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Question Vitex and progesterone cream to regulate? (Children mentioned)

I am currently finishing a 6 week miscarriage and I need to focus on some physical healing so that I can eventually work on the emotional part. I have had 5 successful pregnancies in the past but I've always had symptoms of low progesterone and almost always had a very short LP as well. I had probably a chemical pregnancy (period was 3 days late) 2 months ago and my ovulation dates have been really erratic since my last was born. I was always VERY consistent with my O dates prior to my last birth, so it has been really odd. I've had some symptoms consistent with low thyroid but my levels came back okay, although I was apparently very low in Vit D. so I have been working on that. Also for past history, I did have a c/s with my 3rd but 2 successful VBACs so I don't think that will effect fertility. Also, I am now in my early 30's and my others were all conceived in my 20's.

I am unsure whether we will end up deciding to TTC, but either way I know things have felt wacky with my hormones for the past year since my cycles have returned. If we do end up TTC like I am hoping, I really want to work on regulating things before hand so at least I will feel that I've tried everything. I just have this really strong gut feeling that I lost the pregnancy due low progesterone. My DH says it is silly to "blame" myself and that there was probably something wrong with the baby (not sure how that is supposed to reassure me), but supports my choice to work on regulating my hormones.

My naturopath told me I could try Vitex and natural progesterone cream when and if I wanted to. She said it would be fine to start the Vitex now since it was an early loss and it appears that I am mostly done bleeding. I was curious what others experiences have been with taking Vitex and using progesterone cream after O. I was thinking of taking a low dose of the Vitex and if it doesn't help or if we end up not deciding to TTC in a few months, then I will just stop. I've had some awful symptoms that can be attributed to low progesterone, so either way I might really benefit maybe?

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Re: Vitex and progesterone cream to regulate? (Children mentioned)

I'm so sorry for your loss!

I am currently taking a high dose of Vitex, I take a tincture by the teaspoon every day. I have been taking it for about 4 weeks now. I can't tell you exactly how or if it works because I just had a m/c and D&C December 24th, and haven't had my cycle yet. I know that for most women it works really well though. I think I may have low progesterone too. When I was 21 and in college I had my hormones tested and my progesterone was really low. I took supplements which helped regulate everything until I got pregnant with my son, at age 23. He is now 19 months and I think because of childbirth and bf'ing my hormones are out of whack. So I really hope the Vitex does the trick for regulating things.
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Re: Vitex and progesterone cream to regulate? (Children mentioned)

So sorry for your loss

I also have symptoms of low progesterone but I haven't talked to a dr about it. I am considering taking vitex eventually but haven't started yet. I have had one child.

What I have done is started taking omega 3-6-9 supplement. This is suppose to help regulate hormones in general and is also suppose to help if you don't have very fertile cervical fluid/mucus (which I didn't). It has helped greatly with my FCM very quickly, but I haven't seen if helping with my other low Progesterone signs yet (i've only been taking it 1.5 cycles though).

I just started taking a 50mg b6 supplement (to go with the 25mg in my multi-vit) to up my b6. That is also suppose to help with Progesterone as well. It may need a higher dose (I've read 200-400mg) but you aren't suppose to take more than 100mg without being in care of a dr so I'm being good.

These are 2 other things you can try especially since you aren't sure if you are going to TTC. They are just supplements that are good for you and may help regulate your hormones (vrs something like a progesterone cream that may feel more like you are TTC)

Do you happen to know the brand of the natural progesterone cream? One of the reasons I haven't yet gone to a dr is that I don't want a lot of unnatural things thrown at me. Another is that it's only actually been 4 cycles and they probably don't want to see me yet.
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Re: Vitex and progesterone cream to regulate? (Children mentioned)

Thank you both. She recommended ProGest which I've seen at our local health food store and a friend of mine took after repeated miscarriages and then had 2 healthy babies. Honestly I'm leaning towards taking the progesterone no matter what because I have such incredibly terrible PMS and I know it can help with that too. I forgot about the B6, I had heard that before from my chiropractor actually. I have had to take B6 in my pregnancies for severe morning sickness and it has always helped so I wonder if I just run low on B vitamins too. I feel like all these are sort of interconnected if that makes sense. I really should probably actually go into my naturopath but I cannot afford it right this minute.

I am planning on spending the next couple months working on rebuilding my health and see how dh and I feel about TTC at that point. I think I might just go ahead and try the Vitex too, and at least see if I feel better physically. I had a tremendous amount of hair loss postpartum after my last baby which my regular doctor said was due to low Vit D and likely also too little progesterone. She didn't really offer anything for progesterone issue except birth control pills, which I had no intention of taking. I guess I just really need to work on taking care of me before even considering TTC. It is just so hard because I so badly want to be pregnant again right this very minute (as terrifying as that sounds because I'd be scared to lose it), and I don't really know if that will ever be in the cards.

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