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Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

I can't decide what to do. DS has two front teeth that decayed a little when he was really young (like 12 months). We have seen a dentist and he says that it is no longer decaying, so it's not a concern. The teeth are hard, but they have brown spots on them (basically the lower half of the two teeth is brown). If we want to fix it, we can, but it's purely cosmetic.

Back in October when we first saw the dentist, I was not interested in fixing it, I didn't think it was necessary for cosmetic reasons. But it is bugging the crap out of me! I hate that my little guy has brown front teeth. It will be at least 2-3 years before they fall out. It just looks kinda trashy, IMO.

So we went to the dentist today to check it out, and he can fix them in about 15 minutes. No numbing required. It would be $270 for both teeth (seems spendy to me). DS was freaking out and barely allowed the Dr to look in his mouth. He was really really upset. We kind of held him down so the teeth could be looked at, but we rescheduled to do the actual work because DS was so upset.

The problem is, I imagine that now he's totally traumatized and will be equally upset the next time we go in. And there will be a drill and he will have to be still. This dentist is great with kids and the best pediatric dentist around, so it's not like going somewhere else is an option.

I'm kind of having second thoughts and thinking maybe I should cancel. It's only cosmetic. It's not going to be painful but it will be really stressful for him. WWYD?


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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

I know what you mean about hating the brown teeth. It would dive me crazy too. I don't know his personality, but do you think talking to him about it before hand to kind of prepare him would make a difference? Maybe read some books about the dentist and stuff? That kind of thing works great for my son, but my daughter is so dramatic that changing her mind about something she thinks is scary is close to impossible.
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I am sure your dentist has gone over this with you so ya a bit silly to as, but are there any home remedies to whiten the teeth without necessarily drilling the decay? I only ask because we lived overseas for awhile where the water wasnt fluoridated, and I made the mistake of using non-fluoride kids toothpaste - my sons teeth were completely brown - he was about 2.5 when we retuned to the states. As soon as I started using fluoride toothpaste on him, the brown disappeared. I guess I am wondering of something similar would bleach your child's teeth?

I haven't taken my children to the dentist yet (oldest is 4.5) but I think i wouldn't go in your situation. If it were a health concern maybe, but I dont know... We recently had to put our child under general anesthesia for a minor nose thing - he had something stuck up his nose (thanks big brother) and freaked out (hysterical) when doc tried to look with a regular odoscope - we really didn't have a choice but to put him under so the doc could look and remove the thing - never.again!! It was awful.

I can understand the cosmetic concern, especially if the child starts preschool/kindergarten. I would be interested to see others' responses as well. Good luck w your decision!
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

My dd's teeth are the same way, but it's the upper half of hers. My dh has crooked teeth, and he's really worried that she'll be teased or feel bad about them . The dentist really wanted to crown all 4 of the front top teeth when she was about 16 months, but we said no and did some more natural things to stop the decay and it worked, but yeah, not pretty. We're planning to wait and if she every really wants more work done on them for cosmetic reasons we'll reconsider, but hopefully they'll fall out before she cares. Please update when you decide what you're going to do.
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

My dd's teeth began to decay because she loved to eat lemons and Dh would buy them to have her eat them when we had guest. I made him stop giving her lemons bc of the front teeth beginning to turn yellow and having lines across the middle of the tooth length wise. The acid in the lemons was doing this to her teeth, she still has it but you can't tell unless you look closely. I think if it will traumatize your child and he doesn't need it but for cosmetic then it wouldn't be worth the stress for me.
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

Do you think it might be something that *you* notice more than other people? Or is it pretty obvious?
I don't know.......I hate putting my child through something stressful for cosmetic reasons, but at the same time they might thank you for it later. My daughter was born with a large port wine stain on her lower leg. We opted to have laser treatments for her when she was a baby. The laser treatments were painful and stressful for her (they don't use anesthetic, and they have to hold her down which she hated). It was horrible and heartbreaking for me to watch, but I also knew that it was easier to have it done then compared to her being a teenager and her asking to have it done because she was self-conscious about it. I don't know how much teasing she would have had, but I worried she would have been afraid to wear shorts, etc. So to me it was worth putting her through it, and I hope she thanks us someday for that when she sees pictures of what it looked like before laser treatments. Anyway, my point is you also have to put yourself in the shoes of your child and determine what might be more stressful for them........going through the procedure or possibly having their self esteem affected (I hate that we have to be concerned about cosmetic things in this society, but the reality is that people judge appearances -- and not just adults). So my biggest concern would be my child getting teased about their teeth before they fall out, you know? My nephew's front teeth fell out at almost 9 years old, I am not sure what is average age for losing front teeth. I know teasing is a part of life in some ways, but I know kids can be brutal even at that age.

I suppose you could always wait to see if it bothers him and consider doing it then, but then you will struggle with the decision to spend that much on teeth that may only be in for another year or obviously would maximize the benefit doing it sooner and enjoying the teeth longer. But on the other hand, they may fall out before he is ever really bothered by them. You can't know for sure either way at this point, which makes it a tough decision!
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De is five and just had some minor fillings on her front two. They had her drink some medication and she was mellow. I would try that.
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

No. I wouldn't do it.
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

This is hard! My DD has a spot on her front tooth. The enamel didnt form right or something. We had her at the dentist at 6 months & they have been watching it. They have to hold her down just to look at it. My thing is It may not bother her now but it probable will later & what about when she is looking back on pictures of her when she is young? she is a beautiful little girl even with a brown spot but I don't want her to be self conscious about it.

Ultimately it will depend on your little man & his personality if he is traumatized or not. My DD remembers & is very shy about the dentist. Now my Niece was at the doctor & they had to hold her down to draw blood she was screaming telling them to get off her. not two days later when we went for my kids to have a check up she was mad because it wasn't her turn (I'm doing daycare for her right now). She was blowing them kisses & everything. Totally not traumatized from the whole thing even though it was way worse then my DD at the dentist.
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Re: Dental work on my 3yo? Yes or no? WWYD?

We are going to put our 3 year old under general anesthesia for extensive dental work in may. Hers is not just cosmetic and honestly if it was cosmetic i would just wait it out until he is a bit older and can be more calm.
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