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Talking have i gone totally bonkers???

im really trying to justify doubling my stash.. i am thinking if i have more, bigger rotation, they will get used less and then they will last longer DD is 5 months and in the biggest size of diapers i will probably need to get her before PL...
i have 24 snug bugs and 12 bamboo sandys (i have refallen in love with bamboo)
i really want to double that thogh and be set... 6 dz diapers for one babe isnt totally outta whack is it? (i still have a bad of stuff i need to list but fsot is moving slow and it is so tedious to list!)

though this stash will be a fortune i have already spent a fortune and need to get what i need and be done, and i keep saying that!
i keep having issues (quality control) with all my GMD organic flats... and i just dont want to keep bugging karen about it especially since i wont really be using them that much from day to day if i need i can use something else...

i just really like the idea of 2 dz fitteds and 4 dz flats....
if i could get rid of all my extra stuff im not using that would make life easier (seem like i dont have as much junk lying around!)


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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

I liked it when I had that amount. At this point I am down to a more minimalist stash as I am hoping to potty train soon. At that age though? Yeah a larger stash was nice.
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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

At that age, I had 60 changes for my son and I washed every 2-3 days and I felt like it was a good amount. I was never stressed about folding stuff right on time or running out. I had mostly pockets then that needed stuffing.

Now, I don't CD full time anymore, only at night and when we are at home...not at daycare. And my son is hopefully close to PTing, too. So now I just have 15 changes and I'm always waiting on the dryer. But now I also have mostly fitteds, so not stuffing them. It's the best. I hate stuffing and folding now.
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My littlest is about to turn 5 months and I have 24 prefolds, 10 covers and 12 pockets stuffed with prefolds. So, 36 changes and it is just enough to wash every other day and not have to rush to put a clean load away if I don't get a chance. I could use some more covers and maybe 6 more prefolds. I don't think you are bonkers, I think its better especially with younger babies to have larger stashes.

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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

I have 40 changes for my tiny babies and 30 for the older ones, and wash every 3 days. While I agree that a bigger rotation will last longer, I can say from experience that 36 changes is plenty to have the diapers last thru potty training. In fact, I would say you have enough in your rotation that you could go on to use those same 36 diapers for another 1-2 babies before they became unusable (because I have done that). The only thing you might have to replace for a new baby would be covers. So IMO, no, you do not need more diapers to make the current ones "last" another 1.5-2 years

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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

I would rather use one one set of diapers then when the aplix is gone or the elastic is shot but a new set -- then have larger rotation that last longer.

Also they idea what is working now may not be working in 6m and you have to rebuy anyway. This has happened a bit with this LO. I'd hate to have a even larger set of diapers when this happens
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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

I have the same dillema. Kind of. I like my eeeuc diapers and i have aome guc and play that i dknt like to see them. But the "guilt" of been ungrateful makes me want to use them.
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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

Personally, I would hold off. So much can change in the time between 5mo and PLing. Plus, I don't have the space to store 6 dozen diapers :P
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I wouldn't.

Like pp mentioned, I'd rather use what you have until I was tired of it, and then replace down the road with brand new, rather than have one giant stash.

36 is more than enough to work with, and it's fun to refresh later on!
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Re: have i gone totally bonkers???

Agree on holding off (though I KNOW that urge to buy more!). Around 6-8mos some babes don't need so many changes, and as baby grows you may want to try other styles. Which would be a bummer if you've already invested in one thing that seems "perfect" right now.

Case in point, I got a heap of MEOS before my most recent baby came and spent months trying to get a good fit, finally giving up on cloth for a while. Better to get what you need when you need it.

But a super cute cover or two? You totally need that. Right now. ;-)
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