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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I highly recommend the books everyone else has mentioned.. Natural childbirth the Bradley way is also a great book to read!

I have had 3 hospitals births so far, induced with pitocin and I only had stadol with my first child. I was always scared to get the epidural, with my first it was just my fear of the needle in my back thing but once I was pregnant with #2, etc I have done my research and there are so many risks with interventions (including even inductions and csections) that your OB's neglect to mention. I want a "natural" birth because I know it's whats best for my baby, I want my baby to be alert and wanting to nurse when he/she is born. I never had my babies without pain meds to prove something to myself or to anyone, even though I can see how it can make you proud of yourself. I am very proud I have went and had the births I did. I do have to admit, one reason why I am having a home birth this time around is to prove to myself I can have a baby without pitocin, that my body does know when the baby is ready to be born.. The only way I can get this is to have a homebirth!!

That said, "natural" (even though all vaginal births are natural lol) birth isn't for everyone. Some women aren't prepared to have their babies without pain meds, and some just can't handle it like others can. It's all about how you handle the pain and if you want the epidural or stadol, as long as you totally understand the risks to you and your baby, then thats all on you. No one should be made to feel like less of a woman because they want an epidural. You can better prepare yourself for labor by reading and getting as educated as you can. It's a fact the more you know about the changes in your body and what to expect, the less afraid you are and the less pain there will be. You have to learn that contractions are GOOD things, and they aren't to be feared! (even though they HURT! LOL) Your body is made to give birth and women have been doing it since the beginning of time!!



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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

For me I knew I didn't want meds for my babys sake. I too had heard that most babys are sleepy having a hard time learning to nurse. Plus I had read that the rate of needing even more intervention (ie: pitocin,forceps,vaccume and C-sections) goes up when medication has been used. So for me it wasn't a question. I had alot of people say "oh you just wait", or "don't try to be a hero, they have meds for a reason". I read alot of books (I'll list my favs below) and my sisters voice saying "Don't even say what if I can't, you can and you will." She kept me feeling strong. I just kept thinking women have been doing this since the beginning of time. I gave birth in a birth center with a midwife, doula and my wonderful partner. I agree with redhotmavis I couldn't have done it with out all of that support. I also agree with christina I think she was right on. Anyways I'm going for a novel here Sorry.....I'm not sure if your pg now or just wondering about the future but either way believe YOU CAN do it. Whatever happens though just know that the end result a beautiful baby is what matters and however you bring that little bundle into the world is what was right at the time.

I have a link to a website for getting thru tramatic births well it's actually for mothers to get together and be able to talk about there experiences and hopefully work thru them...Hopefully this helps....

And now here is my list of books that I truly couldn't have labored without...

Birthing from within:Pam England and Rob Horowitz
The Thinking womens guide to a better birth: Henci Goer
Journey into motherhood: Sheri Menelli....This is the most amazing colection of birth stories I've ever seen
The birth book and The pregnancy book: Dr. William Sears
And lastly...Natural Childbirth the Bradly way: Susan McCutcheon

Hope some of this helps....You are a STRONG woman....
~SAHMama n
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

Natural childbirth, especially homebirth, is a WONDERFUL experience!! You can do it!!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I would love to go all natural but theres no way i could ever do it....i my self am terrified of pain i have had to much pain in my life to be honest i have had 24 surgiers all starting at 3 weeks old and i just got done last year and now thinking about another theres no way i could do it with out pain meds or in a hospital i am so scared something will go wrong....if i had the support and stuff to do it at home i would so give it a try....but im just so scared good luck hun
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I think all women with normal anatomy are capable of giving birth without drugs.... IF... they have the continuous support of a woman they trust... they are encouraged to move, walk, moan, whatever.... if they are encouraged to eat and drink throughout labor.... if no artificial time limits are imposed.... if they have privacy, dim lighting, soft voices.... if they have learned to trust birth.
Yes, Most definitely!!!

I think that the effects of intervention (EVERY intervention comes with a risk) are extremely downplayed. Without a doubt, it's healthiest for mother and baby to have a natural birth. The trick is putting yourself in a position where that's an option. The hospital setting usually isn't it.

Labor is probably the hardest work that you'll ever do in your life, so find yourself a support team who trusts birth and feels that childbirth is a normal, yet magnificent event. Find people who respect the power of childbirth and will support you through the times when you think you can't do it. Too many mothers surround themselves with people who want to save women *from* labor instead of helping them *through* it and that's so counterproductive.

You CAN do it! It's just a matter of having the right attitude, the right birth attendants, a wonderful birthing environment, and the willingness to listen to your body & your baby.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I chose to have my first baby non-medicated, at home. I felt very strongly that I am responsible for facilitating my baby's entry into the world. If I was capable - and felt and believed that barring any physical limitations, I could get my mind in the right place such that my body would follow - that I would provide my baby with a drug free entry into this world. Everything passes through the placenta. There's no magic barrier that pops up when we're in labor. Everything I would have received, this little person 20 times smaller than I, would have received. That was just not acceptable to me barring a physical limitation on my part.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I second all the book recommendations made by previous posters.

People are always in shock and awe when I tell them that I gave birth to a 10lbs baby at home. And they go on and on about how awful it must have been. It makes me sad because people really don't know the truth about labor and childbirth. They don't know that it doesn't have to be painful. What makes it painful is pitocin, being forced to lay down, not being allowed to eat, the pressure of time limits, etc etc. When I was in labor with DD I was standing on the sidelines of my sons soccer game dilated to a 7...nobody even knew I was in labor!! If you let go of the fear and let your body do what it is meant to do it's not a painful process.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I had two non medicated natural childbirths in the hospital w/ a midwife. I used hypnobabies and swear by it. My births we're great- no kidding! The worst I felt was really bad menstral cramps. I was ready to leave the hospital 2 hrs after my 2nd was born. DH thought I was crazy
I owe it all to hypnosis and hypnobabies! Here's a link:

They have a yahoo group too. Its awesome I will use it for all my births. Although th next will be at home or in a birthing center. I also loved Ina May's book! It is possible with the right tools! Sorry didn't mean to get on a soap box, I tend to get carried away!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I grew up totally in the "modern world dark" about all of this natural stuff. I figured everyone birthed in hospitals, had drugs for labor, vaccinated and used bottles. It wasn't until I had exposure to some good friends in our first church that I found out that we have choices!! It's been so liberating!

For me, the natural childbirth decision came about after lots of reading. My reasons were:
#1 - the safety of the baby (why use something that could harm him or her if I don't have to)
#2 - a strong desire to experience birth the way God created it to be (not that drugs don't have a's just not the original design)
#3 - a desire to be completely in control of my own body and senses at all times
#4 - the "hoo-rah prove it to myself that I can do it" factor...of course, that's there too

I firmly believe that natural is for me! But everyone has to come to their own decision on this one.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I've had two unmedicated births, but not by choice

My first DS I asked for an epi and it didn't take. By the time the drug guy (can't spell the fancy work ) came back to give me more, it was too late and I was fully dialated and pushing.

With my 2nd DS, he just slid right on in to the world totally unexpectedly. It happend so fast and I WANTED an epi, but again, no time. I had to get one AFTER I delivered because they had to dig out my placenta (basically do a D&C) and that was awful enough.

I'll probably ask for an epi again this time. I'm just not interested in going natural, but I think it's awesome for those that can/do. It's not for me though.
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