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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

Originally Posted by ShayneLeMaster View Post
Maybe a toddler grabbed a "handful" of his cheek?

Either way, hope its just something that happened between some kids..kwim? And not staff
I was thinking that too.

My sister was a biter, a pincher and a grabber. She was so bad my mom couldn't leave her for the longest in the nursery at church. Not without her anyway. Part of it was due to her being sick and hurting all the time and not knowing other people felt pain. She was quite the little sadist (iykwim). It took a lot of time and teaching for her to realize we feel pain too and she eventually stopped.

The few times I ever was in care or the nursery as a little one, something bad happened - being bit, kicked, hit, grabbed and pinched -- not by the adults, by other kids my age. (This was 20+ years ago)

My sister worked in daycare and had two repeatedly bad children in her age group. They had to actually ask one parent to find alternative care because nothing was working.

So you might want to check first and see if it's a problem child.



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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

if it was another child, there should at least have been an incident report filed that you were made aware of or had to sign. talk to the center. even our home-based care provider(licensed) was required to file incident reports when my girls were younger. sara goes to headstart now and she fell outside over a stick and scraped her forehead and they didn't realize she actually hurt herself until they came in but they still wrote up the incident report and had me sign it. in most states it is required by law, even if it's harm inflicted by another child or the child himself.

fwiw, i would be LIVID. NO ONE hits my children, including me.
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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

When my DD was about that age she came home once with a bite on her arm, they had an incident report and everything. Well when I gave her a bath that night she had two other biute marks, on on the back of her neck / shoulder area and another on her back!! I was furious. I knew it was a kid obviously but when I showed day care the next day (the bite marks were STILL there!) they said that they didn't notice it because DD didn't cry or anything. Yeah right!! Someone bit her hard enough THREE times to leave marks that lasted for days and she didn't cry?! Sometimes although I loved most of her teachers I just thought they weren't really on top of things... Sounds like maybe your babes teachers just weren't paying attention too
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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

I'm sure it was a kid. I mean honestly, if a staff member were to hit him, the face is a very odd place, it just doesn't really make sense. And kids get whacked ALL the time at daycare. I worked in plenty before I had my son. Stuff happens. While I'd be sad and definitely ask if they know what happened, I wouldn't be mad at all. Kids = bonks and bruises and daycare just ups the count. If he's not a crier, then he may not have even fussed about the bonk so the teacher might not have noticed. With a room full of kids, sometimes you miss things, especially if there isn't an obvious cry to an injury.
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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

it should be pretty obvious by the size of the finger prints (if thats what they really are) if it was an adult or a child. Kids that ge can pack a good punch or it could have been a toy. Yes there are supposed to be incident reports when accidents happen but just like you and I these teachers don't have eyes in the back of their heads unfortunately.
I would definately bring it to the teacher and directors attention.
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Re: Somebody hit my kid.

Originally Posted by Rosella View Post
For what it's worth, mama, Margo has had some run-ins with toys and unusual angles of the tables and chairs in the living room that have left what looked to be slap or hit marks around her cheeks and eyes. Could it have been an accident like that, maybe?

At his age, I would tend to think of something like that first, especially if you haven't had bad feelings about the daycare providers to this point. At any rate, I would go in and ask point blank tomorrow if something happened that you should be told about, but don't get yourself too angry until you have some idea what might have really happened.

I know it must be very hard to think someone hurt your baby - and for their sake and his, I hope that isn't the case
I agree, I would tend to think it was either an accident or another kid. But definitely talk to daycare and ask if anything happened. I volunteer in our church nursery and sometimes a child will throw a toy at another child or someone will fall/run into something and leave a mark-we always tell the parents right away what happened. I'm hoping they just didn't see it, instead of not telling you/hiding it. Sara
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