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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

I think it is just your way of parenting and it is not disrespectful to me!


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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

I agree with pp, whatever works for your family.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

I agree that the child should be taught to call other adults by a more formal name, but I don't think the kid is being respectful HOWEVER I would think that you, as his parent, were not teaching him proper manners if I heard him call you by your first names. So I would not think him rude, I would assume you just weren't doing your job...but thats if I didn't know you thought it acceptable for him to do that...since thats okay with you...hey, you pushed him out, you can teach him whatever you want. As an example, my uncle thinks its hilarious that he has taught his son that the magic word is 'NOW!' instead of 'please' - I think he is being more reckless than you are
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Yeah, whatever works for your family is what I would say.
I started calling my parents by their first names when I was about 15, as a joke. They didn't find it amusing, but I kept doing it. I still call them by their first name, and they don't mind. My sister does as well. I guess I was a bad example.
My kids call us mom & dad. My husband would have a fit if they called him by his first name, but I am sure one day they will use our first names. There are worse things they could call me than Melissa!
I have taught my kids to always refer to an adult by "Mr so and so" or "Mrs so and so" unless that adult directs them to do otherwise. My children also say "yes ma'am, no ma'am" and "yes sir, no sir" - even to us.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Whatever works for your family. That's all that matters.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

It's only disrespectful if you don't like it. Doesn't sound like that's the case, so everyone else should MTOB.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

My 68 year old step dad calls his mother by her first name, and it bugs the crud out of me, we (me, my sister & mom) always point out that it would be nicer if her called her mom or mother. I dunno, I guess I am the weird one out, but I do think it is disrespectful because it is like by using her first name he isn't acknowledging her role in his life. If my kids ever called me by my first name they would be in SERIOUS trouble.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

It's really interesting to get other people's takes on this.

As for other adults, my son calls them whatever they introduce themselves as.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Myself, I'd be hurt if DD called me by my name, but I'm a big sap To me~theres nothing sweeter than hearing "mim mim, mummy, mommy...." or "mooooom" as my little one tugs on my legs like a lil monkey, lol but what everyone else said~whatever works! Its not like hes being mean when he calls you by name.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Depends on the situation I guess. I agree shamefully that I probably would be judgemental if I just heard it in passing and didn't know the person or situation...

but that said, my son has been raised and taught that we are mom and dad, but he went througha phase last summer I think if was, where he called us by our first names occassionally. He was being funny more than anything... or rather looking for a reaction (he's 5 btw). And his current thing is that every time I talk about my mom, I say grandma to him, he comes back with "you mean your mom?". Or if he's talking about here he'll say "... your mom.." instead of saying grandma. He's only doing it because he knows it bugs me though I'm sure... not that he'd admit that, lol.

Then there's my cousin who was practically raised by my grandparents and his very first name for my grandma was "here", lol. Because whenever grandpa told him something it was, "go give that to her" etc, LOL!

But no, I couldn't let my kids call me by my first name. That's just too wierd to me.

I guess I wouldn't neccessarily say disrespectful though because he is obviousely only calling you what you let him call you. It's only disrespect if he were calling you that no matter how much you didn't want him to, kwim?

I initial reaction would just be strange paranting I guess, LOLOL!! Not judging hun. Just being funny
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