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Anyone here work FROM home?

I feel like I'm in a weird category, as I'm employed by a large company but work from a home office and travel out of state frequently. That being the case, I'm not a traditional WOHM since I don't go into an office every day, nor am I really a WAHM since I'm not running my own business.

I'm due with my first in September, and my husband will be a SAHD as soon as my maternity leave is up (plus my parents have offered to watch him one day per week so my husband gets a day off), but I expect my two main challenges will be:
  • - Drawing a clear line between when I'm at work and when I'm available to my husband and son, since I AM on the clock (so to speak) 8:30 AM to 5 or 6 PM every day; and
  • - Managing my travel schedule (especially while breast feeding).

I expect the main positive will be:
  • - Flexibility, since I can take time a few times per day to see baby, breastfeed, etc., and if I don't have meetings, I can tinker with my schedule to accommodate doctors' appointments and the like.

Is anyone else here in a similar boat? Any advice? Ideas? Things for which to watch?


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That's nice for you! I'd never get any work done! Do you have a home office?
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I worked from home after my first son was born. It was difficult some days and easy others, but I was the only parent at home. Your situation is unique in that both parents will be at home, if I read your post correctly.

It's easy to get distracted and stop doing work to play with the baby or take care of his needs. However, since your hubby will be there it should be easier to manage your distractions.

Hopefully this setup works really well for you and you enjoy it!

From my iPhone, probably while BF'ing.
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In worked from home up until DD2 was born. At that point I had two kids on different nap schedules and it was impossible to keep up with work, the kids, and the house.

I now work AT home with my own business, so I have way more freedom and flexibility than when I worked at home for an employer.
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Re: Anyone here work FROM home?

Wow, so you'll have DH home all day AND you'll mostly be home too? That's unheard of lol. Good for you!

I travel a lot and so does DH, but that's because we're military and our traveling for work often is out of state or out of the country. I think that all you'll need to do is just set a schedule and a routine. Things will fall into place. With only 1 baby and two adults around to do the chores and tend to the baby, you should be ok. Don't stress it

Best of luck to you and congrats on your upcoming delivery
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Re: Anyone here work FROM home?

I work out of the home, but DH works at home in a home office and so does our neighbor. Both men (computer programmers) find it exceedingly difficult to draw a hard line between work time and Daddy time. It's even harder for our neighbor who employs a nanny for their 3 year old son who is home all day. Fortunately, our DD goes to daycare. DH drops off and I pick up.

It's not so difficult when a child is under 12 months, but rather when they become more aware and when they are toddlers and can't understand why Mommy or Daddy is at home but not available to play. The neighbor's nanny always takes her charge out to the park whenever there are important phone calls or conference calls. Our family conflicts arise on days when when daycare is closed and DD and I stay home.

My advice for you is and your DH to strictly set boundaries and adhere to the work and childcare routine. DH should have a childcare schedule that involves daily trips out of the house such as the park or libary, especially during important phone calls.
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I work from home but I'm lucky in that I am part time do I only need to get four hours of work done a day. (Might get harder during tax season) but its definitely challenging when the little guy is fussy when I need to make a phone call to a client. Or when I'm breastfeeding and my boss calls :/ but if your hubby is home that should eliminate most of those problems unless your hubby is as needy as mine.
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Re: Anyone here work FROM home?

Yes I do work at home (parttime working only) and so does DH (fulltime working, but parttime at home and parttime at the university). We had nannies at our home until 14 months, a combination of daycare and at home nannies after that (plus us trading off kid duty between us). When DD was 6 months to 18 months sometimes I just had to leave the house and work at a coffeeshop because otherwise it was all mama milkies all the time and she would not leave me alone. It was easier for DH to hide in the home office. Now that she's older we are just clear who is working (in our home office) and who is on child duty (she's 3). We also get her out of the house a lot to go and do fun things (library, run errands, play areas, etc.) and leave the working parent home in the quiet. Helps caregiver, DD, and the working parent, so wins all around. She's also in daycare out of the house some days and that helps.
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Re: Anyone here work FROM home?

I am very similar to you, I work from home for a company that is not my own. I actually tried to be a sahm, however when I informed my boss he asked if I would be interested in working from home, and poof that is how I got here. I love the flexibility however I miss being able to clock out and do my work without a million distractions. Overall I still choose work from home because I get to see my babies more.
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Re: Anyone here work FROM home?

I am in the same situation. I work from home and then travel to local and out of state accounts. Have been gone from home for as long as two weeks. My advice make pumping a priority if you plan on breast feeding. It cannot take back seat to work without affecting your supply.
Find a work space of your own. Preferably that has a door and tell husby. When the door is close to handle it on his own. You are on the clock and he has to respect your employer. (Mine has good days and bad days. It's a work in progress)
Don't check your work email or phone after work hours. Otherwise your workday never ends.

Good luck. I've been doing it for 3 years now from home with 4 kids ages 15 y to 8 m.
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