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Natural remedies for heartburn?

I've been having it pretty bad this pregnancy and typically have to take a pepcid to be able to sleep. I haven't noticed any foods in particular that cause it, it's just about everything, and it's always at night, even before I lay down. It would be nice to not have to take medication.


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Papaya enzymes! You can get them in chewable tablets and they don't taste bad at all
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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

I take zantac and drink milk..however id be interested in hearing some other things as well if there is some.
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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

Milk is actually not great for long term heartburn relief. It will give immediate results but ends up increasing stomach acids which makes heartburn worse. Unfortunately I have no idea of any natural heartburn relievers.
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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

A shot of apple cider vinager! Yucky, but works long term. Milk works too, but it won't give a lasting affect. Make sure to eat slowly, and small meals opposed to large ones. Don't lie down for at least 30 mintues after you eat.
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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

I have severe heartburn/reflux myself. I've worked my way up the ladder of meds and have reached the point where it's prescription or nothing. As I only have 8 weeks left, I'm opting for nothing. Here's what I've learned through my battle though:

Digestive enzymes/papaya enzymes:
I haven't tried the former but I have tried the latter. Didn't work. When i asked my doctor why, he said it was because my problem isn't having too few enzymes in my stomach. It is that my stomach is pancaked between other organs and that my stomach acids are escaping into my esophagus. So adding MORE enzymes isn't going to work because my problem isn't a deficiency.

Apple cider Vinegar:
Haven't tried this one because vinegar in any amount sets my insides on FIRE. I have heard it neutralizes your stomach acid though. I've also read that it is the organic apple cider that does so. However, the organic cider is non pasteurized and has tons of live bacteria and I'm leery of taking it cause one of those bactria could be harmful to baby. Hence, I haven't tried it yet.

Other natural cures are aloe vera juice, apples, apple cider (prob derived from above), licorice, and there are a couple others I've forgotten that I have tried but didn't work.

What I have found that DOES WORK, is:

Tiny Meals. And I mean tiny. If I stay a little bit hungry all day, I'm usually good. I was worried about my calorie/nutrient intake at first, as there are times I barely hit 1200 calories, but baby and i are both doing fine and everything is right on track so doc said not to fret. My meals usually go like this: Oatmeal & 1 slice toast 6am > hot Cocoa or Milk 7am > boiled egg or snack 10am > smoothie or bottle water 11am > half sandwich 1pm > bottle water or smoothie 2pm > carb & veggies 5-6pm > bottle water 7pm > yogurt or smoothie a couple hours before bed followed by water 30 minutes later.

If I stick to the above, I only have heartburn when I lay completely on my side. Otherwise, I get reflux and heartburn and wake up choking on bile. Fun stuff. Also, I know it's pregger woman's bane to drink water before bed but I do. I down an entire bottle about an hour before sleep. Don;t know why but it helps. I much prefer getting up to pee a thousand times to coughing, choking, getting up, brushing my teeth, etc.

I don't eat acidic fruit and I stick to very small quantities of other fruits, which is probably the hardest thing for me cause I LOVE fruit. I also don't eat meat. I'm vegetarian, not vegan, but I don't eat a lot of cheese and heavier foods that take a lot of digestive time either.

NOT DRINKING WITH MEALS is a big one, too. Any liquid you consume dilutes the digestive enzymes in your stomach. So eat your meal, give your food a head start, then drink your liquids 30 minutes afterward (or before). Sometimes you just need to wash something down but trust me, drinking between my meals instead of during them has probably made the biggest difference.

I also still take pepcid before bed sometimes.

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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

Aww hun .... I so feel for you. I have heartburn most of the time anyway, but it was horrific with pregnancy. I tried everything, even my naturopath was stumped.

The papaya enzymes didn't do it for me, or the other remedies listed above.

All that helped for me was Tums, and I got my naturopath's blessing because of the calcium (just take some magnesium with them, to avoid constipation).

Normally, following the Blood Type Diet helps me avoid heartburn (it tells me that type B blood types shouldn't have chicken, pork, wheat, corn, tomato, or shellfish -- and these do indeed give me heartburn ... beef and turkey do not). But when I was pregnant, no dice.

I finally had to sleep sitting up. Others swear by putting something under the head of the bed, so it tilts a little.

Some people just don't have a really tight closure between the stomach and esophagus, and pregnancy makes it worse. Reducing acid doesn't help, in this case.
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Re: Natural remedies for heartburn?

hummus or refried beans (low in oil or use olive oil)
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