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Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

Last week of double digits for me! Yippee! How is everyone doing with their last 10 weeks? I've been so sick (not pregnancy sick but sick, sick) for the last two and a half months that I actually feel better now at 30 weeks than I have this whole pregnancy. Usually I'm done and done by 30 weeks but I'm still going strong which is good because I am not even close to ready for this baby to be here.

So what have you done and what is left?


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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

I've got 8 weeks left -and this kid is transverse (or was as of last week - I hope he's decided to move by now!). I've never had a baby not be head down by now, so it worries me, but I know there's still time. I know I should probably sort through the bags and bins of baby clothes (some from my kids, a lot from friends passing stuff on), but I just can't bring myself to do it! Ugh...I really need a serious nesting urge to hit. At least I have the car seat and the diapers ready, hehe.
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I have about 9wks to go (on Tuesday) I'm having bad acid reflux, my stomach is very small and I'm exhausted
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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

I a to have 9 weeks on tuesday left, but my doctor doesnt think I will make it much longer, having regular contractions and at a 3 cm and 70% effaced. So I will either have an April baby or a early may baby! I am nervous about it but I guess I can't control the timing regardless. My husband thought we might of had a baby this weekend while in Michigan, or next weekend when his grandparents are in town (which would be ideal, but really nt wanting).
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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

7 weeks until EDD. i have accomplished a lot with major nesting urges since early on (its madness! i need these hormones in my life normally-- ive never had such clean closets in literally every room) but i still have quite a few projects to keep me busy.

what ive done:

-rearranged our study (including moved filing cabinets to the basement, brought up a rocking chair and reupholstered it, removed the books from the wall shelving and reorganized/dusted/vacuumed, sorted files/shredded unneeded documents, had my husband sort his technology graveyard box-where computers phones wires and routers go to die)

-kitchen cabinets (sorted pantry storage, pots/pans, glassware, spices. removed all items to take stock of duplicates to move to emergency storm storage in the basement, cleaned, and rearranged)

-fridge (deep cleaning with water and vinegar, same with freezer)

-kids' rooms (sorted clothes for donation and reduced amount of toys/clutter- paid them $2/pound for removal of items they dont use-this worked like a charm! i actually had to get useful things out of the trash after they slept instead of needing to sneak stuff *into* the trash...)

-master bedroom (DH assembled the ikea storage thingy and stocked baskets with washed baby clothes, blankets, sling, baby books, baby misc., converted my side table into a diaper and pj station for hands-reach nighttime changes, updated curtains, donated our old mattress to salvation army and got a new organic mattress, new sheet sets, cleaned/organized under bed, organized closet)

-bathrooms (sorted all cabinets, put down liners on shelves, gave away duplicate witch hazels, alcohol, etc to family members. got new organic bath towels from pottery barn, new bathroom rug for upstairs, sorted behind mirrors and arranged my girly stuff- nail polish and makeup)

-front porch (swept, washed, ceiling cleared of old webs, bought new hanging plants for spring, cleared out broken earthenware, filled with new soil as prep for plants, brought out bamboo chairs/table from winter storage)

-garden (thawed compost, turned over soil in garden beds, weeded roots, and then hardened seedlings and sowed lettuce, beets, carrots, scallions. cleared invasive species from side yard, applied fish fertilizer and sowed wildflower seeds)

-baby stuff (all size 1 diaper and layette laundry is now complete! most baby items are in the house)

what i need to do:

-car (install carseat and figure out where the heck we are all going to fit- i have a hybrid SUV lexus 400h but with a huge booster seat for my 6 yr old and now a new carseat im thinking we might want to trade it for a highlander, organize trunk, sort glove box)

-basement (sort storage under basement stairs, major cardboard recycling, set up diaper sprayer/hanging rack for diapers, clean up planting station near the windows)

-kitchen (organize medicine cabinets and take stock of herbs/remedies needed for labor and birth, order or ask mom for any i dont have, sort and organize under second sink, cook/freeze food starting at the end of this month)

-baby (complete birth kit items, put waterproof pad on our bed, pack emergency hospital transfer bag, bring up changing mat, bouncer, hammock and put them in their places, fill up birth ball, buy laboring outfit, decided on a **MIDDLE NAME**, order breast pump 30 days before EDD, order welcome baby invitations, decide on and order postpartum girdle)

-garden (there is always more to do! sow lettuces/herbs in wine boxes, pick up more boxes from liquor store, decide on plants for pots on the stairs, pick up a fern)

-misc (print digital pics and make albums from recent trips, start filling out baby book with information so far, felt wool doublers, finish knitting baby blanket)

-houseplants (fertilize, trim, move plants from sunroom to other areas, transplant something into green pot and put in living room)

-my wardrobe (store winter items, sort through summer clothes to find nursing friendly outfits)

-front closet (organize shoes, coats, umbrellas, and misc who knows whats in there)

ok i think thats it. whew.
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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

I will have ten weeks left on Thursday. I can't believe it! My last two were five weeks early, so I am starting to panic about getting stuff done. I worked really hard a few weeks ago and decided to give myself a break until 30 weeks, so here I am approaching 30 weeks and I got my nesting list mostly in order, lol.
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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

Due in 9ish weeks, but because I'm having twins, there's a strong possibility they'll come a bit early. I'm thinking 39 weeks (with singleton pregnancies, I'm typically a 42 weeker). I'm measuring 10 weeks ahead, so my body is rockin' it like a 41 week pregnancy. I'm excited to be in the final stretch!
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I am due the 6th but will have a scheduled section on May 29 if make it that far. So I am 6 weeks 3 days!! Hard to believe!! Since I will most likely be on bed rest for the remainder it feels long though
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I have 9ish weeks left. I'm getting excited because my si joint issues and piriformis syndrome are doing a little better.
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Re: Single Digit Countdown! Are you ready?

We decided to remodel our bedroom, which sounded like a good idea at the time but I am definately to the point where I need that to be done cause I feel like my whole house is a disaster! I have to say having just over 8 weeks left I am getting so excited to meet our newest LO. For some reason I feel so prepared for this one and can't wait to meet and hold this LO!
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