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Re: Bad constipation problems

Constipation is miserable, and I have never had it that bad even. I'm so sorry you are suffering through that. I have however been very constipated, and gotten so very easily with all 3 of my pregnancies. I'm amazed at how quickly it starts too. Anyway, I have to take a stool softener every day with my prenatal vitamin and that keeps me on the right track for the most part. I do still have to focus on drinking lots of water and I *think* miralax may be safe during pregnancy. Talk to you ob or midwife and start eating raisin bran every morning


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Talk to your doc. My one friend with hyperemesis was on Zofran and also on heavy-duty pain meds (for what may or may not be rheumatoid arthritis), both of which cause constipation. She wound up taking Miralax and prune juice and a cup of black coffee every day, with her doctor's ok. Stool softeners (Colace) and milk of magnesia are also, I believe, safe for pregnancy.
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Re: Bad constipation problems

I was so constipated with my first, that it caused bleeding from the straining. I was on zofran and could only eat apples and popcorn, so things went from bad to worse. My OB said to take Miralax daily. It is the only thing that worked.
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Re: Bad constipation problems

Others have good advice but try really hard not to strain! I got an anal fissure postpartum and it seriously hurt worse than birth. I had to put orajel down there to go without horrible pain for months and still have to occasionally.
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Re: Bad constipation problems

First, congrats! I hadn't realized you were pg until now & it's great to hear!

Second, I'd try some green tea, too.
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Calcium Magnesium supplements, like the Rainbow Lite brand.
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Re: Bad constipation problems

You've already gotten some great advice, but I just wanted to echo some of the things already said.

Mainly, you have got to change your diet if you are primarily eating rice, bread, and bananas. What goes in, must come out - and those are all things that are on the BRAT diet, to stop diarrhea! So you are contributing to it.

Maybe you could try some seabands (for seasickness), some ginger, some lemon water, or some ginger ale to stave off the nausea and that will allow you to eat a bigger variety of foods?

In your situation, I'd probably make a real effort to ban all constipating foods from my diet for a few days just to see my body's reaction. If your stools get loose, you will know right away that the cause is your diet.

Grapes, prunes, prune juice, pears, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, even a leafy salad! will help loosen things up. Stay away from apples or bananas - they stop you up. Maybe just try going to the grocery store and see what types of fruits appeal to you.... sometimes that helps me psyche myself up to eat something I'm not really crazy about....

Also, there are teas made to help with constipation. I have one called "smooth move" from traditional medicinals that I used while BFing, not sure if it is safe in pg, but it would probably be better than miralax or the like.

And, last but not least you have to move. Walk, walk, walk. It helps move things along faster.

I hope things get better for you soon. It sounds so painful.
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If you want to stick with rice in your diet, can you at least switch to brown if you haven't already? I think it would be an improvement on the digestive system.

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Re: Bad constipation problems

I have also been extremely constipated with this pregnancy. Well, I was craving coconut cake this weekend and made one and that did the trick. If you like coconut, try that! It worked GREAT for me! LOL Just wish I had known that weeks ago so i would not have been so miserable.
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Re: Bad constipation problems

Honestly, the last three days I've REALLY upped the water intake, and I've gone every day for three days. And it's like, toothpaste consistency, and not the normal little hard balls (tmi, yeah yeah). Anyway, I would just chug water all day long. I could really feel it helping. I hadn't done in over a week, and up until a couple of days ago, had only gone THREE times since I found out I was pregnant (September 5th).
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