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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

She tried to pump for me when I was born but due to how premature I was she gave up after a week or two.


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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

I know she bfd my brother, though not for very long. Only caught her at it once, not long after he was born.

When I first mentioned that I planned to bf, she wasn't very supportive but she's much better now that a) she knows that I'm stubborn and am unlikely to stop due to someone else's say so and b) she's seen the benes.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

my mom bf and CLW, as did my aunt, my cousins and me and my sisters are very similiar in ages, so when i was nursing, my cousin Kristen was, when My middle sister tayler was born, Mary Francis was born 3 days later, so my mom has a pic of me, tay, kris, and mary francis all nursing.. infact when my youngest sister was born and my mom had an emerg. hyst. my aunt nursed allie when my mom was feeling to sick to and after her surgery! i have lots of fond memories of nursing actually, idk if its through pics or if i actually do remember.. my mom is very supportive of nursing, my MIL, well she is a dif story, she is one of the ones that thinks nursing is for poor folk!
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom nursed all 4 of us but I was the longest. Eldest sis-4 mo, other sis-5 mo, bro 3mo, me 13mo. My older siblings were all on cow's based formula while I was on soy formula. We all had to be supplimented because my mom's milk dried up. I think she has PCOS. I was 75/25 with BF/FF and then when I was weaned (milk dried up due to dad leaving mom) I was put on soy formula instead of milk (SEVERELY lactose intolerant). That was my "milk" until I was 3 because they didn't have lactose free milk back then.

The down side? My 3 older siblings have SEVERE asthma. They are on 3-6 types of asthma meds. But me? very very very mild asthma (need inhaler only when have lung infection) BUT I have HORRIFIC allergies. Mine are so bad that I have to carry an epi-pen around with me in case I ingest almonds or apples or if I come into contact with an apple.

I honestly think formula had some shaping of these problems.

That being said, my mom was VERY supportive of BFing. Though she keeps saying DD is going to wean any second (for the past 18 months and she is 25 months).

Also we were cloth diapered because of breaking out in hives with diapers. When we were in daycare (bro and I), it was still ok to use cloth diapers. They don't tend to allow them anymore. I do it because of allergies for DS and DD to diapers. DS & DD couldn't use Pampers. But DD can use the "White Cloud" brand (stomuch bugs and traveling).
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Feed your children human milk as long as possible, it might save their life. It did my son's.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
Yes. My mother was a little old to be a hippy, but still was in spirit. She had both my sister and myself naturally and then BF us both for a little over a year. She encouraged me to (although it wasn't even a question-who wants to get up in the middle of the night and fix a bottle?) and helped me through the tough beginning I had with DS. She kept telling me, "You have SOOO much more in the way of support and resources than I ever had." She thought the pumps and nipple shields and lactation nurses were just the coolest thing.
Oh, she also CD'd me, but decided to do sposies once my lil sis came along, but she was wet pailing it and using a lot of bleach. Oh, and she lived in Saudi Arabia at the time. (No I'm not Arab-Dad worked for an oil co) The whole desert thing might have slowed her down.
How interesting!

My mom bf'd all of us, including my twin and I. She thought it was kinda weird when I bf'd my baby til he was 2 yrs old, but she was never pushy/negative about it.
While I was pg, she made me read the Adele Davis books and really pushed the importance of good nutrition for baby's development.
She did wean and give us formula a bit before a year. She made the formula herself starting from raw goats milk that she made into yogurt and added some supplements to... GO MOM!
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

my mom NEVER breastfed any of her kids (4 of us) i wanted to do things differently than her...and i have. everything about the way i parent is polar opposite of the way she did things and thats the way i like it
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

yes yes yes.. all 3 of us, till we took a bite when we got teeth.

shes awesome supportive and just loves the support that is avaliable to me now. shes proud of me that im stil BFing after i was bite, and now past a year.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom BF'd me until I was 4, and my younger brother and sister until they were around that age too. My older sister was FF.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mom bf both my brother and I. I was bf for 18 months then given a bottle at that time because she had to start taking medicine that the Dr. said wasn't safe for me. I had a bottle for 4 months and santa took them and brought me cups because i was a big girl. My brother was bf for 26 months, i remember her nursing him and i vividly remember her trying to wean him for months. I also remember walking through the grocery store and he would pull on her shirt and say "mama titty" because my grandpa taught him that!

I always new i would bf because thats what i was exposed to. I did however think that i would only do it a few months because of my fears of having my shirt tugged and being asked for a "titty" in public. Once i started bf'ing i planned on self weaning but due to pregnacy complications i weaned my son at 13 months. My next i plan to let self wean...

MIL nurse both of her boys for 7 months and then gave them cows milk so she wasn't too big on the idea of me nursing so long.

My mom and MIL both also CD'ed and are amazed at how far cloth has came. Mom used flats and vinyl, MIL used pf's and vinyl.
SAHM to Zachary Arthur 4/5/06 Mckenzie Elizabeth 5/14/08 our angel with wings 6/2/07 & Complete Molar Pregnancy 3/8/12 followed by ema/co (multi unit chemo). weened at 24 months DD and 12 months DS, , ...out of the loop! Baby #3 due 5/19/15.
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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

my mom did not breastfeed. She said it was because she has inverted nipples, but my grandma said her dr told her she could BF if she wanted to. My mom basically was not ready to be a parent, ever.

My grandma did breastfeed all 4 of her children in the 1950's when BF was definetely NOT the way to go. My grandma even breastfed her two preemies, and donated milk to the hospitals milk bank!

My mom did cd with the help of a diapers service, using prefolds and vinyl pull on pants. My grandma cd'd with flats, prefolds, and wool pants. She said she had a few vinyl ones but they leaked and gave the babies rashes.

ETA: I was never exposed to breastfeeding growing up. I never saw anyone I know put their child to their breast. Once I learned about breastfeeding, as a young girl ( I'd say about 9 or 10 years old) I never imagined I'd do it any other way with my children. I was 19 when dd was born, and even though I had no support and no idea what I was doing she went straight to my breast ( and camped out there for 9 months!) My mom offered to buy me grandma offered to show me a better latch when I was having trouble one day. I took grandma up on her offer....and now my 3rd child is 12+ mos and still nursing.

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