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Re: Trying to go 100% dairy free

Hi! We're almost 100% dairy free because my husband has a severe dairy allergy. Dairy is in everything! I know exactly how you're feeling. Pretty much say goodbye to anything in a box/bag from the grocery store. Go back to basic ingredients, shop the outside of the grocery store (meat and veggies). We don't use the dairy free alternative stuff very much because it's 1.VERY expsensive$$ and 2.too processed for my taste. Check out paleo blogs and recipes, true paleo is dairy free! There are a TON of recipes for quick paleo crock pot meals. We make our own coconut milk, it's cheaper and only two ingredients. I buy organic flaked unsweetened coconut flakes from Trader Joe's for $1.99 a bag. I think i've even seen it at walmart too. Here's a recipe for it:

Good for you for having so many frozen homemade meals! Keep feeding those to rest of your fam! I really understand how hard it is to have dietary restrictions. If my husband gets into dairy, it's bad news. It can also be very isolating because of not being able to eat out safely or eat at other friends/family members homes. People don't realize how much dairy there is in processed foods. As far as bread, we get bread from a friend who has a bakery. Most commercial breads in the grocery store do have dairy. Check out the natural section or a health food store. Ezekiel bread is in the freezer case at my grocery store. It's vegan. It's expensive, but if you stretch it out.. We just went mostly gluten free because it's easier and cheaper. Like I said, check out paleo recipes, they are gluten free too. You can look up any recipe, and add "paleo" and I bet theres a paleo version of it. One our favorites is a paleo lasagna! YES! it's possible. Here's a few links that may help. Join a paleo group on FB for recipe ideas too, maybe? You can do this!

one of my favorite vegan blogs, best biscuit recipe EVER


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Re: Trying to go 100% dairy free

Originally Posted by MamaLlama View Post
That does make it trickier. Honestly, I would go ahead and use the food you have stored to feed the rest of the family, and just get non-dairy food for yourself. Figure out something easy YOU like, and make it work. It is harder when you have to feed the whole family non-dairy, but since you have all that stuff ready...I would just use it and make something simple for myself. Scrambled or fried eggs on whole wheat toast (get non-dairy bread just for you and hide it), tuna, peanut butter, or egg salad sandwiches (mayo is non-dairy), spaghetti with meat sauce, breakfast burritos without's just for 3 weeks, right?
This! Sounds like your family is set, so to start finding simple meals that you will like, maybe salads or pasta. Since you are, to start, only doing this for 3 weeks - I'd say live like this for 3 weeks. If it becomes more long term then you can start figuring out how to get you and the rest of the family eating more of the same things.

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