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Re: Can you believe this?

Just another sign of how backwards mainstream American culture is.



~Amanda, homeschooling mom to three boys and a baby on the way
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Re: Can you believe this?

this is my first time posting -- but i had to say something because I've been through so much trying to BF and NIP and it's something so personal.

It's interesting because before I had my DD, I was one of those squeamish people who didn't like women whipping out their breasts to NIP. I didn't even like it when they did it with a blanket, it made me feel so weird.

Also, when I was pregnant, the thing I dreaded the most was BF. I knew I wanted to do it for 2 years or longer, because Breast is best, but the thought of a baby sucking on my nipple would give me major shudders and I had no idea how I would be able to do it. Nipple=sex. period. I just couldn't imagine anything different. So that's how a lot of people think about BF, I think.

BUT of course, once DD actually came into the world, EVERYTHING changed! From the whole birthing experience, where my most private parts of me were hanging out there for complete strangers to see (drs, nurses, etc.) suddenly I lost all inhibition and I wanted the baby immediately so that I could try to nurse her.

After that, I basically went around topless trying to nurse at the hospital, and then at home (she was a preemie and had latching problems).

Now I have to use a nipple shield to get her to nurse but it is SO hard to be discreet in public while managing a fussy baby, a nipple shield, therashells for sore nipples, a nursing bra, while in a sling. I tried using a nursing cover but it was hot and hard to see the baby and hold her at the same time.

I really wish I could just whip out my breast in public, nipple and all, and wished that no one cared because I want to FEED my baby! But really I have to try to be so discreet for their comforts, because I remember what it was like in their situation. But seriously, I do wish the American public's opinions on Breasts and BF would change so that people like me, could breastfeed freely without frustration and so we can go out in public and rejoin the rest of society instead of sitting at home all the time. (btw this is because my baby wants to BF alllllll the time, and if I want to go out, I need to NIP or bottlefeed my milk, which I really don't want to do because I don't want her to prefer the bottle to me, which she still does sometimes...)

BTW I finally just bought a hooter hiders/bebe au lait cover because I'm hoping it will give me 2 hands to try to feed her, and be discreet. I will be really annoyed if it doesn't work though, since they are kind of expensive.

sorry so long but this is my first post after all :P
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Re: Can you believe this?

I just wanted to make a comment... I think NIP should be more accepted but I'm sorry if you disagree... I don't want to see your breast. I don't want to turn my head to look at something and then see a breast staring right back at me. I prefer woman be discreet, I was when I breastfed.

I was watching Oprah the other day about moms in all parts of the world. In Norway over 99% of the moms breastfeed and nurse in public but are discreet. I think that's excellent, I'm not saying walk around with a blanket on your babies head but maybe cover up the nipple area before and after the baby has latched on. Just look at all the crap Janet Jackson got for her boob showing yet her nipple was covered. Your right boobs are for babies, but you know they are also looked as sexual too, and I'm sure your husbands think of your breasts in a sexual way or at least before you had kids. I am all for breastfeeding and wish the US was more like Norway.
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