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Re: What should I do?

I didnt really read all the replies but the WHO announced recently that the growth charts most peds are using are wrong for BF babies. They are based on mainly formula fed babies.

Your daughters weight gain sounds like my oldest sons. I was always told, as long as hes wetting x amount of diapers a day, dont worry about it. Some children are just slower at gaining weight. And coming from a mom trying to wean her kids off formula can be a long hard raod once you start down it.


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Re: What should I do?

I just wanted to let you know your DD growth sounds exactly like mine. My Ped also tried to get me to suppliment and add rice cereal and everything. I never added the formula, but did put her on rice cereal, and that was the biggest mistake ever, she would puke and puke and puke from it, it was so bad she would scream all night and day, and then we figured out she had reflux and had to put her on liquid Zantac.

I say go with your gut nurse on demand. I say take away 2 ounces of the bottle everyother day and go from there. Get it out and done with.
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Re: What should I do?

OMG! You're me only you have a girl!
My son Riley is the king of the smallskies. He's 9 months old and weighs 15 lbs. He's 28 inches long and is doing just perfectly.
We recently switched ped's because our old one sucked, but before we switched, I heard the whole thing about switching to formula or supplementing because it was obvious that Riley had 'outgrown the benefits of my breastmilk' all before 6 months of age! Wow, huh? I resisted and still have. He eats 'real' food now, but he's just not a big eater. We recently went to a bunch of specialists to be *sure* there wasn't something wrong with my angel and there isn't anything wrong with him. He's just small.
He was 5 lbs 4 oz, 19 inches at birth and has continued to gain, but slowly since then. He's got a perfect little growth curve going right under the regular growth curve.
All of the Dr's that I've been to recently about Riley have said the same thing over and over. I'll share it with you and save you the co-pay. LOL As long as your daughter is gaining weight and doing well, even if she's below the curve, that's fine. She's allowed to make her own curve, that's just wonderful if she does that.
I think you know in your heart if she seems *right*, kwim? If there's something else bothering you, have that checked out but if you feel like she's fine....just small, that's ok. She's allowed to be that way. Don't let the Dr's convince you that there's something you're doing wrong. We can't all be in the 90th percentile, right?
Besides, breastmilk has more calories in it than formula, my GI Dr backed me up on this one, so I don't see what switching will do? Does she seem satisfied after she eats? Is she spitting up a lot?
You're doing great mama. PM me if you want to talk. I'm totally there with you in having a small kiddo.
S a r a h
I sell MK and I'm a SAHM of 3!
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Re: What should I do?

I second or third everything that these mammas have said. My ped tried to tell me to supplement when my son was born and it really burned me up; but I would just smile and say, "Oh, okay if it is medically necessary" (but he never said it was, just saw that I was going back to work at four months and assumed I would use formula then), and I never supplemented with formula during those first few months because I knew I needed to build my supply for when I pumped at work. Anyway, you are doing a GREAT job and your little girl sounds like a fiesty little girl with all her activity! You're a great mommy, keep up the good work.
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Re: What should I do?

My friend's son is onlu 21 pounds and 18 months - but he is very active and healthy - I wouldn't worry about it. WHO just posted new growth charts:

Check out:
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Re: What should I do?

Originally Posted by Elphaba71
I'm a family doc, very very supportive of breastfeeding, and doing so myself.

All that said, there are some women who geniunely don't make enough milk (it's rare, but it does happen) and do need supplementation. (Gotta give my disclaimer) It doesn't sound to me like you're one of them.

Another disclaimer - of course, I don't have all the info, but I'd cut back on the supplementing if you're not seeing a significant noticable difference until she's six months and start solids then and see what happens.

we need more like you
my sister just had a doc tell her to PUMP and add rice cereal and if that did't bring the weight up she would HAVE to wean and do soy formula. thankfully she called me and we got in touch with LLL and an LC and ditched the dumbass. (btw, this baby was a chubster too!!)
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