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Night weaning fail

My daughter is almost 17 months old and nurses all night long. She won't sleep with out the boob in her mouth. It's gotten very uncomfortable for me and is putting a strain on my relationship. I tried jay Gordon's night weaning methods last night for the first time. It was a total fail. She cried so loudly she woke up my 12 and 3 yr old. We live in an apartment building and the upstairs neighbors knocked on my door at 12am to make sure everything was ok. She is usually loud when she cries. It's really more like yelling. I tried rocking her, patting her, singing, briefly offering the breast but nothing would console her. She wanted the boob! She's obviously not ready but I really am. Does anyone know of another way I can wean her or am I just stuck?


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Re: Night weaning fail

Hi there. Have you tried the book/method No Cry Sleeping Solution? She is very breastfeeding/cosleeping friendly and offers a step by step method to go from where you are now (boob in mouth all night - neither of you getting sleep) to where you want to be (sleeping independently and both of you well rested.)
I've read several sleeping books and while none are cure alls of course this one offered the most practical and supportive helpful tips and ideas.
Best of luck mama and hugs...
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Re: Night weaning fail

That does not sound like a fail at all. It sounds like the first nights of nightweaning. I've done Jay Gordon's nightweaning plan with both of mine, starting at about 18 months old, and yes, the first night(s) are terrible, but if you persevere, it will get better. If you can continue, given your situation in your apartment building, then keep at it. Get earplugs for your other kids and yourself, and maybe for your neighbors, too.

With my DD, it took 5.5 months to completely nightwean her because I kept giving in and nursing her when I had promised myself I wouldn't. It was awful. With my DS, it went much better and faster because I stuck to my plan--well, and he is a more relaxed little person than my DD is. He was down to one nursing at night (after 5 a.m.) in just a couple of weeks.
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Re: Night weaning fail

I think daddy should take over night time, that helps us, but were in the same boat, keep me updated. My hips are KILLING me from nursing all night!
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Re: Night weaning fail

One book I read (can't remember which) recommends a gift of wine and earplugs to your neighbors with a note saying that everything is ok, you are just helping your child learn to sleep through the night. This should probably be done in advance of the first few terrible nights!

I also live in an apartment so I bookmarked that idea! Luckily, our bedroom is in the center of our apartment in a way that makes it super hard to hear the baby crying beyond our home.
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I second the No Cry Sleep Solution (there is a toddler version of the book too). That is what I used to teach my DD how to sleep without needing a boob all night. It is a slower process than Jay Gordon's method, I believe.
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Re: Night weaning fail

Oh my goodness, I'm in the same situation !!!!!
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