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Re: Nursing a Biter

He is doing it a little bit less, but I am still getting nipped a few times a day. On the positive side, I think my nipples are getting toughened up, because it is not hurting AS bad unless he really gets me good.

He will usually look up at me to see if I am paying attention before he bites now. If I catch him as he starts to sink in his teeth and warn him, he will usually stop and watch to see if I mean business or not...hehehe...he is a little stinker!



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Re: Nursing a Biter

needed to read this thread..
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Re: Nursing a Biter

I know that lactation consultants will tell you not to yell when that happens, but several times when my son bit, I yelled "Ow" from surprise. It startled him so much that he stopped. Now, my daughter thought that reaction was funny, so it didn't help with her biting. It seems like they both just out-grew it with time, but that doesn't help much while it's happening.
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Re: Nursing a Biter

i immediately react and show her i am in pain. i immediately pull her off and tell her that is not nice. i talk to her like i am talking to a child. she sometimes cry a little but is always more gentle after. babies react to our emotions. let them know it causes you pain.
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Re: Nursing a Biter

My son started biting me at 1 1/2 and would smile. DROVE ME CRAZY!!! I wasn't ready to wean, but could not take the pain and so after trying everything I stopped. I felt bad about it and after 2 weeks decided to try again. I had a long "talk" with him (as much as you can with a 1 1/2 year old) and we tried nursing again. He bit me and gave me that same smile again after a day or so. At that point we had to stop cold turkey. We were both pretty upset about it, but I didn't know what else to do.

As he has gotten a bit older, I realized that he has impulsive tendencies that have gotten him into trouble in other areas of his life.
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Re: Nursing a Biter

Maybe I'll get flamed for this, but my mom said "no biting" and if we didn't stop, she flicked our cheek. With me in particular, my mom said I'd bite, get flicked, stop and cry for a minute or two, start nursing again, look her in the eye, and then bite again just to test. I learned pretty quickly to stop biting because Mom wasn't kidding.
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Re: Nursing a Biter

Oh the joys of nursing. Yeah, if your reaction is "funny" that won't stop the biting, just encourage it. I've actually bopped my babies on the nose and said "no biting" in a stern voice. We'll see what happens this time with #4 - he's proving to be his own person, different from the others!
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Re: Nursing a Biter

We, did the same flicked him, tapped him n the nose and imeditely stopped nursing abc talked to him. What ever to stop it t, he Learned really fast. And he never cried, because of it.
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Re: Nursing a Biter

Glad to hear you take a break when he does it. When I set him down, I would give him something that is ok to bite. Maybe let him hold it while he nurses so he can let go and choose that instead. Some kids like the biting sensation but it is easier to tell when they get older. One of mine would knaw her toothbrush later...

Other thing is... don't react when it happens (besides unlatching him). Don't get mad, sad, etc. He could be going for any kind of reaction so make it boring.
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