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Talking Baby Valentine arrived MONDAY!

HELLO LADIES and PUMPKINS! Posting here on DS kinda slipped through the cracks this week so here's my birth story in a nutshell.

My mucus plug came out on 10/10. It just felt like something was happening last weekend (13,14,15, 16th). After an interesting day Sunday with bloody mucus show in the morning, two different times full of tenderness and contractions. I ended up at L&D Sunday night (the 16th) because of pain and contractions. I had no change the hour or so I was there and not too much happening on the monitors. We came home, I took medicine, a bath and settled in for bed Sunday night. At about 4 AM Monday morning my water broke with a very loud POP-so loud Daddy heard it. He called L&D, where the nurse and doctor I had were still on and we headed back to the hospital.

On the monitor things were barely happening when I got there. We weren't strapped to the bed at all which I really liked, I could be up moving around, showering, etc. I changed very little most of the day which my OB was OK with because I had just taken my blood thinning injection at about 11pm Sunday night and he wanted to check my levels and things to see what kind of risk there was with bleeding out, etc. Around 11 my OB talked to me about Pitocin because the lack of contractions and the fact that I was at that point not coagulated (meaning I was at risk of developing clots) so he felt the baby should be born sooner rather than later but didn't push at that point. About noon I talked to my nurse about trying to stimulate things myself with a shower walking, walking, walking, birthing bally, etc. and it worked! I made "significant progress" making it to 6 cm at 3 PM. When my nursed determined I was 6 she also said she felt "something" and thought maybe either the second layer of the sac never broke or that I had a leak on the top of the sac and it re-sealed at some point, which could have explained my stalled progress. They had done a Amnio-Sure swab when I first got there so they knew for certain my water had definitely broken then. She said it's not uncommon but it's the first time it's every happened to me. I went into the birthing pool about 3ish, which was fantastic! Just Awesome!

At about 5 I just felt like it was time to get out and I knew my doctor was coming to check me anyway so I called my nurse and she helped me get out, to bed and back on the monitors for a little bit (like I said I loved the intermittent monitoring! Getting out of the tub was so hard. It's like the second I stepped out it was a completely different sensation, worse pain and a lot more pressure. Baby had looked great, perfect, on the monitors the entire time.

When my doctor came in sometime after 5 he broke the intact bag of water and we started Pitocin at which time I also got one shot of Stadol. Stadol dreamland was pretty interesting. I was dozing off or something and every time I had a contraction I would dream(?) that the balloon part of a hot air balloon was crossing over a rainbow. Out of nowhere I felt like I had to push and that got me out of the dreamland in a split second. I yelled to Daddy and my mother "I FEEL LIKE I HAVE TO PUSH!" and they went scrambling for the nurse/doctor and I laid on the call bell. My nurse came in with a couple other nruses and said I went from 7 to 10 in two contractions and that the baby was coming. She yelled at another nurse to "Get the doctor in here now because she is involuntarily pushing!" Thankfully it took 5 actual pushes to get him out or else he would have been born on the bed, delivered by the nurse. As it worked out we had enough time for the OB to get there and get into position, etc.

Noah Kristof was born at 6:47 PM

We nursed at about 15 minutes after birth and he took to it like a champ, perfectly! He was in his first cloth diaper about three hours after birth, a Grovia NB AIO. He didn't fit into anything else I brought, he's such a peanut.

He's been perfect with his newborn exams, hearing, etc. His APGARS were 9/9.

Nursing has been going so great! The Ped. that did his second exam, the morning of discharge, noticed he was "tongue tied" and after discussion with the hospital's LC and my PP nurse that had a tongue tied baby, and our own experiences with Kadie, we decided to have his tongue tie cut. Daddy watched the whole thing and said it was no big deal, he didn't cry or bleed or anything.

They offered us 24 hour discharge but I was having significant "afterbirth" pains, and a pain they couldn't really determine but thought it was a deep muscle strain (it turned out to be digestive issue related, gah) and chose to stay until Wednesday. We were discharged before noon on Wednesday and things have been going very well since. Aside from the first night and last night he's been sleeping in three hour bouts...my kids just don't do that so I lucked out this time around! He only cries when he getting a diaper change or sponge bath, etc. He didn't even cry through his exams or hearing test.

My mother and brother are here, leaving tomorrow-at least my mother is my brother may stay in the area indefinitely, so that's one of the reasons I've not been around. Daddy went back to the biz Thursday, Noah and I popped into the biz Saturday to introduce him-made the day for a lot of people.

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Baby Girl arrived after SROM on 12/29/15!

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