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Annoyed at church member regarding her statement to me on BFing....Advice?

I am really annoyed at a church member. I'm not sure how to handle it. Advice please...

So my little girl is just over 2 weeks old. I went to church today and kept her in the sanctuary with me. She wanted to nurse, so I nursed her. I was COMPLETELY covered THE WHOLE TIME with a blanket. Nothing showing.. EVER! After church, one of the ladies came up to me and asked if she could talk to me to "make a suggestion." I said "Ok, sure. What's up?" She said that she's all for BFing, and she's glad that I'm BFing my daughter, but for modesty's sake I should go nurse in the bathroom. I said "For modesty's sake, I was COMPLETELY covered up. I wasn't doing anything wrong." She said that therer is a "time and a place for it" and the church sanctuary "Is NOT that place." Again I repeated that I was completely covered, and not doing anything wrong or dirty. Her response to THAT was that "Some of the men have said that it makes them uncomfortable." Well... I don't know WHEN the men would have been able to say that to her, because I was nursing during service, and she approached me RIGHT AFTER the service, and this was the first time I had nursed in servce. When I had Bella at church last week I nursed in the nursery before the service.

Here is my stance... my breasts were put on my body BY GOD to nurse my baby. I understand that some people have issues with BFing due to the sexualization of breasts... so even though I don't think there is anything wrong with nursing without a cover, I use one when in certain company (like church members). Our nursery doesn't get a feed from the auditorium, so if I left to nurse, I'd miss the sermon. What is the point in me coming to church, if I can't listen to the sermon? So I feel that I did nothing wrong, and I shouldn't expect to have to leave the sermon to feed my child, if I am doing so in a respectful manner.

At the end of our conversation, this woman said "Ok, well, you do whatever you feel is right, I was just suggesting that for modesty's sake and for the comfort of others you should excuse yourself." And then she walked away.

I'm not gonna lie.. I am super ticked off. If I am expected to leave to nurse, then there is no point in me even going. I told my husband that I will look into getting an actual nursing cover, to make the nursing a little more discreet than messing with a blanket that I have to put my head under to get her latched. My husband says to just ignore her unless my pastor approaches me.

I know that, as Christians, we are supposed to be sensitive to the feelings of those around us and making them comfortable, but I also felt that she was out of line in suggesting that I was doing something wrong by nursing in church. I want to just let it go and ignore her.. but then what do I do if she brings it up again next week? Do I not wait at all and contact my pastor and tell him what happened and how I feel, and see what HIS take on it is? Do I just ignore her and go about my business unless she says something else again next week?

Sorry this is long... thanks if you made it this far!

God bless!
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