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4 c/so and four very different experiences!

Ds1- 33 week preemie so obviously nicu coupled with lazy eater and lack of sucking reflex and starting out with a tube and then a bottle....yeah....that was hard. But I pumped religiously and we nursed successfully from 5 weeks to 13 months albeit with a shield full time.

Ds2 was my only nursing dropout. He was full term but was SUPER finicky and had an atrocious latch with the strongest suck my lc had ever seen. Extreme pain for weeks on end and finally drawing blood repeatedly was enough. We switched to formula at 6 weeks and he was much napper- as was I.

Ds3 was full term and wanted to nurse within 20 minutes. The nurses tried to stall him but he wanted none of it. They brought him Ito recovery all swaddled up and leaned him over my breast while I was barely awake. He nursed for 40 minutes! Easy peasy and he nursed until 2.

Dd is 26 months and still nursing. She was very much like ds3 with easy latch and all.

I should mention I am an early lactater and have colostrum and milk by the time of delivery- even with my preemie. That was as always on my side I think.


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Re: csection and nursing

I had a C-section at 39 wks; and my milk did not come in until 4 1/2 days later;
I had a hard time getting my little guy to suck- he would latch but then just sit there and not suck or he would suck a couple times and get frustrated that nothing was comming and give up- I ended up using a sheild; and put a little formula or expressed milk (when I got some) in the tip of the shield to get him to start sucking. once he started sucking my milk did come in. But I had to keep using the milk in the sheild thing for several weeks before he would start sucking on his own....
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I had an emergency c section after an induction and ds latched on really well from the start. The lactation consultant had me pump starting the second day to help my milk come in which it did the morning we were discharged. I had him on a Wednesday and we left on Saturday.

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Re: csection and nursing

I had an emergency c section at 41 weeks because my water broke and then my labor never really started. My LO was getting distressed and the situation was shocking for us. I didn't get to hold her for over an hour, which was heartbreaking and in hindsight, I wish I had been more assertive about the way things went. My milk came in on the third day and I sought help from the lactation nurses the whole time I was in the hospital because latching on was difficult. A nutritionist later made me feel worse about that, "Oh, yeah, that's common when your baby is born all drugged up". Anyhow, it became much easier in the following weeks, and now we're going on 9 months still nursing.

And I second the My Brest Friend pillow suggestion - it's wonderful.
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I had an emergency csection at 30 weeks baby was 2 pounds. I was on magnesium before & after birth for preeclampsia & hellp syndrome. I didn't get to see my baby for 3 days because I was bed ridden. I didn't get to hold her for over a month cause of her fragile condition. My milk never came in. I got enough colostrum to get her through 1 month in the nicu her second month there they had to supplement with formula. I pumped & got to try with her on the breast her second month in nicu when she was stronger & could be out of incubator but she only got at most 30 mins out of it. After 50 days I brought her home with a hospital grade pump continued to try her on breast & to pump & was on domperidone & drank mothers milk tea. My milk never came in after 3 months of trying it was taking a toll on what should've been bonding time with my baby so I just quit. I used her formula & would try her on the breast but she never wanted it so we just did the bottle & to help my ppd I just held her up army breast while feeding her but that was more for me than her. It was a rough go but we bonded just fine so not nursing didn't affect anything.
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Re: csection and nursing

I had a c section and nursing went well. I never had an issue and my milk came in quick. The only hard part was finding a comfortable position while recovering
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Re: csection and nursing

I successfully nursed two preemies after c-sections, born 3.75 years apart. Each time, my milk came in by day four, and I was diligent about pumping. Breastfeeding was easier, I think, because the babies were so light that I could hold them well above the painful area. I do think having preemies who were in the NICU made it easier given the c/s, because I wasn't caring for them quite so full-time in the first days/ weeks after birth. It was easier to let the incision heal a bit and gain some strength.
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I had an emergency c section with a post term baby and my milk came in heavy at day three and have not had any problems with Breastfeeding (definitely far less problems than close friends that had successful natural births but had latching and sore nipple and engorgement problems). The best thing about being in the hospital those extra days was getting help from the lactation consultants. I did several feedings with them and had them help me with side nursing which was such a life saver at night with the incision (the only problem was I had to put a pillow or blanket so she couldn't kick my incision) but it was so worth not having to sit up every feed.
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Re: csection and nursing

I had 4-sections (3 of them were emergency) and I nursed all of them with success. At one time, I was nursing 2 children and was pregnant! So you can say we all loved nursing and it went very well. None of my babies were premies though. They all latched on immediately and nursed well. I recommend a rocker with ottoman when you get home. I put a pillow on my lap and would rock easily in front of the tv or next to the radio. I felt that if I was very comfortable and relaxed, I and the baby could nurse better. I always felt that all the drugs they gave me for the surgery would negatively affect me and the baby but it all went very well immediately after the surgery. When I was in recovery, the baby would nurse the whole time.
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Re: csection and nursing

I nursed my last two c section babies while still in recovery. My 1st needed oxygen, so didn't nurse her for several hours. They were all great nursers.
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