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restarting nursing toddler

I stopped nursing DS1 when I was about 4-5 months pregnant just due to being exhausted and sore. He was 2 1/2 at the time. He's now 3, has a new brother, and we're suddenly noticing a lot of "issues" (behavioral, sensory, sleeping). DH and I are debating whether I should allow him to nurse again. He does ask on occasion, but doesn't get angry when not allowed. DH is afraid that if he starts nursing again it will become an all the time thing. I'd be content to just let him nurse at night. Any opinions?


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Re: restarting nursing toddler

Well - I am not sure it will help with "issues" as they may very well just be age related BUT you are certainly not going to harm anything and I would think that bottom line.n breast milk and the one on one time with you is ALWAYS a good thing

I was fortunate enough to nurse my 2.5 year old through pregnancy and she now (since baby arrived 5 month ago) doesn't even nurse daily - some days she nurses twice a day tops! So although he may ask to nurse more initially I think he will fall into a "every once in a while" pattern after a few days

Good luck
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Re: restarting nursing toddler

I would let him.
ODD had been weaned for quite awhile before YDD was born, but I was wondering if she would ask about it. I had thought about it and decided that if she did ask, I would let her try it and just see how it went. She hasn't asked yet, so I'm thinking she won't. But I still feel the same way. If she does ever ask, I will let her. I don't want her thinking that YDD gets "special mommy time" and she doesn't. I do make a definite effort to do special things for her while I am nursing the baby though - ODD likes to sit on the boppy and read with me while YDD nurses. She gets to pick LONG books that the baby wouldn't usually sit through, so she likes it.
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Re: restarting nursing toddler

You can for sure let him try but you may find that he has forgotten how to nurse. I have had 3 little ones and now a 4th when having a new baby anywhere from 22 months to 3 and 3 months and it is more normal for them to go through an adjustment period because of the new baby and all the things you are discribing are normal.

Try to spend as much time with your toddler as you can, are you wearing baby? That makes it easier! Baby will sleep on you and you can read, play, etc... with your older one. Also tell them how great it is to have them as helpers and how big he is getting. Maybe even give hima few new things to do around the house to help out becausse he is big now, like helping make dinner, or getting to pput the laundry in the basket, or whatever because now he is so big and not a baby any more.

Also watch for them to act out when you are nursing the new one, because they learn very quickly that when you sit to nursse they can get away with things not normally allowed. You can do a few thinsg to help with that. That "While I am nursing the baby" toys, for only during feeding times, like new puzzles, or books or blocks, etc... and as soon as baby is done put them back in the box until next time. Also be sure that it is it a major offence you put baby down for a second and stop the bad behavior, how ever you deiscipline, baby will be ok for a minute and you will be happier in the long run! Trust me

Good luck and you can do this!
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Re: restarting nursing toddler

I am in the similar situation...
My toddler DD weaned herself at 13 mo. DS was born when she was 22 mo.
I was very open to allowing her to nurse again. I kind of wanted her to because she isn't that affectionate and I felt like it would keep us bonded when the baby got here.
So, when ds was 3 mo, she was crying and said 'boob' and she crawled on my lap and awkwardly latched on. Ever since then she nurses before bed or nap and sometimes in the morning. It has definately helped our relationship and I feel so much more connected With her... And I know she feels the same.
-Emily, mommy to C (11/08) & C (09/10).
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