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Super healthy mama?? Chime in!!

I'd like any and all mamas to chime in and give their words of wisdom on health and supplements for mamas-to-be.

What do you take and why?

Any known ways to greatly improve your blood health?

Support for baby while still pregnant?

Preparing for birth?

Tips for producing rich nutirous milk for baby?


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Re: Super healthy mama?? Chime in!!

I can give you what I do.

I take a prenatal all the time. Well, when I remember, which I don't always! It is from Garden of Life. By taking it all the time, I am taking before/while pregnant, so the growing baby has what they need; and than taking it while nursing, gives my nursing baby vit. through the milk.

I take Chlorella and spirulina. Both of these help me to not feel tired/no energy during the day. I started taking these somewhat recently, so I do not know how they would affect how I feel while pregnant. They also help my thyroid, as my morning temp is always more normal when I take these. Otherwise it is kind of low.

I take a greenfood powder (Hallelujah Acres Barley Max), not quite every morning, but most, in a fruit smoothie. This affects my milk production, meaning I produce better. I have never struggled with oversupply/undersupply, but I can tell when I take this, there is just always plenty there, instead of just enough.

I also take cod liver oil ((fermented cod liver oil from Green pastures).

While nursing, should take Nursing mothers tea, but I very rarely remember that.

And when pregnant, I take (sometimes) a tea of Red raspberry, nettles, and alfalfa. A few weeks before birth, I add oatstraw to it. (I use loose leaves, so 1tsp. of each).

But, one of the most important things you could do is with your diet. So avoiding GMO, hormone and antibiotic laden animal products, and replacing them with grassfed, GMO free and/or organic options. Eating lots of vegetables, avoiding GMO ones, like corn. I buy probably at least two thirds of my fruit and veggies organic. And avoiding white flour/sugar products and replacing those with whole grains, and natural sweeteners--like maple syrup, honey, evaporated cane juice crystals, rapudura, sucanut, etc. And avoiding processed foods, and replacing them with homemade or just less processed/healthy alternatives. And, drinking water, or kombucha/other healthy drinks, instead of pop, etc.

I firmly believe diet makes a big difference, as least that is what I have experienced myself. I had basically no morning sickness with either of my two. It was just for a few weeks, I would feel just slightly queasy if I got too hungry, or thinking about eating a couple things. I also had very easy labors and births. But, I think when you give your body what it needs, it can than do it's job so much better!

Hope that helps a little!
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Re: Super healthy mama?? Chime in!!

I second Blessedmamma777 about the fermented cod liver oil! I recently started taking skate liver oil, which is very similar to cod liver, but higher in DHA, which is excellent for developing baby brain. I believe in a traditional diet and follow Weston A Price's principles. You can read more about it here.

I started on a similar meal plan for pre conception. I get a raw milk share from a local farmer and drink 1 quart of raw milk a day. Pre-conception and now that I am pregnant. I also only eat meat from pasture raised animals, we raise our own chickens and pigs. I know this is not a possibility for everyone, but there's most likely a farmers market near you where you could find quality pasture raised meats and eggs. Since I've been pregnant, my appetite has increased a lot so a normal breakfast for me is 6 eggs fried in coconut oil,a slice of sourdough bread with lots of organic butter and a pint of milk. I take my cod liver oil or skate liver oil religiously and can tell if I miss a day. I also make raw,frozen duck liver 'pills' and take those daily for Iron and Vitamin K. I cut up raw liver into pill size bites and freeze them on a cookie sheet and swallow them like pills straight out of the freezer. I hope to not use a vitamin K supplement for my newborn, so I am increasing my vitamin K during my pregnancy. The liver and the cod liver oil are the only supplements I take along with my diet. I know this all may seem odd to some, but I believe in it and have never felt better in my life since beginning a traditional diet. We also make lots of bone broth, it's a staple in our house. So healing. Before eating this way, It was totally common for me to have headaches,fatigue,nausea,migraines,yeast problems,acne,and terrible menses,frequent colds. Now, I have none of those problems and I am 20 weeks pregnant and have never felt better. I experienced no morning sickness and besides having a little less stamina when hiking up the hill on our farm, haven't noticed my pregnancy slowing me down one bit. I'll step off my soap box now. Many blessings and best of luck!

Here's a few other links about diet.
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