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Re: Does it ever make you sad?

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
I'm expecting my 5th via 5th C/S in about a month . It's possible! Find an OB who has experience with multiple C/S and supports your decision to have a big family. Ask the OB during your C/S if it is safe for you to have another baby at that time and make a note of what they tell you. You may have to visit several OB's before you find this. I did. My doctor has done 6-8 C/S's on mamas before so he's fairly comfortable with multiple C/S's. He has 4 kids of his own so he's been supportive of our decision to have a large family. I've heard of mamas having 8-9 C/S (one is a FB friend of mine and one has a blog) without much of an issue. I have had a uterine window in my 4th C/S meaning the doc could see the baby through the uterus thinning and didn't need a knife to cut through that part of my uterus...that said - he said that happens to women in multiple pregnancies and no history of C/S but they don't know about it when they deliver vaginally. This time the only real thing he's doing different is an U/S at 36 weeks to check my uterus and see if it's thinning. I do know that there is a chance of the need for a hysterectomy due to complications (but that's always a risk right?) and after 5 babies I'm going to find a way to be okay with that if it happens...I hope to have maybe 6 or more some day and I will ask my doc during this C/S if that's possible/recommended or not. I know there are increased risks with multiple C/S's, but there are also increased risks with multiple pregnancies/deliveries in general and you never really know what is going to happen. I trust my doc and I believe God has blessed us with these kids and I try to enjoy the blessings try to not really 'worry' about how they get here.

Basically - you CAN still have the large family you want - don't give up. If you want to try for a VBAC do so, if it's not successful IT"S NOT THE END OF THE LINE...having a C/S doesn't necessarily restrict the size of your family . Find a good OB you trust and ask the hard questions and don't accept the first 'NO' you receive .
This mom has great insight. My own obgyn was totally on board with multiple c-sections. His wife had five!

The doc who delivered my second child specifically mentioned how my scar tissue looked and noted it in my records for future pregnancies.


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Re: Does it ever make you sad?

I will be having my 5th CS this December. My OB wants it to be the last one, stating the odds of complications go up at #6. She did say it would not be a big deal to have more if we spaced them 3yrs (or more) apart. I really wanted to complete my family by 35 so I am calling it quits now. On a bright note my 4th CS was the easiest recover and baby.
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Re: Does it ever make you sad?

I feel the same way. I have had 6 c-sections and after my last i had my tubes removed. My OB said i could have more but i am really scared up and i could have major problems if i got pregnant again. Now that my baby is 1, it make me sad that i wont ever have a newborn again. I want to adopt but DH isnt sure about it.
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