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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

Our DD does this, too, usually right away at the beginning because she doesn't want to sit, or she wants to sit on her sister's chair or she wants to do who knows what - but I've personally not had the best reaction the handful of times she's done it. I'll be trying out these ideas and watching for more. I'm a "positive parenting" flunk-ey. *sigh* It's hard.


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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

If my DD (21m) starts throwing food, I will then feed it to her (which she usually doesn't like), instead of letting her have it on her tray or in her bowl to feed herself.

I don't stop the meal once she starts throwing because we have issues with getting enough food into her, and she's always delighted when mealtime is over. So, yeah, it would be a reward for her to be set down early!
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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

Don't worry, as soon as you are done with the throwing, they are off to bigger and better things. The jumping on everything, the tantrums - you know those where they lay down full blown on the floor screaming thinking they are being original, or the fun where they just plant themselves somewhere and refuse to move, or the saying "no" to everything or demanding they do it instead of you (no problem, go ahead).....
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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

Hahahaha! My son is 18 months, and he is a champion food thrower. He has a pretty good right arm, I tell you. I get blueberries to the face. Noodles in the ear.

We've just started taking his food when he throws it, and saying, you must be all done! More often than not, he responds, "All done! Get down!" Or some combination of those words. So, we let him down.

Also, we have a dog who is getting fat from doing clean up duty.

And like a PP said, we just give him a few bites at a time, usually. When he throws something, he doesn't get it back.

Anyway, good luck! We hope it's a phase. I guess he won't be fifteen and chucking "noonles" at my head. LOL.
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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

That one really bugs me. Not sure why but it does! Ending the meal didn't work with dd1 because tossing her plate on the floor was her way of saying she was done anyway. So she got put in the pack 'n play. Not for long. Probably not 30 seconds. She got the idea. She tried it 3 days in a row and when the same thing kept happening she stopped.

dd2 did it early in the meal so we ended the meal.

Or you can wait it out. Depends on how irritating it is to you!
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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

My daughter was a good eater from the start so not as interested in throwing her food around. However, when she first started doing this, I firmly told her no. I know that may not be popular but I am not cleaning up extra messes and wasting good food and money. Again, my daughter tried this closer to 12 months so she was not as strong willed about it as an 18 month old but we did tell her no. I cleaned up the food but watched her closely to see if she would try it again so I could tell her no before she was able to throw. I didn't take the food away. Then she will just learn that if she throws, she gets to get down and play. Also, it does help too to eat meals as a family so you can turn meal time into a fun thing and not what can feel like a punishment if they are alone eating a meal while you do dishes or whatever other chore or activity. They want to be with mom.
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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

When dd1 started throwing food I removed the tray to the highchair and pushed her right up to the table. That helped so much!! She did throw a bit after but I would give her 1 warning("food is for eating' said in a reg ol voice) but if she did it again I signed/said 'oh, all done' said in the same no big deal voice and the meal ended. Even if she had only eaten a bite or two if she threw the food the food went byebye. DD2 wasnt even interested in food until 10.5mos so she started right at the table. I did the same approach with her when she started throwing around 12mos. I can count on one hand how many times it took for her to get it(but she LOVES her food lol).
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