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Re: Please help!! High liver enzymes when breastfeeding

Hi zus888,

I read about your liver enzyme ordeal on a thread from 2007. My case is nearly identical to yours. I had twins in November 2013, applied for life insurance in February 2014, was denied for abnormal liver enzymes, and then had a biopsy, which just came back normal. I am currently breastfeeding the twin girls and feel great otherwise. Did you ever find out what caused your enzymes to go up? Did the come back down permanently? Any advice or thoughts are welcome.

Hope you are well.


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Re: Please help!! High liver enzymes when breastfeeding

Hi folks

This is all sounding very familiar. I gave birth in September 2013 to my second child. My bloods were tested randomly in feb 2014 and found alk phos and alt to be elevated, numbers were 240, 120 I think. Everything else was ok. Anyway I was referred for ultrasound which came back normal and was then referred to a liver specialist gastroenterologist who said he would monitor for 6 months the do a liver biopsy if it didn't improve. His suspicion was fatty liver. After bloods didn't get any better 2 months later he did a liver biopsy, it wasn't that bad for anyone who may need one!
Liver biopsy came back mild inflammation - non specific. No fatty liver. He was very honest and said pathologists and his liver team had scratched their heads and no one knows what it could be. He has said he has ruled out anything bad and so has discharged me and suspects it will all return to normal on its own. I have repeatedly asked him about breastfeeding and he said definitely not related. Incidentally I have been breastfeeding for 3 years as I continued to nurse my 2 year old, although the first time I had elevated liver enzymes was straight after delivery of my 2nd child.
With no symptoms apart from tiredness (2 kiddies might have something to do with that) I guess I'll have to keep waiting and hoping for things to go back to normal. I am continuing to have monthly blood tests.
Really interested to hear any more stories or diagnoses.

Mel xo
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Re: Please help!! High liver enzymes when breastfeeding

Did you ever figure out if breastfeeding was causing your elevated liver enzymes? I too have elevated liver enzymes and Iím convinced itís due to breastfeeding. I mentioned this to the G.I. Specialist I was referred to but she had never heard of that. Weíre atill waiting on some more test results to come back and so far itís not hepatitis, a fatty liver, or gallstones. I did have a slight elevation in my GGT levels as well and of course the first thing they want to do is put me in medication. Iíd rather not do that especially if all of this is due to breastfeeding.

Anyway... would love to hear back!
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