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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

My 23 month old pooped 5 times in his diaper today. Kids use the potty when they are ready, it's really one of those battles that they have full control over and we just have to try to convince them it's better that way, praying they go along with it.

Most boys are 3, some train earlier, sure! But 3-4 really isn't dreadfully uncommon. I'm BEGGING Jack to PT by 2.5 though. lol.


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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

My daughter was nearly potty trained(ok i was nearly potty trained he he he) @ 21 months, but it was actually more work so I just let it be she pretty much potty trained herself. she used it if she asked but I pretty much stopped asking her. When she turned three I started asking again and she was potty trained in no time Dont worry about it, your Little one will PL when he feels like it
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

Worry later! 2 in diapers was nothing! SUper easy for me! My DS PLed at 3yrs, on his own, I didnt want to push him. DD has been pooping in the potty forever now but no pee.
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

DD is 36 months and still in diapers. She has no interest in the potty right now and screams if we try to get her to use it so she's obviously not ready. Of course she is in GMs so I don't blame her.

My other two trained early but they were diapered in sposies.

I hear the same lecture by my grandma who swears her kids were potty trained by 8 months. Old people!
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

No it's not too old. I work mainly pediatrics and quite frankly, around here, that's almost too young to be pt'd. My daughter was pt'd before 2 but honestly, she did it herself really, not me. Each child is different. And they all regress at one point or another.
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

Well mine all PL just after turning 2yo before they where 2 1/2yo. But I didnt push! I waited till they where showing all signs of being ready.
Alex was 18mn and we had her almost PL when I just got too worn out from being sooo pg. So we stopped. DS was born when she was 21mn and at 24mn we started PL again. In 2w she was totally trained!!
When Ender turned 2 he wasnt really ready so we waited a couple mns. Then in just a few wks he totally trained.
Aeryn & Ashe showed all signs of being ready at 16mn. But I was so not ready!! Remembering how hard it was with just one while being pg and this was a much harder pg and 2 toddler to teach, I decided to wait. When the baby was almost 2mn and they had turned 2yo we started. It actually took them almost 2mn to totally train.
Asterix is 21mn and he sounds like hes about the same point as your Ds. If hes naked and he pees he kinda gets it. He can stop and start again but is still leery of the potties and lacks the focus to sit and wait or stay sitting while we read a story. Ill probably try this summer after he turns 2yo.

All this being said 2 and even 3yo is NOT TOO old to be in diapers. Im very lucky and so far all of my kids have my bladder control and are ready younger than most. My little sister barley PL by 5yo and had night accidents till she was 15! My baby brother is almost 7yo and still has accidents all the time and rarely has a dry night.

Kids PL when they are ready. You can not force them you can only lead them. PL is one thing that they have control over and if you have any upsets like a new LO or a move they can and often do relapse. My ODD refused to use the potty for awhile after ODS was born. But she hated wearing diapers. She take them off as soon as they where used and hand them to us. The twins where doing this for months before I finally decided to PT them.

I also want to say that 20mn is NOT too YOUNG to PL. I was totally PL and never had an accident at just 11 1/2mn. Yeah not quiet a year old. And my mom did nothing. She just sat there in shock and dismay as I pushed down my pinned on flat and produced to use the little potty she had for kids she baby sat.
Lots of LO that are EC PL really young too!
Jen Our house is LOUD & messy, full of love and we have a blast!
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

My DD was sooo near being PL by her 2nd bday(oct), only with poop accidents and then my mothers house burnt to the ground (sept)her and my sis lived next door to us, so it was chaos...and I put PL on the back burner. And started again after the holidays and our move(jan) by easter she was fully PL with the rare occasional "fell asleep in the car accident"

I'm am going to order DS a peter potty urinal since #3 is a boy too...we had the peter potty "my first potty" but every time he sat on it his "pieces" wouldn't fit in and IF he pee-ed while on it it usually ended up on his chest lol and he just thought it was tragic. So it went in the FSOT
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

Don't push harder. It will become a power struggle, and that's a battle that the child will always win. He'll get there in time. Be patient, follow his lead, and no worries.
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

I wouldn't put much stock in it. I know my mom doesn't remember how things really are when you have young children, my grandmother even less. I think as the parent you decided how you parent. They already had their turn to do it the way they wanted to. As for potty training before the baby is born? First, it he isn't ready it won't happen. Second usually the older sibling has a regression after the younger is born if he is new at potty training? You will have a newborn and a toddler in underwear that is making more messes for you to deal with. listen to your instincts.
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Re: " no two year old should be wearing a diaper"

Yes I heard the same rubbish from my mother.
"I had both you girls potty trained just after a year old"
My answer "that sounds more like we had you trained to put us on the potty at the right time, so we stayed dry"
Her answer, "Humm, your probably right, I had to take you both till you were old enough to let me know you needed to go"
So I guess she did EC
My boys didn't potty train till they were 3.5 and 3 and Dd was 2.5 when she showed interest and nearly 3 when she finally got it.
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