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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

You should call the hospitals around you and find out what types of births they promote. There is a hopsital a little bit further from me than the one I delivered at last time that promotes natural child birth that I didn't know about because I automatically assumed that at a hospital there would be no choice in the way you birth your child and that is exactly the way the hospital I had DD at was. But this time, while looking into the Bradley method childbirth classes (because I too want to go natural) one of the instructors informed me that there is a hospital in my area that promotes natural childbirth and even has birthing pools available at no extra charge for labor if that is what you choose. There are midwives that work at that hospital in the birthing center. So I guess my point is you can deliver at a hospital (if there is one in your area that offers the option) and still give your child a waterbirth and have a natural child birth and be in charge of your birthing experience. You just have to know what to ask. I didn't know what to ask last time, but now I do. . . HTH


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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

Its a personal decision and you should go with how you feel, other peoples opinions do not matter!
I've done natural no drugs and medicated. I had great experiences with both and my hospital births personally and I have no complaints either. I didnt really care too much about the whole experiences in full because they came out fine. when it came down to the nitty gritty all I cared about was that my baby was safe and healthy when they arrived . I think you have to be very proactive in your healthcare as well and speak up for yourself no matter where you go or what you do though and if you arent you really cant blame the hospital,doc,midwife etc. you have to be an advocate for you! also like someone else said there are lots of hospitals now who will advocate for natural birthing too and water etc. you just have to be proactive about what you want and be open to options

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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I gave birth naturally to my dd in August of 2006 at a natural birth center in my neighborhood in San Diego. It was a wonderful experience from the beginning of my pregnancy through the birth and after. I saw the same two midwives in the very comfortable, intimate, homelike, yet professional atmosphere of the birth center for my entire pregnancy. I took my birthing classes at the center, and all the while, they are preparing you for a natural birth. You never at any point have it in your mind that an epidural will be available, because it isn't. I think that is a major factor. It's much easier to not eat chocolate cake if it isn't in the house, right? Same with the epidural. So, I looked at it as "Okay, I already made my decision, and it's not available where I want to give birth". I chose the birthing center for my baby, for the same reason I chose not to drink, smoke, do drugs or eat like crap during my pregnancy. I thought, if I'm not doing those things, why on earth would I shoot some powerhouse chemical cocktail up my spine during labor and bet on not having anything go wrong because of it. I mean we're talking about putting your nervous system on pause...your nervous system! After all was said and done, labor hurts and I wasn't one of those mamas who had a no or low pain labor either. But honestly, when I think really hard about my labor, I cannot pinpoint the moment in which I would have said "Okay, I can't take it" Again, I think if we take ourselves out of the hospitals and into a natural setting (as long as we are not in a high risk situation), then we will allow our natural ability to endure the pain of labor to do its work and in return, we can fully experience with all of our senses every moment of the amazing births of our children.
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

Well, I have fast labors, so it's not like it's going to be days before it would be born.
#1 7hrs
#2 6hrs

I think my biggest problem was the nurses. They acted like that Damn clock had an appt that night. If I didn't do something by this time, it wasn't good.
I had my babies at both hospitals here.
We do have a birth center that is REALLY nice, but I think I want a home birth. I don't want to GO anywhere when I'm in labor.

My body knows what to do.
Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm not even TTC'ing, but this is something I feel I need to do! So I'm already trying to research different ways of coping with the pain. I'm not afraid of the pain, I'm afraid of my own self not being able to "manage" it all! But maybe in my bed, my tub, my livingroom..ect, I can do it!
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Re: What is it about natural Childbirth?

I lasted from 2:40 am (when my water broke at home a half hour prior, waited around home until my dad picked me up at 5:15 am to tke me to the hospital) until 10:30 am (I gave birth at 1:09 pm at the hospital's birthing centre, went through two shifts of nurses who weren't pushy at all) w/o painmeds during my DD's birth. Then I hit transition in the hallway on the way to try hydrotherapy and I was politely screaming for the lightest IV painmed they had.

I found that being on a birthing ball, surrounded by people helped. I had 4 birth coaches. My dad, my DD's deadbeat father (my ex-fiance), his best friend and my boyfriend were all there at various times and it helped my labour be less painful, since there was always someone holding a heatpack and tennis ball on my back, holding my hands or coaching me through breathing.

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