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VBAC help - positions and reading material

Hi, I am going to do a trial of labor to VBAC with my 2nd, due in July. My first was breech and so had to be sectioned. With the first, my water broke, I fully effaced, and dilated to ~6 cm before they got the OR open (I was sched for section 2 days later). Dr says I am a great candidate for VBAC since I had no complications.
Are there positions that are better for laboring or pushing when doing VBAC? Can you recommend any books I can read to help me? I want to do this natural - no pitocin, no epidural or spinal. Any suggestions would be great!


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Re: VBAC help - positions and reading material

Any position other than flat on your back is good to push in. While laboring its really up to what is most comfortable. I had a VBA2C October 2013 and I labored at home as long as I could. The whole time I labored standing up while bent over by the waist on my bed. It was the ONLY position that was comfortable for me. I tried laying down between contactions but I had horrible back labor pain so that didn't work. I tried going down on all fours (hands and knees) but that wasn't comfortable for me either. When I went to the hospital, the only position I could be in was backwards on the bed on my knees. The head of the bed was moved up in a sitting position. I "sat" on the bed on my knees facing the head of the bed. I wrapped my arms around it during a contraction. Unfortunately, I pushed in the sitting up position which was not comfortable but i was so exhausted after 24hrs of labor. With my next VBAC (God willing) I want to try squatting while pushing to try to avoid tearing. I ended up with a 2nd degree tear.
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Re: VBAC help - positions and reading material

My first was a c section after 24 hours of natural labor where the only thing I could stand was leaning against the bed. My second was a very medical VBAC with pitocin and an epidural so I was just in bed mostly, but I was just grateful it was a VBAC. For #3 I borrowed a giant exercise ball from my mother-in-law that I used when I was in labor, as well as relaxing in my tub. I am convinced that the exercise ball absolutely helped me through the beginning of transition and helped get baby in the right position. Luckily for me my husband made me go at that point to the hospital as baby was born 23 minutes after getting there. I'm convinced the exercise ball really helped me this last time around, while during the labor of my first it didn't help at all. I know I've seen some posters of different positions to try during labor and such in the birthing rooms at the hospital. I guess just my experience makes me think that maybe what position works for one person during one labor may not be the best for you at all, so having lots of options to try is helpful. Especially because so many people choose epidurals in the hospital, nurses aren't always knowledgable enough (they simply haven't seen natural labor enough without drugs) to be able to even suggest different positions. Some are, which is how I was able to labor with my first for 24 hours without anything (even though it did end in a c section). But my third I just stayed home and moved and used the ball (that hurt bad with my first) and was successful. I don't know that any one position is specifically better for VBAC or not, maybe I'm wrong, but I'd just look at any natural birth book and focus on that if that is your plan. I did chicken out on the way to the hospital with #3 (probably because I was at the end of transition and didn't realize it) and told my husband I was going to have an epidural. The only reason I didn't get one was because I was 10 cm ready to push when I finally got to the hospital and L&D. This time around? I'm planning to try to go natural again, but hopefully go to the hospital a little sooner and bring my ball. I live a good 25 minutes from the hospital, and last time was pushing it a little close... I'd rather labor in the parking lot of the hospital (because this hospital requires continuous monitoring for VBAC and I can't stand that stuff on me so I want to avoid checking in as long as possible) than deliver in a field of wheat on the way to the hospital.
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Re: VBAC help - positions and reading material

I'm hoping to attempt a VBAC too (#2, due in August). I have been doing a little bit of reading just online and stumbled across something that said many doctors require continuous monitoring during a trial of labor... anyone know anything about that? In my last labor I requested intermittent monitoring and it was helpful to be able to move around and use varied positions. I'd hate to have to give that up this time.
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Re: VBAC help - positions and reading material

First, good for you for educating yourself to prepare for a vbac! It makes me sad to know there are so many women who don't even realize they have options.
Second, I agree with pp's there is no special position for a vbac. It is really like any other labor, you do what is most comfortable. I have had three natural vbacs and each one was different. Even my first labor that ended with a c-sec, was all natural (pushing for five hours) before the section. What I have learned from my experiences is that go with your gut and tell your partner to trust what you are saying the first time. With my c-sec, my instinct was to push in the squatting position, but after the nurses got me on my back to check me, they insisted that side-lie was best for a sunny-side up baby . . . well after 2 hours of pushing in that position and not working, they still wouldn't let me move, even after my husband suggested I should. I think if I had been able to squat I may have delivered vaginally. My instinct was most likely right. With my next two (vbacs) I did push in the side-lie position, because that was my instinct, and it worked just fine. I even got my 10 pounder out in that position. Trust your instincts, especially doing all-natural. Nurses are trained and experienced in helping stationary (hooked-up) women. You know better than they do, even if it's your first .
Third, do your research and prepare for a natural labor. I know of a lot of women who "want to try" to go natural, but without preparation, you are not likely to succeed. I loved the Bradley method classes, they really prepare you for everything.
Fourth, a lot of hospitals/obs require continuous monitoring. They think it helps them know if there is a problem sooner, though research shows that continuous monitoring makes unnecessary interventions more likely . . . I have circumvented that in two ways, I showed up to the hospital at 8cm (I knew I was getting close to pushing), so by the time they were ready to monitor, I was pushing. I allowed an internal monitor for my first vbac, only while I was pushing. With my next ones, I just took off the monitor after they got their 'required' 20 mins. You can move around while on the monitor, it just requires more maneuvering. The nurses are not usually in the room the whole time anyway, so do what you want while they are gone. Also, if you bring treats for the nurses, they are much more willing to work WITH you. :P

Good luck!
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