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I'm working on my baby shower registries and, since this is my first go around, I was wondering what you guys think are essentials for life with a little one. Any and all advice is appreciated! I'm currently thinking of registering at babies r us and target, but if y'all can think of somewhere else please feel free to include it!


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Re: Essentials

I love our cradle swing and I consider that an essential now make sure to register for one that plugs in because they suck up batteries. A baby wrap like a moby/sleepy wrap is also a must for me.

some other good to have items:

Breast pump
breast milk storage bags
car seat
bassinet or co-sleeper
rocking chair

I personally would register for EVERYTHING you need/want for baby. And just go shopping after the shower for whatever you didn't get.
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Re: Essentials

For a winter baby get a wipe warmer. Swore I would never but LO screamed at diaper changes until we got one. If you live in a 2 story and won't be breastfeeding, I loved my bottle warmer with cooler for 2 bottles. I love Halo sacks. Loved our Fisher Price Rocker Newborn sleeper and would pass on getting anytype of bouncy for one them.
BRU has a great hamper with pull out mesh bag and you can get extra bag.

Also loved the long sleeve side snap gerber shirts could layer them. Gowns are a must with newborns. Don't bother registering for blankets including recieving or clothes. You will get bunches anyway. If you do bottles or pacifier, they are trial and error for what works so don't register for too many of those you can always by with gift cards when you know what works.

I got most of my nursery decor at shower since it was adoption so people had fun buying it. So if you want to wait and do nursery after baby those are great to register for.
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Re: Essentials

For us, true essentials were swaddling blankets, my pump (it took forever for my milk to come in), lanolin, milk storage bags, a handsfree nursing bra (you can make your own too), a baby carrier (ergo, boba, moby, etc), & boppy.

There are lots of other things that are nice to have and so many will just depend ont he baby. One will love a swing, but hate a bouncy chair, another will love the bouncy chair, hate the swing, etc.

I agree - register for everything you think you might need, because the stores have discount coupons you can use to buy things after baby comes (or just before your due date).

Also, if you are having a girl, every shower I've been to it seems like they are inundated with tons of girl clothes, and almost nothing from their registry that they probably really need. So, if there is something you've got your heart set on, don't be afraid to mention it if people ask. Not that you want to be telling people what to get, but if people are asking what you could really use, point them to the registry or mention a couple specific things you really need.
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Re: Essentials

If you have any pregnancy books they usually have a pretty good list of things you may need or want.
THIS is a pretty good list actually, I just googled newborn essentials and it came up with LOTS of links!!
Also, if you go to Target, they give you a little packet when you register that has a lot of the things they recommend.
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Re: Essentials

Things I couldn't live without with my first:

baby swing
baby monitor
teething toys (it starts sooners than you'd expect!)
scratch mittens (pack those, or socks, in your hospital bag!)
nursing supplies (pump, bottles, pillow, nursing pads, nipple cream, nursing cover)
first aid kit
grooming set (brush, comb, nail clippers)
infant tub with with a drain and stopper
mobile for crib
sleep sack
crib bedding
change table

I'd also register for cute clothes so you have some less expensive items for people to choose from. I would NOT register for baby blankets because every mom I've ever known gets way more blankets than she knows what to do with. Hope that helps, and Have fun!!

Also, if you're cloth diapering (which I imagine you are since you're posting this on DS) add a note on the registry saying that, and that you don't want any disposables (if you don't). Otherwise you may end up with tons, but I guess you could also return them.
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Re: Essentials

I would register at Amazon or something rather than BRU, but that's just my preference. That way you have a wider variety of items to put on your registry. There are also registry sites not specific to any one store, you can add items from anywhere and the givers can pick it up wherever is convenient for them and mark it off the list.
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Ergo. Its the only peice of baby equip that has never been put away over 7+ yrs.
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Re: Essentials

Originally Posted by angel0123 View Post
Ergo. Its the only peice of baby equip that has never been put away over 7+ yrs.
What she said.

And nail clippers/first aid/grooming kit thing

old navy baby socks - they're the only ones that stayed on...

moby-like wrap

for me a glider/rocker... I had a non-sleeping-body-napping-nursing-all-the-time baby.. I couldn't have survived without my computer, headphones, hulu and netflix streaming and my rocker.

Cute clothes that are expensive and you probably won't buy yourselv

ruskovilla or other winter woolies

I was never able to pump successfully - so some of the detail stuff with pumping, diapers, bottles, pacis, things that will depend on preference I'd just wait if I had to do it over again, and try things as they came up.
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There are actually several things I wish I DIDN'T get. I loved having gift cards so I could get the things I ended up needing.
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