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Absorbency of various cotton, bamboo, hemp, & Microfiber inserts

My method for testing absorbency is you get a 4 cup glass measuring cup and fill it with more than what I expect something to absorb (or a whole number that is easy to remember) then pour over item in a bowl - "slowly" in case there is no reason to pour it all.

Some items like prefolds and flats need to be moved around a little or refolded differently sometimes.

I do that until it seems that the item is saturated. Then I hold up over the bowl (or the measuring cup) and see if it drips at all. Hold it there until it's at a very slow / no drip state.

I pour anything left in the bowl in the measuring cup and check amount. Then subtract.

<UPDATED with absorbencies posted by other members on: 10.03.2017>

Compilation of absorbency stats:
BG OS MF 4.0 (narrow): 11oz
BG OS MF 4.0 (wide): 8oz (tried several)
BG OS MF 3.0: 8oz
BG NB MF: 4oz

Med JoeyBunz insert: 5oz (I tried 2 different ones got the same)
Sm JoeyBunz inserts: 4oz
Thirsties sm hemp: 4oz
GroVia cotton doubler: 3oz
Hemp babies sm doubler: 4oz
Thristies Fab Doubler: 3oz
Med gCloth: 4oz
Med Hemp Best Bottom: 6oz
Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Super Absorber: 6oz
Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Super Absorber Plus: 8oz
Sweet Iris Stay Dry Doubler (hemp/bamboo): 6oz
Best Bottom "Feel-Wet" Trainer insert: 4oz

Large sandy cotton fitteds clocked in at 20oz
Large GMD workhorse: 16oz
Large Diaper Rite Cotton (WH style) 19-20oz
Large Diaper Rite Bamboo (WH style) 22oz
(Note that DR WH are much wider/bigger than large GMD)

Sbish Multi fitted base: 16oz
Lg Insert: 5oz
Sm Insert: 5oz
(found it very odd the both held the same but I did double check.

MF inserts with the large Bumwear trainers (size similar to BG OS & Newborn)
Small: 9oz
Large: 12oz

Osocozy/CB infant prefold: 10oz
Osocozy Flat: 9.5oz
Medium diaper rite cotton prefold: 12oz
Ikea "flat": 10oz
Kushies Prefold: 10oz
Ikea 80cent kitchen towel: 5oz
BabyKicks Duz it All: 7.5oz
Random Bamboo doubler: 2oz

Gerber white Prefolds: 10oz
Organic Gerber Prefold: 5oz
Gerber sm muslin flat: 5oz
Patterned Gerber Prefold: 3oz

From Companies:
Thirties size 1 hemp prefold holds 7.9
Thirties size 2 hemp prefold holds 11.1
Cotton Babies Hemp Flat would be around 12oz
Cotton Babies bigger weeds prefold is about 14oz.

From MamaChirpy
Nicki's Diapers small white cotton flat weighed in at 8 oz.
Sweet Iris medium flat clocked in at a whopping 11 ounces. WOW! (23" Square)
Sweet Iris Standard-21 ounces (30" square one)
Nicki's Diapers white large flat-9 oz -I checked two of these to make sure.
Nicki's Diapers bamboo soaker-9 oz - It may become more absorbent over time. I have only washed it a few times.
GMD half flat-6 oz
Lalabye Baby OS insert-6 oz
Lalabye Baby Newborn insert-a little more than 4 oz
Diaper Rite large unbleached flat-11 oz *note-I have bleached these and turned them into kitchen towels over a year ago.
Flip organic cotton daytime insert: 8 ounces (I only washed this diaper once before I tested)
Thirsties large hemp insert: 6 ounces
GMD Red edged prefold (medium, white): 12 ounces

From Greysmama:
Bg4.0 os insert: 8oz
Fb large mf insert: 10oz
Fb large minky insert: 6oz
Baby kicks contour hemp: 6oz
Geffen hemp flat: 8oz
GMD Small flat: 8oz (used/possible thinning)
GMD Large Flat: 14oz (Used only a few weeks)
Grovia stay dry insert: 7oz
Grovia cotton doubler: 4oz
Zorb II wahm doubler: 2oz

Hemp babies large doubler:
Older rough one: 2.5oz
New fleece one: 5oz

Freetime: 9oz
Sbish snapless with both inserts: 20oz (could've held more I think) but 20 was my goal lol
(*When I tested I got 26oz - see above -Pixi6s)

From IVMom
GMD large cotton flat: 11oz
Nicki's large bamboo flat: 11oz
Nicki's medium bamboo prefold: 10 oz
Nicki's small cotton prefold: 9 oz

BG OS snap-down insert: 7 oz
BG Newborn insert: 4oz

Geffen quick absorber: 3 oz
Geffen super absorber: 4 oz
Geffen super plus: 6 oz

Thirsties Duo insert size 1: 7oz (both MF and hemp snapped together)
Thirsties duo size 2: 9oz

From Agla
Gerber Small Flannel Receiving Blanket (the ones that come 4 to a pack)- 7 oz.
Megaroos Extended Tab Prefold in Sz M- 8.5 oz.

From Special.K.Maria
Mainstays FST: 8 oz
FLIP organic cotton flat (overnight?): 12 oz
Econobum prefold: 14 oz
Diaper rite large bamboo flat 12 oz

From holocene
Size 3 Grovia bamboo - just under 15 oz

From YogaMama28
Standard size Sweet Iris snug bug flat and it held a good 20oz

From jenslp
GMD half flat holds about 5.9 ounces

From MommyLJ
Osocozy bamboo flat holds about 12.5 oz
Mom to LO#1 born 1/7/2010 (Cloth diapered since day 1; Part-time EC since 9 months; Daytime PL since 29 months; Nightime PL at 5.5 years) & LO#2 born 12/1/2013 (First diaper was cloth! Part-time EC since 12 months & Daytime PL at 26 months) Checkout my absorbency tests. Thoughts on how long a cloth diaper REALLY lasts. Thoughts on Yeast , here, here, here & here. How to Wash Wool & Sanitize Wool. Everything must go! Nighttime Trainers

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