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potty training an old 4 year old

Any one have an issue with potty training their 3-4 year old boy?

I think we missed the window when he was 2 and showing interest. He had a speech delay so we decided to wait. Now when we try to potty train he refuses and cries like we are trying to kill him when we put him on the potty.

At school he wears a pull up, but will hold it for 4 hours until he comes home and then just goes in the pull up.

Any suggestions?


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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

Make him sit on the potty at school before heading home.

One thing that we did with reluctant potty learners is use a peri bottle and squirt warm water on them down there. It helps their body go. A lovely trick I learned after childbirth for myself
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

thats a good idea about the warm water. Will try that this week. thanks for the tip!
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

My son turned 3 in May and he gets the idea but won't switch to underwear. We're trying not to make a big issue out of it but it is so frustrating. I've heard so many people say that their boys or more stubborn kids just one day switched so I'm praying for that day!! He was not ready at 2 so I don't feel like we missed a window. He's the kind of kid that the more you encourage ANYTHING, he will not do it. It has to be his idea. Gah. My son is going to school now as well, wears a pull up there and won't go until he gets home in the pull up too. The holding it part tells me he's totally able. Just stubborn and strong-willed. This will be a good thing when he's older haha

So not really helpful lol but just know you're not alone!!
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

I can't really help but want you to know you aren't alone :-)

I have a 5yr old not dry at night and a 3 yr old nowhere near dry at all, I recently took the step of diapering them both again.

I have plenty of flats so it made sense to use them, at least now there is no more wet beds and carpets !!
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

Patience is all I have to offer. My younger son didn't potty train until just shy of 4. I stopped pressuring him. Stopped suggesting he use the potty. Eventually, slowly he came around. He still wets at night. Until just recently he wore a diaper at night still. Now he doesn't want a diaper so he consents to being woken to use the bathroom. Tried that before he was willing. He fought me every step to the bathroom. Then refused to pee in the bathroom. Stopped trying and just waited him out. When he was ready he cooperated.
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

Of my 6 kids, they ranged in potty learning from 19mo to almost 5 years. I didn't do anything different with any of them, but I admit that I was getting a little worried at almost 5! I think they will do it when they're ready, but I must tell you my almost 5 year old had a speech delay as well. He 16 now and completely normal with girlfriends, homework and everything else. I do notice he's a little particular and opinionated and loves to be in control of things. I wonder if it was his demeaner that made him on the later side. He couldn't control communication, bed, his siblings, what was for dinner and so on, but when and where he went was something he could. Maybe he was just holding onto that control when he thought he didn't have any. Good luck to you and know that your guy is fine and you are too. It will happen.
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

I love the idea about the warm water in the peri bottle, thanks!!
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Re: potty training an old 4 year old

I'm late to this thread, but I just had success with my reluctant 4 year old son. Bribes to get a new toy didn't work, nor did little treats or praise.

During a week of intense reminding and prolonged sitting on a little potty while I played movies for him on TV, my husband got the idea to buy an easy button from Staples. You know, that big red button that you press and it says, "That was easy." I think it was about 6 bucks. Our boy loves pressing buttons so we knew he'd be interested in this thing. So the rest of the family started requesting to press the button after using the potty. I kept it out of reach in the kitchen. Everyone made a big deal about getting their turn to press it after using the bathroom. I wouldn't let my son even touch it until he went on the potty. It was driving him nuts, and the desire to finally press the button, combined with very attentive and frequent prompting to sit on the potty, finally got him to be serious. After the first day, I also made a cake to celebrate his victory over potty fear. He has had dry days for about 2 weeks now, and sometimes even forgets to request to push the button afterwards.

Good luck to all the late potty trainers. You are not alone!
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