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All 3 of my LOs ultrasounds at 3 different hospitals in 2 states were the same. Only me for the diagnostic? part and then everyone could come in and they would spend about 15 minutes answering questions and showing us the baby. One of the techs told me its so that they can get all the measurements and stuff out of the way without having to answer a million questions, but once they were done with the technical stuff everyone was allowed back to look at everything and ask any questions they wanted.


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Any routine u/s I've had, DH and all the kids were allowed in. Heck, when I was pregnant with my son, my mom and dad were even allowed in at the 20 week one. I dont think you really need a crowd there, but I believe you should be allowed at least a support person by your side, especially if its your husband.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

My DH was with me at both of mine. Granted one was done in the hospital because I was already admitted (was there for 4 weeks till I delivered), but yes DH was allowed in. Next time I think I am going to drop DS off at a drop in center so he doesn't need to see it all but I will still want my DH there... if he can get the time off.

ETA I was told that I can't take any video of the ultrasound so I could show family. All of our family is at least 1200 miles away and I am sure would love to see it but they will not let us do that.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Oh and as much as I wished it was different and hope that it's different this time around... I don't agree that it's your right or whatever. It is medical testing. All they are required to do is check growth and look for problems. Gender, looking lovingly at your child - none of that is the point, medically.

It's certainly wonderful when you get those things, but that's sorta not the point.

I hope we all have happy ultrasounds and friendly ultrasound techs, I just don't agree with the above posters about what the ultrasound is for.
Yes, but it's still a medical test on your child, in which case, parents are able to be present unless it is surgical in nature. My DS had a severe injury and was treated in the trauma center, I was present for his CTs, brain MRIs, the reduction that was needed to set his broken arm... DH is the baby's parent, so regardless of it's primarily a medical procedure, I would think he still has the right to be present, especially when the procedure is not a "life or death" situation where there are issues of sterility or getting in the way of emergency procedures.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

I used to work in womens health care... and the ultrasound tech there didn't allow anyone in with the mom, during the diagnostic, then let the family come back after she was done. I thought it was odd too. But she told me why she does that. She said she's had dad's freak out when they "think" they see stuff on the screen and it makes her job really hard. She can't get the diagnostic stuff done when people are asking tons of questions and freaking out over what they see. So she goes through all the boring stuff she needs to document, then brings family back lets them see the fun stuff. It's not about hiding anything. it's about getting their JOB done.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

That's insane! With my first baby, I had my hubs, sister, mom, and best friend in the u/s room with me. They were all also in the delivery room when I had her!

With all of my subsequent pregnancies, we have had all of our children at the ultrasound, as well. Our tech has never had an issue, she is very friendly & warm, and makes it fun for the kids.

I wouldn't be ok with them denying me the right to have my Dh present. Period.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

I was told I could bring anyone I want. The first 3 I had my DH and my mom, for the last it was my DH and my MIL.

We did a 3D with the last one and we have my three older kids, my DH, my mom and my sister!

For my sisters it was her DH, my mom and me.

I think that policy is really odd and I would never go to that hospital.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

I have had all of my "routine" ultrasounds at the OB office. They allow whoever, but young kids have to be supervised by an additional adult. At the local hospital, they let DH go with me to an emergent ultrasound with me when I fell while pregnant with DS1 and also to the ultrasound to check for abruption with DS2 when I was in a car accident. When I fell with DS1, the hospital tech was super nice. DH just sat in the chair in the room even though it was way far away from me and the screen. She was like "no, no, pull the chair over here so you can see!" She also printed a bunch of extra cute pictures for us. All we wanted from that visit was to know that my fall hadn't hurt the baby and she really went above and beyond.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

With my u/s with dd at an army hospital, they always had him wait outside while they did the u/s and then bring him in while still doing the u/s and show us the end of it. They would even have the screen turned so I couldn't watch it either until the end. It never bothered me. Haven't had an u/s with this baby yet so don't know how it will be now that we are out of the army and with a new OB.
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Re: Was your DH or s/o allowed in during 20 week ultrasound?

Here most places allow at least 1 adult during the whole thing and then allow other family members and children to come in for the last 10 minutes of the scan when they are just showing the "fun" stuff. I've only ever heard of kaiser not allowing people in with ultrasounds, but even then we made a stink and they caved.
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