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Spit up question

Hey mamas! I haven't posted here before except on FSOT. I have a 2 month old son who is wonderful and I love him so much. He's absolutely amazing. I just find myself worrying about him over everything! It's really annoying. I worry about SIDS, about cosleeping (which we're doing and I love), and lately I worry about him choking/coughing a lot when he spits up and when he breastfeeds. Is this normal? He has a nice strong cough that gets it all out but he does it a lot. I hate it! I can tell it just goes down the wrong pipe and he has to cough it up. I have been to the doc to discuss the possibility of reflux, but she said unless it's causing some other problems (like he's not gaining weight or he is aspirating it) she doesn't want to medicate, which I can definitely appreciate (I hate over-medicating). The spit up doesn't seem to bother him and he doesn't seem in pain while eating or anything so I don't think it's bad reflux, but he does spit up a LOT and sometimes chokes/coughs because of it. He's gaining weight really well (above the 97th percentile even) and his lungs are clear.

Anyone else have this problem?



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Re: Spit up question

Honestly, I think it's him just being little. Newborns are so coughy, snory, junky sounding, it's really quite scary, but normal from my experience. DD was never diagnosed with reflux, but would projectile vomit, sometimes up to 4 or 5 feet away. I had to burp her for about 10 minutes after each feeding to keep her from spitting up. Really try and keep your LO upright and burp them alot is the only advice I have. Sorry!
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Re: Spit up question

Excessive spit up is often tied to milk intolerance/allergy. Other foods, too, but I seem to see it mentioned more often tied to milk. You could try cutting milk out of your diet and seeing if that'll make a difference. If you do cut it out, it can take a week or two to really see a difference.

And some babies just spit up. Just how God wired them.
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Re: Spit up question

My second was a spitter. It was always a question of when, not if. I figured out what caused it in my diet and it made life much nicer. For him it was peanut butter (my FAVORITE FOOD) and bananas (his vomit would smell like it.) It was wonderful to figure out. My son was also at the top of his growth charts and doing fine other than spitting up. Good luck.

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Re: Spit up question

My dd vomited at least 3 times a day until about 3 months. I was concerned, too and tried cutting things out of my diet, etc. DD cried A LOT (dare I use the C word?) until 3 months as well so I think the fact that she was so worked up and swallowing air all the time had something to do with the vomiting too.She is almost 4 months now and has grown out of it for the most part. I like how Kellymom's site says that as long as baby is gaining weight and otherwise happy it's more of a laundry problem than anything else! (Was it ever...)
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