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Re: A few questions about mama cloth

I rinse my pads under cold water and throw them into whatever load is going into the machine next, diapers or family wash. I end up washing something every other day and find that I can get by with 12 pads total because I am a relatively light flow gal. How many pads you will need is a simple math problem:
How many pads used per day x how many days between washing = How many pads needed total. Of course I use more pads at the beginning of the cycle then the end creating an equation that looks more like algebra then simple math, but you can fudge it from there.
For me personally, because I am a light flow gal, I find I do not need a waterproof liner, so no PUL for me. I like a natural fiber pad, preferrably OBV in a slim winged pad.

SPAM: I sell a very nice variety of pads in a variety of styles and materials on my website:



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Re: A few questions about mama cloth

I have just made the switch to MC myself 2 months ago and Let me tell you I never ever thought I would be Ok with it I have always been a Tampon person (I still use them depending on the weather) and still am but Only when I sleep so I don't wake up to messes.

I have VERY heavy flow 4-6 Days long and I have the following
3 postpartum for the HEAVY HEAVY day
5 Regular absorbency
5 Liners for the days You thought you were done but Not quite

I Rinse with Cold water Toss it in the machine and just wash with Everyday Laundry to be honest there is NOTHING on the MC when I toss it in its just being washed for sanitary reasons I get off all the Waste matter in the rinsing .

They are from Two different people 5 came in a Trade and they appear to be Flannel and OBV or Cotton Flannel no clue who they are from

The rest of them are Flannel PUL backed since Im a Super heavy flow gal myself
those are from Megaroos
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Re: A few questions about mama cloth

of course the awesome DS mama's come through for me once again. I am going to peruse the info everyone gave me. Of course I have to sell some of my dipe stash to fund mama cloth. We clearly have alot of things that are not getting the love around here.

Keep it coming!
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Re: A few questions about mama cloth

I've been using it for years. Once you make the switch, you'll never go back.

I have tons and tons, probably at least 50 pads

My absolute favorite is Homestead Emporium/Homemade Mama. She changed her store name about a year ago, I think.
My second favorite is Hillbilly Bunny, although I think she stopped making things. . .? you might still be able to find her stuff around though.

I also like:
Ama'z (HyenaCart) She's not selling out as quickly these days, still 2-part system
Cloth Canoe (HC)
Go With the Flo (HC)

Not a big fan of PUL, so don't care for my Happy Heiny's, Mommy's Touch (although the brocades are beautiful), or fuzzi Bunz.

My best advice as far as making the switch is don't succumb to the "packages" from one pad maker or you might end up with a whole bunch that you don't like. Try a variety of kinds, PUL/fleece/wool/no backing, etc; and sizes, and makers. I thought I'd love PUL, but found it hot and sweaty, just like sposies. Once you find your favorite pad maker and type of pad, it's easy to add to your stash from there. After all, you'll be using these for up to 10 years or more, so it pays to build slowly and find what you really like.
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Re: A few questions about mama cloth

I did a trade for a whole stash from Megaroo, but had her send me a medium in each of the 3 fabrics she offers (flannel, velour, and minky) to test before I decided what I wanted. I've only used those 3 for 1 cycle, but here's the report:

I'm definitely happy to be making the switch. I woke up in the middle of the night crampy and had started, but had none of the MC in my master bath, so just slapped on a sposie. Went back to sleep crampy, woke up in the morning crampy. Put on a cloth pad and my cramping literally went away within 10 minutes. It was super freaky, but in a good way!

I've heard not fun things about PUL backed MC (sweaty, slips around in your undies, etc.), so I blindly opted for fleece backing and crossed my fingers hoping they wouldn't soak through. I get pretty heavy the first day or so, and even with the mediums that I had to try out, it was not a problem.

I was really hoping that I'd love the minky since it doesn't stain, but it was my least fave of the 3 fabrics. Megan had warned me that it wasn't her personal favorite b/c it's polyester, and I have to very sadly agree (it was cheetah print and soooooooo cute!) It felt like stuff just kinda sat on top of it, whereas the flannel and velour felt like they absorbed it into the inside.

I rinsed mine under a cold faucet as I took them off (hands wash and I'm not squeamish about that sort of thing), and tossed them in the diaper pail. Washed along with my dipes every other day...cold rinse, hot wash w/ Tide, into my one-setting-only dryer (so I'm guessing high heat). I was terrified that the flannel and velour would stain, but nope! Not a single discoloration on either

Anyway, I really liked the quality of Megaroo's work and cannot WAIT to get my package of mostly velour and some flannel. And her website isn't bad either, lol

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