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Don't wait around for DH to approve who pushes the baby out of a vagina The mom

moms should have 80% naming rights haha I just tell DH that and he simmers down


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Originally Posted by Kyonarai View Post
My DH is kind of similar, but I play a sneaky bait and switch game. We both play online video games(Everquest at the moment), so what I do is name one of my characters that I play all the time the name I'd like for a future baby, so he gets used to seeing/saying it all the time, so that way when I get pregnant and demand he talk names with me, I can easily slip the name onto the list, and since he's so used to seeing it, it sounds normal to him.

This is how I got my down to earth husband to have two children with extremely off the wall names. Casdia and Kevadi respectively.
I love this! Lol
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Re: No agreement on names?

Ugh, I'm right there with you. He has made a few suggestions but our naming styles are totally different. He was really set on Lillian for a while and I finally had to say well its not gonna happen so get over it. I have looked at so many names now that I feel like anything he suggests I will have already seen and considered. I am just hoping he will cave on one of mine when she comes.
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Re: No agreement on names?

Originally Posted by Cashmama View Post
I just got on here to start the same thread! I am 29 weeks prego with our 3rd boy and DH is insisting on calling him Thor. I'm sorry--but I just can't. He also loves Edmund, but I know he'd be called Ed, which I don't like. We just can not agree! To make matters worse, our other 3 children all have C names, and neither of us can agree on any C names! Oy...what to do...
Omg this is the same exact situation I am in right now. I am 30 weeks with our first and we are team green. Husband and I agree on a girl's name but not a boy's. He doesn't like any of the boy's names I suggest, he only wants Thor and is convinced that we will be having a boy that will be named Thor. We even got laughed at during our baby shower yesterday when people learned he was considering this name.
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We were the same way...I just tried to keep the attitude that our baby will have a name! For a while it was keeping me up at night running names thought my head so I just let it go and sure enough our baby has a name lol! We ended up agreeing on a a boys name 2 weeks before dd was born and we named her when she was about 6 hours old. I'm glad I stopped stressing because when she came out we both agreed that none if the names either of us liked ahead of time fit her and we picked something completely different and her name is perfect for her . I would just keep trying with DH and I'm sure your baby will have a name too!
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Research their meanings well?! Dzh suggested Enoch once for DS3 and I said flat out heck no! & that was that.
I was going based on sound, popularity, ect. But as time passed we still couldn't agree & I decided to research Enoch. Found out the meaning of the name and I really like it- so even though it took awhile for the name to grow on me, Enoch it is!
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With Maddox I jut told him hat her name was. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I just knew it was a girl and her name was Pamela Maddox. It was just an undeniable feeling, like she was telling me it's just who she was.

This time around I've just kind of told him that I think the name Brighton is settling in. The more i think about it the more it just feels right.
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Re: No agreement on names?

Well I am glad I posted this last night! because DH and I sat down today and hashed it out. We basically started from scratch with tons of baby name lists and agreed on the name Ripley Thornton. Ripley sounds good with Quincy, our toddler's name, and Thornton is a family name, so if DH really wants, he can nickname him Thor. Best of both worlds....and very relieved!
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Re: No agreement on names?

Thor...LOL. Dh suggested Zeus and Poseidon!
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Re: No agreement on names?

My husband and I don't easily agree on names, though he will offer names. We start by creating out own lists. Then we combine the ones we both like/ think we could get use to into 1 list. Then chip away at it. There are times when I think we will never agree, I like my names more and he likes his, but eventually it shakes out. We are down to 2 boys names and 2-3 girls names and middle names are close behind. (with 3 weeks left until guess date)
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