out). I would also freeze in small amounts (e.g. 2oz) so they will defrost faster and you won't be defrosting more than you need. A young baby probably won't need 4 oz right away anyway. A good formula for figuring out how much you baby needs per feeding is from LLL: multiply your baby's weight by 2.5 and that is how many ounces your baby takes in over 24 hours. So a 10lb baby probably needs about 25 ounces in 24 hours. If baby eats 10 times in 24 hours, that's 2.5 oz per feeding.

If I know I'll need to defrost milk for the next day (e.g. for daycare), then I try to remember to pull it out of the freezer the night before and then it is ready in the morning to pour into the bottle and get packed up for daycare.

Oh, and I wouldn't invest in a bunch of bottles until you know how your baby will take to them. Some babies have a marked preference for a certain nipple (my first, Avent and my second, Nuk). HTH!
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Re: Breast milk storage

im going back to work soon, and because my supply is pretty good, i can get away with using the avent manual pump. i store in the avent 4oz bottles and cover with a sealing disk. i freeze it that way and so all the nanny has to do is thaw and replace the sealing disk with the nipple. i have used the lansinoh bags, and they are great. i did use the medela pump and style with my first, but this time around i feel like the less plugging in of tubes and things, the easier it for me to get it down and get back to work.
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