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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

In our house it would be a sign of disrespect. Mom/dad is a special name and like someone else said, they are the only ones who can call me that. I think if the parents are ok with it then :shrug

As far as insisting that kids call adults by nothing but their titles. I think THAT is disrespectful on the part of the parent. I'm pretty old fashioned myself and I do teach my kids to use titles but insisting on calling someone something that they don't want to be called is rude.


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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

I think if it doesn't matter to you then why should anyone else have a problem with it. Now with my son I did have an issue he was calling his step mom-mom and my by my name and that really bothered me.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

the only reason I consider it disrespectful is because my dh calls his mom by her first name when he's trying to get through to her and she won't listen. It's the only way to make her pay attention so I feel like if my dc calls me by my first name I make the corrilation that I have something in common with my MIL which is something I fear.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

It is disrespectful of others to criticize your parenting if you haven't asked for their opinions. It is disrespectful to call anyone by a name that they don't like. So, as long as you are ok with your kids calling you by name rather than title, it isn't disrespectful at all.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

My daughter calls me Lisa sometimes;and sometimes mommy. It's no biggie to me. I can't wait to see what the baby will call me She can say dada but hasn't learned to say mama yet...
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Smile Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Originally Posted by VeggieMom View Post
In my opinion, yes it is disrespectful! Parents do have a title, mom, mommy, momma, dad, daddy, dada, poppa. If it is a more strained relationship (or not! lol) mother or father.

From what I have seen and learned through my experiences and watching others, even in the student teaching I have done, teaching kids to respect adults is the first step in teaching them to respect one another and peers. Also seeing adults show this respect to each other. Being polite and nice, showing that propriety. Most kids today, and even a good deal of the young adults (and I am only 25, I see it in my generation all the time) are loosing this respect for others. They don't seem to respect those older and more experienced than them, nor do they respect each other. There was such a deep level of respect that I saw in my grandparents generation, and even my parents generation that we don't see now. I have yet to meet an adult, especially an older one that my parents or grandparents didn't address by their proper title and with proper respect. And using sir or ma'am, and just generally speaking with respect. I am trying to teach that to my son's as well. Yes, there are days they are rude as fire, but generally they are starting to get it! I hope that that continues. They know our first names, well the eldest does, the two year old is still learning. But they also know not to call us by those names.

Anywho, I am a novelist as you can see. lol Sorry about that. I hope you get what I am saying. But, it is me and the way I was raised and the way I see life. I do agree that unless she was family or a close friend trying to give you polite advise, it isn't really her place.
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Re: Is this "disrespectful" to you?

Always remember you are the parent and what you say and feel goes
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