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Those 2 weeks pp are very vivid in my mind!!

I also had an emergency c-section. I didn't get to push so there wasn't any extra damage. At two weeks post partum I ended up having to stay in bed for a few days. I was really sliding back on the process and taking too many pain meds. Once I allowed myself to heal, things progressed quickly. Since you have had two sections, I would imagine that the third will be more familiar (can't say easier).

So I would say use that first week to really rest. In my personal experience, using a belly band or abdominal binder helped me move easier without expending as much energy, and it helped regained muscle control when everything felt out of place. I wouldn't use it all the time, but I managed better with it during those first 6 weeks.

I think you will be good at 2 weeks pp...but I would plan to have a back-up before that.


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Re: Recovery time?

I wouldn't have wanted to do that much walking a week after my (planned) cs, but I probably could have if I had to. I second everything Hum Bums said. I had somebody home with me for a week after I was released, so 11 days pp. The first couple were tough, but the binder helped immensely. The biggest thing for me was the feet were so swollen I had a hard time getting Crocs on. I needed to be off my feet to help w/ the edema & walking, what, probably the better part of an hour b/c you'll be moving slow, would have been really tough. Then add in care of you baby &'s a lot to do one week post cs.
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Re: Recovery time?

I had an emergency C and recovered fine. I think it's how your body bounces back... I was walking normally after maybe three days. They made me walk a ton at the hospital, and I think that really helped! Start early and do it often! But don't push yourself too far.
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Re: Recovery time?

It wouldn't have worked for me. but I'm a big baby! It seemed like everything I did made my bleeding go crazy. I think it was about a month before I went on a significant walk.
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I could do it. If I had to. Planned is different and not as hard on you physically. It's about how your body bounces back. How you get up and make yourself move and don't sit at the hospital too much. I've had 5 c/s. I think everyone gets easier than the one before. Just give yourself plenty of time!
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Re: Recovery time?

I was able to do everything right after my Csection, but i bled for 12 weeks because of it...i would take it slow!
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Re: Recovery time?

I am 1 month postpartum and my incision still hurts. I stopped taking pain meds after 1 week postpartum because i just dont want to depend on meds. I could walk and do everything well tho.
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Re: Recovery time?

Thanks for the info on abdominal binding. I'm scheduled to have my second c-section in 11 days and I'm doing my last minute research now. I didn't have a binder with my last one but it sure is sounding good this time around.
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Re: Recovery time?

I'm almost a month pp and I feel great. My incision hurts when ds kicks it during cosleeping, but that's it. It's still numb though. My bleeding stopped by 3 weeks, which was way earlier than my first c section (9 weeks). I didn't have a binder either time. I stopped pain meds probably on day 11 or so.
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Re: Recovery time?

Originally Posted by specialdelivery View Post
Thanks, ladies. Both of my previous sections were following labors with many, many hours of unsuccessful pushing. I am hoping recovery time will be easier and maybe even faster.
I tend to overdo things and pay the price later. I'm trying to do better this time around. I'll ask some friends if they wouldn't mind coming over to help get her to the bus so I'll just have to pick her up.

Hum Bums-I've never used an abdominal binder before. I'm definitely going to look into that. It seems as though it would be very helpful.
I'm scheduled to have my 3rd c-section March 9th- I am going to look into an abdominal binder or girdle as well. I've heard they help tremendously!

As for recovery time, my first c-section was unplanned after a LONG labor (which meant 2 days of ZERO sleep) and also a long time of unsuccessful pushing. That recovery was hard. The second was planned and the recovery was MUCH easier. I remember walking around the neighborhood with the stroller starting around 2 weeks, maybe 3. They were probably 1 mile walks. As much as I hate having to have c-sections, I will take a planned one any day over an unplanned one. However, even with the planned, it still took me at least a couple of weeks to really feel like taking a decent walk. I've exercised a lot more this pregnancy and hope that helps with the recovery (because it sure hasn't done anything for the weight gain! )
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