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Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

Background info: DS1 was a 20 hour labor followed by a c-sec. DS2 was full on posterior but I still managed to get my VBAC after a 10-11 hour labor, an epidural, an episiotomy, and using forceps to turn him after almost an hour and a half of pushing did no good because he had only managed to turn halfway. This is the story of DS3 who was my fast, intense, unmedicated VBAC.

Boyd Matthew
September 30, 2012, 11:31 a.m.
7 lbs 13 oz, 21.25 inches long

My Mommy intuition has proved to be the worst. With DS1 I was sure I would go early, so I was not pleased when he arrived 2 days after his EDD. Because of that with DS2 I was sure I had until my EDD, so he surprised us when he showed up almost a week early. So this time I should've known better than to expect my little guy might be here a week or two early.

At 38 weeks (Sept 18 ) I had a sweep done. The following night I was up from 2-3 am with contractions that were 2-2.5 min apart and a min long. This kept up for the whole hour and just as I was preparing to wake up DH they slowly started to space out. By 5 or 6 am I was able to doze off for a couple hours of sleep and they were pretty much entirely gone by the time I got up in the morning. So disappointing. At 39 weeks (Sept 25) I had another sweep done. That evening I had a number of contrax but they weren't close or regular and they had chilled out by the time I went to bed. Nothing much had happened since then, my contrax had changed from BHs to actual contrax, but they weren't painful or intense or anywhere near timeable. Some days I'd have 3 or 4 in one hour, other days I'd only have 3 or 4 the whole day.

Sat night (Sept 29) I didn't sleep well, I'd have random contrax as I drifted off or I'd have stomach pains from gas/constipation, so it wasn't a great night. Sun morning I tried to have some breakfast but really wasn't very hungry. DH and I were also quite discouraged since my due date was the next day and we both thought I'd have had the baby by now. I laid on the couch to relax, I was having some random contrax that I needed to breathe through a bit, so I decided to maybe time them, they were still 10-15 min apart. At around 10 am I was breathing through one when I felt the baby shift and then a small pop, and then it felt like I was peeing my pants. I told DH I thought my water broke and went to check. Not too much more came out so I wasn't sure but I called L&D since I was GBS+ and this was my third baby, and they said to come in, so we slowly started to gather our stuff up and load up the boys to drop off with my mom. We probably left the house by 10:30. By the time we got to my Mom's house 20 min later the contrax were 4-5 min apart, and getting much more intense, my hopes of going natural were fading because I thought I was being a giant wuss and still had hours to go. By the time we got to the hospital at around 11:00 I was howling like a mad woman, the contrax were insane and I was sobbing and screaming. I had hit transition just as we got there, but at the time I was totally in denial about it, I didn't think that I could that far into labor in only an hour! DH managed to get me out of the car and we worked our way up to the hospital, every time a contrax would hit I would drop to a squat and scream bloody murder. We got up to the entrance and he got me in a wheelchair, which was literally falling apart lol. We made it to the elevator but couldn't remember which floor to go to, of course DH picked the wrong one first lol, so we got off on what seemed to be the cardiac floor. I'm sure I didn't help some people's heart conditions with my howling. A couple nurses heard me and came running, they got us onto the service elevator and got us down to the right floor. During all this I felt like I was pushing, especially when I would squat, but I still couldn't believe that I was at that point already. We finally got to L&D and the nurse and DH pretty much pushed/rolled me into bed because they are smarter than me and knew what was happening from the state I was in. The nurses helped me wrestled off my pants and checked me, and told me the head was right there and it was time to push. This couldn't have been any later than 11:10-11:15. I asked for drugs but obviously there was no time. I was seriously in disbelief and shock that I was at the pushing stage already, I actually said "Are you serious, is it really time for me to push, is this really happening right now?!?!" lol. But it was no joke, so I pushed. After about 15 min of pushing (and one helpful cough that pushed his head out like an inch haha) Boyd was here. They threw him up on my chest and we just hung out there for awhile. I delivered the placenta with ease and then they started up with the plethora of repairs, pretty much the entire left side of my vagina has been stitched up. :/ That took longer than actual labor. He nursed a bit while they did their work, after a little bit the nurse took him and weighed and measured him and then let DH hold him while they were finishing up on me. He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 21.25" long, I was surprised by how tiny he was, we thought for sure he'd be bigger than his brothers were. By 1 pm I was in the shower and off to my new room.

There was no time for an IV, no time for fetal monitoring, no time for anything really, it was crazy! Even though I was GBS+ and didn't have a chance for the antibiotics everything was fine and we only had to stay 24 hours. I'm honestly still a little shell-shocked over how fast everything went, going from manageable contrax 5 min apart to a baby in less than an hour is just crazy, I guess everyone who says 3rd deliveries are "wildcards" are right!


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SAHM to my boys Mason (Apr/09) Isaac (Aug/10) and Boyd (Sept/12)
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Wow, I actually think that sounds like an ideal birth! Only having to wait that long through the pain would be really nice congrats!
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Awesome! That is what every mom to be would pray for! Lol congrats!
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Def quick! congrats!
Holly, mommy to 6 ~ 4 on earth 2 in Heaven
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

What a wild ride!
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

Congrats! Even though it can be hard to wrap your head around it at the time, I much prefer my fast labors over my long ones!!!
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

awesome story! congrats!
Hi! I'm a mama of 5 amazing beautiful children! 3 boys, 2 girls.
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

Great birth story! Congratulations!
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

Wow!! Congrats!
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Re: Boyd's Fast & Furious Arrival!

Congrats! I'm crossing my fingers that DD (second baby) due in August comes quicker than her brother (18 hour active, 2 hours of pushing). A little more than an hour though? Amazing!
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