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Re: would you. . .

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
Yes I would. I wouldn't even consider not going unless someone is sick.

Normal bedtime at our house for my 4 and 6 year old is 8-8:30pm. They are both fine staying up later and do on many occasions. They would be perfectly fine.

As for the little brother, I would leave him home and have something special planed for him, even if it something simple and a new game on my tablet or an extra cartoon.
Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Yes, of course. Staying up a little later and having sweets, kiddo will still be wiped out from all the bouncing. And if not, well it's a rare special treat and the sugar will wear off soon. I also don't think siblings should be catered to for things like this. Those places charge per head, families generally can't afford to include siblings of the invited kids.

Take the younger one another day, and let the 5 yr old enjoy being a big kid one night.
Originally Posted by KrisM View Post
I'd go. I'd not take the sibling, as even though he's tall, he's still much younger and not in the class. Kids don't have to do everything with their siblings. Plus, the siblings haven't been invited here and I don't like putting hosts on the spot about including more kids. Most will say yes, even if they really don't want younger kids there. It'll be a fun time for your DD to enjoy with her school friends.
Originally Posted by dancermommy1 View Post
I'd take them both if they were both invited. I'd leave the little one at home if he wasn't invited.
I agree with all of this. A night of fun at a party with friends won't be the end of the world if your LO gets overtired. We tried to keep a fairly consistent bedtime routine while the kids were little, but we also did our best to make them portable so that we were not tied to a bedtime. The kids learned to sleep in cars and on friends' couches, etc.

But, I would never bring a younger sibling who was not specifically invited. Just because a host says you can bring them doesn't mean that it is really okay. Perhaps they simply don't want to be rude. I have been that parent put in an uncomfortable position. One party we were at a bounce place that was expensive to start with ($200) for up to 15 or maybe it was 20 kids. Well, we had 5 people bring siblings and wound up 3 kids over our limit. $30 that I hadn't planned to spend. I wasn't comfortable asking for $$ from the 5 families (after all, 2 of the siblings would have been fine). So that party wound up costing extra. To top it off, I had an extra goodies bag or two, but had to use my children's goodies bags (including the birthday child) to give to those extra kids. Sure, I didn't have to give my kids' goodies bags. But, the siblings were young and how do you explain to a 3 or 4 year old that they don't get the nice fun bag that everyone else got. Please don't put other parents in that uncomfortable position. 3 isn't too young to learn that you don't always get what your siblings get.

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