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Food battles w/14 month old...

OK - DD#2 is 14 mos old - she CAN be a good eater, but most of the time, she's just a snacker. She LOVES LOVES LOVES carbs (noodles of any sort) and eats yogurt, cheese, bananas, some cereals, chicken nuggets, grapes, oatmeal, corn and occasionally peas or carrots and then the junk food she sneaks from her older sister. My concern isn't cutting out the junk - she eats very little of it and doesn't like a lot of it - my concern is broadening what she WILL eat. Most of the time I put her veggies and protein (chicken, beef, pork, fish, whatever) on her highchair tray and don't give her any carbs - but she'll just throw her food or ignore it. If I refuse to give her the noodles because she won't eat the rest, then she doesn't really care - she'll just nurse more later. It seems stupid to considering weaning her in order to get her to eat a greater variety of foods. What can I do? Tonight I told her "No noodles, eat your carrots first" over and over and over again - she didn't seem to understand AT ALL. I'm so frustrated that I have a BABY with just as picky an palette as her older sister - at least with DD#1 I can tell her "No X until you eat Y" and she'll eat Y (albeit with some grumbling). HELP ME

- Desiree


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Re: Food battles w/14 month old...

My DD is an awesome eater, but most mornings I make an omlette and you can put anything under the sun in there, mostly i do red peppers (dd loves those), peas, corn, cheese, ham, turkey, spinach. I just chop it all once a week and put it in tupperware and its good to go in the AM.

Or, my dd is 15mo old and really loves celery when i spread a little almond butter on it (of course, only do that if she doesnt have an allergy to nuts) or baby carrots with ranch dip (not a lot) and she gobbles it all up.

hth a little bit
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Re: Food battles w/14 month old...

I ready abook called Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense by Ellyn Satter, a dietitian. In the book, she cites several studies done that say that children offered a variety of foods will automatically eat what they need over time. She says that by creating unnecessary battles around mealtimes, you are more likely to cause eating problems than by just letting your child eat what they eat (and continuing to offer healthy, varied choices).
Your dd is probably getting most of the protien she needs from bfing, so it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't eat much. Low carb is a popular diet for adults, but really, children need carbs for energy - they play hard and go constantly, plus are growing like mad. I wouldn't worry if she eats a lot of them. She probably needs the calories, and carbs are the most efficient way for her little body to get them (us adults don't always need all the calories, which is why low carb diets are successful - they trick us into eating fewer calories). This is discussed in the book too.

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Re: Food battles w/14 month old...

It can be VERY frustrating. My DS ate basically NOTHING for 16 months, just nursed a lot. Then ALL he ate was meat and pasta that was cooked with the meat. No veggies, no fruit. He is 19.5 months now. He eats veggies if I mix them in his pasta. He LOVES soups and stews and casseroles. He eats scrambled eggs and I can mix whatever I want in them. He still refuses all fruit and juice and sweets.
But guess what? My anemic kid only ate meat at first... pretty smart eh? And it turns out he can't fight yeast at all so he avoids sugars and fruits which help yeast grow. He nurses still which means I don't have to worry at all about him nutritionally, breastmilk is a complete food. I slowly learned to trust his instincts. HE knows what his body needs.
My job is to provide a variety of healthy foods. HIS job is to decide if, what, and how much to eat. I try to just put the food there and then ignore what happens to it. Either he eats or he doesn't. He's a big boy, and like I said still nursing so still getting perfect food several times a day. So I struggle some, because I want him to eat more veggies, and toast would be convenient for me, but its ok. I just keep putting the food out there and eventually he might eat it.
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Re: Food battles w/14 month old...

"My Child Won't Eat!" published by LLLI is a great book too.
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Re: Food battles w/14 month old...

I haven't had personal expirience with this, but a good friend of mine has an extremely picky eater. She got sneaky with her. She'd boil chopped broccoli in with the noodles when making mac n cheese or mix a can of mixed veg with canned pasta. Viv had a hard time picking it out and finally caved and ate everything together.
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