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Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Post your stories and prayers/prayer requests!


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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

After 8 yrs of TTC I got pregnant May 2005. I lost the baby at 5 weeks. I only knew less than a week.

I'm still TTC without success.
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

We have had several losses, 1 at 4wks June 2000, 1 at 11wks Sept 2003, 1 at 5wks Nov 2003 & 1 at 10wks Feb 2004.

Hannah 11/98
^l^ 6/00
Julia 5/01
^l^ 9/03
^l^ 11/03
^l^ 2/04
Sofia 1/20/05 50mg clomid, 400mg prometrium, B.A. & lots of prayers
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

We lost our first child at 11.5 weeks at our first ultrasound (8/05)--they could not find a heartbeat and our "Bean" was measuring at 10.5 weeks old. I had no pain whatsoever, nor any other signs of a miscarriage. I've always felt this was God's tender mercy on me.

We found all of this out on a Monday, Wednesday was more bloodwork and another U/S to look for a heartbeat--by Friday I was in surgery having a D&C (my mother endured 2 of these.. she calls them a "Dust and Clean".. I suppose we find humor in all things...). It was all very tramatic--we'd been trying to concieve for 2 years; my husband had to have surgery to remove a vericose vien that was stopping the flow of sperm on the left side of "his boys."

As tramatic was it was, the day that we found out that we had lost Bean we prayed together as a family (my husband and I) and we recieved a very clear messege that this suffering would be short. I was so terrified of having to wait another 2+ years to even have another chance.

We waited a month for my cycle to return and got pregnant again in 10/05--expecting dear son July '06. This pregnancy has been very easy so far (I'm currently almost 32 weeks along).
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

To all who has posted thus far!

We were PG with our 3rd baby and found he had died about 17 weeks. It was a missed-miscarriage, no bleeding and no pain. (thank goodness!) Had a D&E a day later. But it was so hard to go back for my 6 week check up and see a teenage girl with her (supposed) boyfriend and friend, giggling and laughing. I was VERY bitter towards her and now I feel horribly badly about that.

I still get quite depressed about that and wonder if the pain will ever go away? That was 5 years ago. His due date was May 5th so in 2 more days he would be 5 years old
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

I have been out of the loop for so long.

We just lost our little boy at 32 weeks. He lived for 40 minutes after his birth. We found out at 31 weeks that he had a fatal form of dwarfism that was the cause of my fluid increasing. Our birth was wonderful and I am so glad I got to hold and love him, even for that short time.

We would love to concieve again soon, but that is in God's hands.

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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

I will try to keep this short,

My first loss was when I was 16 years old. and with my HS sweetheart. I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant and the baby left me the day after my 16th birthday. I fell pregnant again about a month later that baby only made it to 5 weeks as well.
I then got pregnant again at 18 with my hubbys baby. I lost this baby at 7 weeks in june of 97. I married hubby in april of 98, and we got pregnant again in may of 99. This time it was triplets. I had my first loss with this pregnancy at 5 weeks, and went on to an US at 18 weeks that showed I had twins who had twin to twin tranfusion syndrome. They were born about a week later on Sept 1 1999, after my water broke. I went on to have 3 healthy babies in a row, which I am ever grateful for. We ttc for 15 months before i was pregnant with my laast angel. Everything this time was perfect. until my 17 week appointment when my midwife couldnt find heart tone. we were told later that day that baby has died. it is now a week later, and I am stil carrying my sweet baby. My body doenst know yet that baby has died. All in good time i know, and I will birth my precious angel and home, and then he or she will be laid to rest in a beautiful angel garden at a local cemetary.
I dont know when or if I wil want to have another baby. I am getting into looking into fost adopting. I am jsut so scared to have my heart broken again. NO mother should have to bury their baby. No matter how old the baby is. It is a pain that I wish no mother had to feel
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

I just lose a baby on the 23rd. I was 9 weeks 2 days. This is the 1st miscarriage. We have 4 other kids Alexa 13, Ian 11,Ariel 7 and Adalynn 19 months. Iwent to the dr yesterday and everything has passed so we can try again. We re just going to leave it in Gods hands and let it happen when it does.
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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

Hugs to all of you who have lost!

Dh and I got pregnant easily with our first two. No problems. After ds we couldn't get pregnant. We very actively ttc for 18 months, including all kinds of fertility treatments (except IVF) with no pregnancy. So, we decided to adopt internationally. We were still not using any bc during that time. Well, an adoption process that should have taken 9 months to a year took 2 years. And, after spending $50,000, two trips to Russia and falling in love with our twin girls, we lost them. When we got home we went right into IVF. We produced 3 beautiful embryos and implanted all three. We got a BPF and then were told we would miscarry. Well, that "miscarraige" turned 6 months on May 6th. If all that wasn't enough, we found out April 18 that I was pregnant with an ectopic and my belly was full of blood. I was rushed into surgery. How we got pregnant while I was EBF and after 3.5 years of ttc, who knows.

I am healing well, but emotionally I am still a little bruised. That little baby was so wanted. Now we have no clue if we'll ever get pregnant again and if we do we will be worried about an ectopic. And we are having to prevent pregnancy right now which just seems crazy, but I understand why. In 2 or 3 months we are going to do an HSG to see if there's any tubal damage.

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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

I'm not ttc, but I thought I would share.

We had our first dd with no problems. Then I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks, then again at over 6 weeks, then lost our son due to a severe NTD at 20 weeks, then finally had our little one last September. That was a long hard road with lots of up and downs. We are having no more children as my body is trashed from being pregnant for so very long and I'm getting close to 40. I will never forget the feelings of those losses and if you ever need to talk, I'm here.
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